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Eyes wide opened in shock, Melanie’s mouth was wide opened as she stared at Paisley hugging her Mom.

She definitely wasn’t expecting her to show up, but she did. And now??

What was she up to actually? Playing the victim card or what?

“Aunt,” Paisley whispered again, hugging Mrs. Brown tighter. Heaven knows how much she missed the woman in her arms.

Mrs. Brown sighed and pushed her away from her slightly.

“This is not the time for this, we need to talk” she said.

Paisley bit her lips gently. She glanced at Melanie to find her staring at her, slowly she looked away.

Mrs. Brown folds her arms across her chest and breathes out loudly.

“I believe you know why I called you here, isn’t it?” She started.

Paisley lowered her head and didn’t utter a word.

“Let’s have our seat first, then we can discuss,” Mr. Brown said.

“Do you know what I’m glad for right now?” Mr. Brown asked after they’ve all settled down.

“That you honored our invitation even after what you did. But one thing is still unclear to me, why did you do that?” He asked.

“Firstly, I never knew my daughter had a boyfriend. I mean, at this age?” Mrs. Brown scoffed.

“I’m 20, Mom,” Melanie interrupted, rolling her eyes.

Mrs. Brown ignored her and continued.

“And then… You slept with her boyfriend?”

“I wouldn’t say it was a mistake, Aunt” Paisley muttered.


“I know no amount of words would take back what I did, but what I know is that it wasn’t a mistake,” Paisley mumbled.

“I love him. I’ve always did since the day I set my eyes on him. But, he chose Melanie over me, I was heartbroken.

I tried my best to support their relationship since she’s my best friend but he just made things hard for me” she sniffed.

“He was always talking about her, yet he acts nice to me. It got to a stage when he came to me that Melanie didn’t give him what he wanted, which was her body. I…” She bit her lips.

“I gave him mine with the hope of him loving me back, it became something I didn’t want to stop anymore. I felt addicted to him, but…”

“You gave him your body even when you’re fully aware he’s not your boyfriend?” Mrs. Brown asked, staring at her in utter disbelief.

Melanie sat there, trying to register what she just heard in her brain. Paisley loves Ace? Like she does?

“I couldn’t resist it, I love him, Aunt” Paisley sobbed

“Then I found out he was only using me for his sxual desires. I felt betrayed, I lost him and I lost Melanie.

I regret my actions badly but I don’t even know how to face her anymore, I can’t even bring myself to pick your calls knowing fully well that I betrayed your daughter”

“I really can’t believe this right now. Even if you love him, does that mean you have to give him your body?

For Pete’s sake, you and Melanie are sisters! How could you do that to her? You grew up together, you literally do every single thing together.

You are even like a daughter to us, yet you could do something that outrageous to her??” Mrs. Brown half yelled.

“I’m sorry, Aunt” Paisley sobbed.

“If someone is to be blamed for this, then it’s the guy not Paisley.

I perfectly understand her plight but the wrong thing here was giving her body to him.


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