??Betrothed to
Mr Arrogant??

(High school love)

Episode 1

By Humble Smith

Adrian’s POV
“What are you doing on my bed you little brat!!!” I yelled to my younger sister who was lying on my bed beside me..

“I had to sleep here because I was afraid of staying alone in my room after watching that horror movie” she whined as she saw how grim my face was..

“What happened to dad and mom’s room?..what even gave you the courage to stay with me!!..get out from here now!” I shouted angrily and she scurried away as much as her 15 years old legs could carry..

I scoffed and slumped on my bed rolling my eyes..
That’s how arrogant I am..

I don’t have respect for anyone except my parent so don’t expect any kind of respect from me..

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up this morning to see my sister lying on my bed..

Like really, why would she even step into my room just because I left the door unlock.

I glanced at the time and saw it was 6:20am,
I hissed and walked over to the bathroom to clean up,
I would be going to jog..
That’s what I do every morning.

I can’t wait for those stares from people on the roadside staring at me like am an Angel, it makes me feel on top of the world..

I love it whenever I walk around and people pause their pace to look at me..
I’m too cute for you to pass without looking at me the second time, I’m not only very cute but also very rich and popular especially in school where I’m seen as an idol.
What do you expect from the only son of Jaden one of the richest man in Korea..

You can’t tell how much I have in my bank account, I get whatever I want when and how I want it..

You can just call me a perfect guy and keep wishing you were me..

After some minutes, I was already dressed in my dazzling white Jersey and short..I slipped my feet into my white canvas which worth thousands of dollars..

I smiled once more seeing charming I look in the mirror..

I combed my hair and primped before stepping out..

“Wow..who is this fallen angel??” My dad exclaimed as I stepped down the staircase..

“I’m off..” I announced ignoring his flattering even when i enjoyed it.

“Hey come back here!” He shouted and I squeezed my face

“What is it???”

“Your sister wants to follow you, she….”

“Dad I don’t need a company!” I huffed rolling my eyes..

“What do you mean?..are you alright, you don’t want your sister to..”

“Dad please I’m already late! Can we talk when I come back!” I gritted and he stared at me..

Just then, my 15 years old sister Diana walked in dressed on jersey and shorts just like me..

“And where do you think you are going?” I growled making her frown..

“I want to go with my brother to jog..” She replied placing her hands akimbo..

“Who told you I need someone to follow me?” I asked with a raised brow

“Adrian!!” My father called in those husky voice and I glanced at him..

“She is following you and you have no right to say no!” He said sternly and walked to his room..

I shrugged and walked out fixing my ear piece to my ear..

I didn’t even acted like she was following me, I just made sure i gave a far distance between us..

That’s what my arrogance has for you..I don’t hate her but I also don’t want her following me..??

Wide smile escaped my lips as I came across the first set of people, they all widened their eyes in awe as I passed slowly..

“Are you sure he isn’t an angel??” I heard a girl among them say as they all stopped their walk to gaze at me..

“He is Adrian the cutest”

“He is soooo stunning and hot!”

They kept complimenting while I pass,

I ignored but like seriously it is sweet..

Some girls would even try joining me in the jogging so as to look at me well..

As for talking to any of them?.. I don’t try it…
I just leave them staring and dreaming.. Even if they talk to me.. I don’t hear it because I have my ear piece covering my ear..

After half an hour, I was done jogging..
I walked home and the first question was where my sister is..

“Don’t tell me you did not go with her??” My dad asked glaring at me..

“I don’t know her whereabout, all I know is that we both went out for jogging” I replied dryly

“The both of you went for jogging together and you don’t know her whereabout??” My mom asked and I grunted feeling disturbed with their questions..

“Call her on phone and know where she is, I need to rest before school” I said and made to rush to my room but stopped when my sister stepped into the sitting room panting..

“You are a wicked brother!” She shouted and fell on my dad’s body,

I scoffed and walked to my room, I plopped down on my bed after taking a quick bath,
Today is school but as usual I’m going there late and no one dares to question me or else you no longer love your stay in that school..
Before I could knew it, I slept off..

“Adrian!!!!!” I heard my name being screamed in my dream..

“You must be mad to call my name like that..go to h.ell!!” I replied angrily with my eyes closed..

A spank on my bum woke me up from my sleep..

Oh g©sh!!

“Who did that!!..are you…” my voice hitched as I saw my father glaring at me with anger..

“Are you stupid you little punk!..aren’t you going to school and how dare you call me mad!!” He seethed and I sighed..

“It wasn’t you I was talking to, someone screamed my name in my dream” I said stepping out of the bed..

“Don’t you ever bring that 30th position into this house at the end of the session” he huffed and I eyed him even when he isn’t seeing me..

I took another bath before getting dressed,
I wore my gold necklace, ring and watch making me look rich,
The smile on my face was really wide as I watched myself again jn the mirror..

Ohh g©sh..

I’m already crushing for myself..

I’m sure my sister would have gone to school long ago..

Checking the time, I found out it was 8:57am..
I picked my back bag and walked out making sure I have my phone and earpiece with me..

“Bye mom and dad” I said dryly and walked away without even glancing at them..

My driver was already writing for me, I hopped into my flashy car which worth millions of dollars..

“You must be really glad being my driver, at least you got the chance to ride the latest car in town” I smirked at my driver who just smiled shyly..

I rested my head and smiled..

After some hours drive, we finally got to school..

I stepped down from my car and there was a sudden uproar..

“Omg!!!..the Greek god is here!!” A student screamed and everyone rushed out to look at me..

I smirked and deep my hands into my pocket swaggering into my class

“You look so hot!!

” I love you”

“Please be my boyfriend”

“Oppa, please look at me”

All these was the words coming from every angle..

The girls kept primping and swoon, some was even fainting..

I walked into the class and everyone screamed…

Sylvia ran up to me in a hug but got the greatest shock of her life as I shoved her off my body like a pieces of trash..

I’m sure she thought she had gotten my heart not knowing I just needed sx…

She is one of the most beautiful and richest girl in the class, I had asked her out and she wasted no single second to accept..

It all ended after the sex we had yesterday but I’m sure she isn’t aware of that but I’m gonna make her know now..

“Did you just pushed me??” She asked in shame as everyone gawped at her..

“Don’t you dare come near me talk more of touching me with those f1lthy hands!..should I tell you?…it is over between us because I never loved you..were you even thinking I can be your boyfriend?..hey..throw away that thought because you aren’t my class!!” I huffed and walked to my seat leaving her dumbed in shock..

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