By Cassie B.


That was totally wrong, I’m disappointed in you actually cos we didn’t raised you this way” Mr. Brown said

“But, if we do look at the other side of it, then it’s actually the guy’s fault. He probably knew of your feelings for him and decided to take advantage of it.

He played you too, he knew you both are friends, yet he did that awful act, it’s totally uncalled for.

I hope I don’t get to set my eyes on him cos he’s gonna die by my hands”

“From mine too” Mrs. Brown shot.

“And you…” She turned to Melanie.

“How long were you trying to keep this from me, huh? Till forever, huh? Till when it becomes too late and you both become sworn enemies?” She asked.

“I….” Melanie trailed off not knowing what to say. She glanced at Paisley who was still in tears and somehow she felt bad.

She didn’t even know her best friend was in love with Ace and she dated him.

Now, she understood why she couldn’t bring herself to hate her even after everything.

“And do you know your punishment?” Mrs. Brown asked.

Paisley stared at her through her tear stained eyes.

“This ain’t the time for tears, Paisley. You need to do what’s right, and mind you… I won’t forgive you for this, I’m so very disappointed in you,” Mrs. Brown said.

Paisley’s face dropped and she quickly got to her feet, she went to her and held her arm

“I’m sorry, Aunt. Please don’t be mad at me, I won’t do it again,” she said.

Mrs. Brown glanced at her husband who only nodded his head

“Fine. Just do it ever again cos I won’t take it easy with you then,” she muttered.

Paisley smiled widely and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you, Aunt. I love you!” She faced Mr. Brown too.

“I love you, Uncle!” She smiled.

“That’s not over,” Mrs. Brown suddenly said.

“You and Melanie…. Can’t believe you both were trying to become enemies without informing us, who does that?” She scoffed.

“You’re to stay in the same room for a week,” Mrs. Brown announced.

“What?” Melanie shouted.

“Exactly what you heard. You’ll be going to school through here till the one week is over, or two weeks?” Mr. Brown said.

“Dad!” Melanie shouted, stomping her feet on the ground

“A week is okay, honey. They just need to reflect on their mistakes” Mrs. Brown smiled.

“Gosh, can’t believe you two. Kids nowadays” she shook her head and stood up.

“Melanie…. I don’t want to ever see you with that guy again, and you too Paisley,” Mr. Brown said.

“I’m gonna kll them if they do so,” Mrs. Brown yelled as she made her way to the kitchen.

“We won’t, Dad,” Melanie smiled.

“Good. Now to your room!” Mr. Brown said.


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