HE IS MINE: Episode 41-The End


Episode 41.

? Anna ?
I got home and dropped my bag.
I sighed and sat on my bed.

I sighed.
Thinking about Sophie and Andrew.

It’s obvious I can’t get Andrew for myself.
He doesn’t care about my existence.

He doesn’t like me a bit.
He doesn’t look at me or spare me a glance.

I think it is better I forget about him.

Sophie is very nice and also lucky.

Everything is fine with Sophie.

She is happy..

I could remember when she came to the school and how we became Friends.

She has been a good friend to me but l lost her to Kaima.

Kaima has left the K-girls she is now Sophie’s friend.

At times when I looked at the both of them, how they smile and talk to each other. I couldn’t help but feel jealous and sad.

I dislike Sophie because of Andrew and even Andrew hates me so much.

Am such a fool.
Am such a big fool.

And now?

I want Sophie back.
I want her as my friend.

Will she ever forgive me?

I can’t believe I raised my hand to slap Sophie all because of Andrew.

She did nothing wrong.
It is not her fault that Andrew likes her.

I need to beg Sophie.
Am really sorry for what I ever done to her.

Even Kayla, Kara and Kira don’t trouble her ANYMORE.

I sighed.
Am sorry Sophie.

I will ask for her forgiveness.

? Sophie ?
I woke up this morning with a smile on my face.

Everything has been going smoothly between I and Andrew.

He is very funny.
He is just the best out of the JAHD boys.

Even I and kaima have become so close.
She is a nice person.

I got up from my bed and freshened up.
I dressed up for school.

I got out of my room and took a cup of tea and bread.

I walked out.
As usual.
He is waiting for me in his car.

I smiled.
” You look beautiful” he said and smiled.

” Thank you Andrew” I said.

He drove off to school.

We got to the school and he parked his car.

We stare at each other.
He peck my lips.
” I want to see mum” he said.

I nodded my head.
” See you later Sophie” he said.

I smiled and got out of his car walking to my class.
” Sophie” I heard my name.

I turned.
It’s kaima.
” Hey kaima” I said.

” How are you?

” Am fine Sophie” she said.

” Uhmmm…you are smiling too much this morning.. what’s the secret? I asked.

” Ohh Sophie” she said covering her face.

I laughed.
” Oh kaima, please tell me” I said.

” I and Daniel are now friends” she said.

” Really? I asked.

” Yes Sophie, we are friends” she said.

I smiled.
” No wonder you are smiling”

” Of course Sophie”

” Am happy for you kaima” I said.

She is really happy.
” Thank you Sophie, it’s all because of you” she said.

” Because of me?

” Yeah, he agree to be my friend because of you Sophie” she said.

I nodded my head.
” Thank you Sophie” she said hugging me tightly.

” Kaima I can’t breathe” I said and broke the hug.

She laughed.
” You are the best Sophie” she yelled and kssed my cheek.

” Kaima” I called.

She laughed and ran off.

I smiled.
She is really happy.
She is indeed happy.
Am happy she is happy.

So Daniel became her friend because of me?

Well it’s a good thing he has decided to be her friend.

Am happy for her.
She has been a very good friend.

I smiled as I walked into the class.
? Andrew ?
I have decided to ask Sophie out as my girlfriend.
I want her to be mine.

I love her so much.

I can’t bear to lose her.

And am asking her out today.

Am organizing a party that she is not aware of.

I want to surprise her.
I really love everything about her.

She is the best thing I could ever ask for.
It’s obvious she love me too.
It’s written all over her face that she feels the same about me.

I can’t let her slip out of my hand.
She is everything to me.

I picked up my phone to call kaima.
Yeah, I have her contact
I promise Sophie that I won’t ignore kaima and be her friend like she wanted.

She and Sophie are now very close.
Looks like they are inseparable.

She knows about the party.

She picked up.
” Andrew”

” Yeah, how is Sophie? I asked.

