By Succie Brown



Nadia enters the living room and was about proceeding to her room, but was stopped by Nadine.

“What do you want?” Nadia asked.

“I saw something interesting today” Nadine said smirking.

“Which is?” She asked and Nadine shows her a picture of her and Bryan.

“I saw everything that happened ealier at school. You didn’t mean to break up with that scum bag, right?


You only did that because you wanted mom to believe it was over between the both of you, and poor Desiree has to be a pawn in the game Bryan was playing just to make you jealous” Nadine said.


Nadine sniggers and said. “I’m going to tell Mom about it and she is going to scold you so badly”.

“Then go ahead, that’s what you are good anyways. A parrot and a mummy’s girl” Nadia said.

“How dare you call me that!!” Nadine yells and slaps Nadia and Nadia returned the slap, shocking Nadine to the core.

“Did you just slap me?” Nadine asked surprisingly.

“Yes I did. Try to lay those hands of yours on me again and you won’t like what I will do to you” Nadia said angrily.

“What’s going on here?” Mrs. McDonald asked coming downstairs.

“Well Nadia here, never really intended on breaking up with that boyfriend of hers.

She only did that so you will think is over between them” Nadine said and smirks afterwards.

Mrs. McDonald walks closer to Nadia. “Is that true?” She asked.

“Yes is true” Nadia answers and Mrs. McDonald tried to sI.ap her, but Nadia held her hand before it could land on her face, and Mrs. McDonald almost went paralyzed.

“I have enough from the both of you!!!, I can’t let you both control me anymore.

Because I let you control me the way you want, I’m about to lose the boy I love so much!!” Nadia yells at them.

“Did you just raise your voice at me?” Mrs. McDonald asked shockingly.

This is the first time Nadia will be reacting this way, and her attitude right now, was enough to give Mrs. McDonald partial stroke.

“Yes I did. And I am also sure your ears aren’t clogged either.

I’m done being a robot controlled by you and Nadine. Is high time I stand up for myself regardless of how the outcome is going to be!!!” Nadia shouted.

“Are you doing all of this because of that Bryan Guy. No daughter of mine is allowed to be with a poor folk!!” Mrs. McDonald yells at Nadia.

“Then just disown me”

“W-what” Mrs. McDonald stuttered and Nadine’s jaw dropped.

“You have never treated me like a daughter anyways. You have always preferred Nadine to me.

So I guess there’s no use trying to gain your love. I’m going to live with dad from now on and don’t think about filling a case against him Cuz I’m going to tell the court what kind of an abusive mother you are.

I won’t try to create peace between the two of you anymore” Nadia said and made her way upstairs.

She came downstairs with her luggage and without saying a word to either Mrs. McDonald or Nadine, she left the house.

“Mom, is that Nadia or someone else?” Nadine said and Mrs. McDonald gulped down hard, trying to recuperate herself from the shock.


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