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“Whooooo!!! ”

I screamed as the boat sped off,

I held onto my orange hat of many colors,

I spread out my hands with my legs almost crossed into the boat,

My legs stood out in my bum short.

And my short skinny top showed off my tummy.

Carson was sitting behind me with his hands on my waist,

He kssed my neck,

“You like it? “He asked me and I nodded,

My hat almost flew off but he helped me catch it,


I felt his hands on my waist and I turned to look at his face,

He was smiling at me,

I took off his sun shades and wore them.

“Wow! “He gasped and I giggled.

“You look so breath taking “he exclaimed and I beamed,

“Let’s take a picture”I said bringing out my phone from my tiny wovy bag.


We’ve been snapping pictures all day! “He frowned at my idea and I frowned too.

“What’s the big deal?


I want to take a picture with you”I mouthed.

He heaved,

“Okay then”he hugged my back smiling while I raised my phone up for a picture.



Three! “I snapped,

Snapped…. Snapped… With different poses while the boat kept speeding.

“Its okay”he said and I dropped my phone relaxing my head on his shoulder watching the beautiful scenery behind us.

I smiled.

Having fun all day!

This is one of the best days of my life.

I half closed my eyes and opened them again to see his eyes staring into my face.

I shoot out my lips like a gun and he scoffed.

“I won’t kss you”he said as he understood the signal I meant by shooting out my lips.

I pouted.

“You have to kss me”I mumbled and he gave me a peck on my cheeks.

“I want a kss and not a peck”


That’s all I can give you”he said pointing at my cheeks smiling at me.

“Carson! ”

I yelled and he frowned.


I won’t kss you,

I can’t do that”

“I love you!! “I yelled back and his face heat up,

His cheeks were reddish in color,

He held me closer to himself and then kssed me,

“You’re just one h’ll of a girlfriend,

You know how to get what you want”he said scoffing at same time while I wrapped my arms around his waist,

We were silent,

I loved our silence,

It gave me more time to smell the wonderful scent of his skin.

“Do you remember the first time that I gave you a piggy ride? “He asked breaking the silence,

I shook my head even though I quite remember that day vividly,

How time flies,

He smirked looking into my face and pointing at my nose,

“You’d remember “he pressed further and I kept shaking my head in disapproval,


I don’t remember! ”

“You do! ”

I pouted,

“What’s so special about that day? “I asked frowning at him and he winked at me.

“It was the first time I gave someone a piggy ride”he said,

I crossed my arms,

“And?? “I urged him to say more,

“I kinda liked it tho,

You were so light like a feather,

You were so beautiful then too and… ”

I smirked.

“It was the worst piggy ride ever Carson”I interrupted and he hissed at me.


Don’t do that with me again! “I yelled as he hissed again,

“Carson!! ”

“What!! “He yelled back at me and I creased up my face like that of a baby,

“I love you so much that my heart hurts”I mumbled and his face softened once more for me,

He touched my head and then dressed my hat,

“Its okay,

Come here”he held me even more closer to himself,

“I love you too”he whispered into my ears and I giggled,


The boat reached to the shore and we got out,

My wovy slip-ons touched the soft white sand on the ground.

I looked around here.

I smiled in a trance.

This was one of the favorite places,


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