HE IS MINE: Episode 1-10



Sophie Lawrence is a very quiet, intelligent and an epitome of beauty.
She is not from a wealthy family but her parents will do anything for her.

Her parents relocated due to their nature of job.

She got admission into the school of Rich spoilt kids.

She is bullied by both the popular girls and boys in the school.

She couldn’t stand for herself.
She got intimidated by people

She has no friends.
Her book is her friend.

The only thing she knows how to do is to study.

Such a boring life?.

No party.
No boyfriend.

But what Happened when the famous and most richest boy in the school fall in love with her?

How did he manage to fall in love with her?

Will she be able to stand for herself?

Written by ???? owie oyindamola


Episode 01.

? Sophie ?
” Mum is it a must, we moved out of here? I asked.

She sighed.
” Sophie have told you, we have to”
She said packing her clothes.

” But mum, what about my school? I asked.

” We will change it, besides your dad is working on it” mum said.

I sighed.
” But mum, you know am in my final year in high school” i said.

” I know my dear” she said

” Then how do intend to do it? I asked.

” Don’t worry about that”

” Mum, this has always happened, we kept on relocating you kept on changing my school, don’t know how you it is affecting me? I half yelled.

She sighed.
” Am sorry Sophie but whatever we are doing is because of you” she said..

” No mum, it is not because of me, you all care about is your job, you don’t care about your only child” i yelled tears welled up in my eyes.

” Soph”

I ran out of out room into mine.
I fell on my bed.

They just don’t care about me at all, all they care about is their business and how to make lots of money but what about me?

They don’t have time for me at all.

I grew up with no friends.
Just like as introvert.
I focus on myself alone.
I just don’t know how to make friends.

No one wants to be with me because I seems boring.

My daily activities revolve round my books

All I care is studying for best results.

Being quiet Is just my nature.

People find me boring me move or becomes friends with me.

Mum came in.
” Soph, am sure you have pack your bags? She asked.

I looked at her.
,” Yes” i said.

” Okay, once your dad gets back we will leave” she said.

I nodded my head.

She left my room.

?Jeremy ?
” You are so sweet you know” Kayla said catching her breathe.

I smiled a little.
What a slut?

I just finishing Making out with her.
I dressed up properly.

I walked out of the restroom.

I sight my best pal on the way.
” Jay” he called.
We shook hands.
” Where were you? He asked.

” Jay..you..

He looked beside me and saw Kayla adjusting her short skirt.

” Ohhhh” he said smiling at me.

I laughed walking away.

I walked into the cafeteria.

I met my other friend there.
We are four in number.
” The JAHD boys”

We shook hands and sat down at our favorite usual spot.

Meant of only JAHD boys.

Andrew walked in and sat down.
” Where were you? Henry asked.

” Just got something sorted out” i shrugged.

” Something under the skirt? He asked smiling.

We burst out laughing.

We saw the Kayla and her gang coming towards us.
” Hi guys can we see with you? She asked.

” No you can’t” Henry said.

It is obvious Henry doesn’t like them.
He never liked them one bit.

Daniel looked at him.
” Yeah, you can sit”

The four of them sat down.
Kira said down beside me.

” Guys am out if here, i have something to do” Henry said walking out of the cafeteria.

Kira whispered into my ear.
” I want you”

He smiled and winked at her.

? Sophie?
Dad is back.
” What’s is wrong princess? He asked.

” Dad.. I..

” If it about we relocating and the school you have nothing to worry about, I have worked on your new school” he said.
” But dad, don’t you think you are being selfish? I asked.

He arched her brow.
” Yes dad, you don’t care about me at all”

He touched my shoulder.
” Look princess, it is because of you, am doing everything to give you a more better life that you deserve” i said.

” But dad, you hardly have time for me” i said.

” Am sorry princess”

Mum came in.
” Honey, we are good to go” she said.

” Dad what about this house? What will to it? I asked.

” Don’t worry dear, it’s been sold out” he said.
I nodded my head sadly.

I just don’t like the Idea of relocating.

” Now we are ready to leave” he said
” Hope we are not forgetting anything? Das asked.

” No honey”

Our bags are in the car.

We got into the car and dad drove off.

Written by ???? owie oyindamola

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