” She is fine”

” Okay, just make sure you get her ready for the party, I won’t be coming back to school today.. I just hope she won’t be angry at me” I said.

” Okay Andrew, I will get her ready” she said.

” Alright, thanks bye” I said and hung up.

I smiled and called Sophie.
” Andrew”

” Hey Sophie”

” Where are you Andrew? Why are you not in school yet?

” Am so sorry sophie, I don’t think I can make it to school anymore” I said.

” What.? Why?

“Something came up, am sorry” I said.

” Ohhh, is it about your mum?

” No Sophie am sorry but I can’t tell you” I said.

” Why?

” Am sorry Sophie”

” Okay, will you drop me off from school? She asked.

” No Sophie, am sorry”

” Andrew” she called in a sad voice

” Am so sorry Sophie, I will make it up to you” I said.

” Okay” she hung up.

Am sure she is very upset now.
I sighed.
I hate to make her upset or sad.


? Kaima ?.
It’s lunch break.
I walked out of my class into Sophie’s class.
I saw her sitting down all by herself quietly.
I sat down beside her.
” Hey Sophie” I said to her.
She looks sad and worried.

She looked at me.
” Kaima”

” What’s wrong Sophie, you look sad” I said

” It’s nothing”

” Talk to me Sophie, we are friends right?

” It’s Andrew” she said.

I smiled

” And what about him?

She sighed.
” He is not in school today and won’t be picking me up” she said.

” Is that why you are sad or you are missing him?

She looked at me.
” Kaima”

” Sophie, don’t worry okay if you worried about who will drop you, I will drop you off at home” I said.

” What about our study? She asked.

” Uhnmm..I don’t think we will be studying today” I said.

” Why?

” Because we are going for a party,” I said.

” Party? What party? She asked.

I smiled.
” You will know when we get there” I said.

” I don’t want to go to any party” she said.

” Why Sophie? I asked.

” I don’t want to Kaima” she said and stood up.

” Sophie”

” Kaima, am not going to any party” and said walking out.

I smiled
” Andrew will be coming along” I Said

She stopped and turned.
“Yes, Andrew is coming for the party” I said walking to her

” Really?

” Yes”

” Kaima”

” Am tell you the truth, your Andrew is coming for the party”

” But why didn’t he tell me about the party? She asked.

” Maybe he forgot about it” I shrugged.

” Forgot?

” Yeah”

” How is that possible?

” So tell me now that Andrew is coming for party, won’t you also be coming along?

” No”

” Why?

” I don’t want to” she said and turned walking away.

” Okay fine don’t come but don’t be surprised when he hook up with another girl at the party” I half yelled.

She stopped and turned to look at me.
” What!

” Yeah, don’t come…even I don’t want you to come” I said walking away.

I smiled at she stood on a spot.
” Kaima” she yelled running to me.

I laughed.
” Now tell me, are you coming or not? I asked.

” Am coming for the party” she said sternly.

I smiled.
” Is someone feeling jealous? I teased.

” Kaima” she called trying not to smile.

I laughed.
” Someone is feeling jealous because Andrew might hook up with someone at the party and…

She Covered my mouth.
” Shut up kaima” she said smiling.

I laughed.
” Thanks for coming” I said.

” Uhnmm..am hungry” she said rubbing her stomach.

” Foodie”

” Just like you” she said.

We laughed walking to the cafeteria.

We finished eating our lunch and walked out of the cafeteria.

” Sophie” we heard.

We both turned to see Anna walking to us.

I looked at Sophie
She arched her brow.

She got to us.
Sophie fold her arms to her chest and stare at her without saying anything.

” What do you want? I asked.

She looked at me then Sophie.
” Am sorry” she said.

I and Sophie look at each other.

” Yeah Sophie, am sorry for everything..I don’t want what came over me..am sorry for treating you badly… please forgive me Sophie” she said as tears welled up in her eyes.

Sophie and I stare at her as tears rolled down her cheeks.
” Please forgive me Sophie”
Coined ???? From Owie Oyindamola’s Deck.

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