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I jerked sitting up from where I lay,

“Are you okay? “I heard Daniel speaking to me,


Where am I? “I asked thinking I had seen Carson before he dissappeared.

“No Carson here,

I made some breakfast for you and erm…. ”


I hurried to the dining without further speeches and began feeding myself hungrily.

Am so fking famished that I can finish a whole pot.

“Are you that hungry? “I heard him ask me and I barely looked up to his face before concentrating on the food.

I stopped a bit to have some water and then continued until the plate was empty,

I gulped down a large quantity of water and then belched.

I was full.

Oh my gosh!

Sweats came to my face immediately.

He was looking at me with an awe-like expression written on his face,

“What? “I asked him and he shook his head,

“Nothing, how are you going to dance in a few hours… I mean… I thought I would take you to the dancing site… ”

Oh my gosh!!

I hopped out of my seat.

How time flies!!

“Today is what? “I asked trembling and he gulped,

“Today is the Got talent show for ballerinas ”

I gasped cupping my mouth,

I rushed into his living room and grabbed his remote,

I turned on his TV and the news was everywhere,

About me,

About the Got Talent,

*News today.. *A young lady was visible on the screen giving out headlines to the masses.

*A fancy ballerina by the name Riley Mason went missing after a humorous dance last night… She disappeared after a guy carried her away… The masses wants to know if she’s going to show up today or not cuz they’ve been waiting for hours…. *

I turned off the news,

My gaze went to Daniel.

“What happened? ”


Did I count the days wrongly?

“Where’s my phone? “I asked rushing to get it from where he kept it,

I even noticed that I slept in his couch till this morning… Never mind… I shouldn’t bother about that.

“Why didn’t you wake me up? “I questioned him and he shrugged,

“You needed sleep,

You needed to rest,

You had to,

You looked so worn out and your legs looked so tired and painful too,

I had no choice… I know you don’t love me but I deeply care about you,

Carson would’ve done the same thing I did if he was here”he said in a soft voice which gladdened my heart.

“Take everything slow,

Carson will say so if he was here “he added coming close to me,

I was with my phone already and as he advanced towards me,

A call pulled into my phone,

I checked the ID,


I picked up gasping and trying to catch my breath.

I’m so scared.

I’m so fking frightened.

What am I going to do there?

What am I to…. I gulped digging my free hand into my hair,


Her voice flowed out nervously,


I replied and she heaved,

?Thank God!

Where are you?

Where did Daniel take you to?

My dad is threatening that if you don’t dance with me,

He’s going to kll Carson,

My ears bled about what I heard.


Kll Carson?

What for?

?Are you close to a TV?

She asked me and my eyes went to the Television once again,

?Yes I am!

?Turn it on and listen to what is happening,


I replied nodding and went to the remote once again,

I turned the TV on and:

*News today… An unknown man all these years claims to have been the driver employed by Mr. Bertinelli…

A well known business tycoon to crush Mason and his wife to death on the beginning of summer many years ago*

Oh my gosh!

I gulped having my eyes glued to the screen,

?Are you there Riley?

She asked me and that’s when I realized that I was still on the line with her.


I mumbled,

?That man is Carson’s father.


My phone slipped off my hand.

I felt weak and my legs wobbled.

I felt so weak….



Daddy!! “Riley yelled as she came down the stairs jumping into their arms,

“Ush! Can’t you see dad is busy? “Her mother scolded and she frowned her little face,

“Leave her alone,

Come here little angel”her father came to her aid and she beamed slipping into her dad’s arms.


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