(Being perfect)? ?
** ** Samantha’s pov ** **
“shoes? Books, your lucky pen?”.
“double check”
“your amazing presence and your charming smile?”
“triple check” I said with a small laugh.
This is me, Samantha kress.. And the person I’m talking to is my best friend Naomi. I’m starting a new school tomorrow.. One of the most biggest, nicest and richest school in the whole world. I left my old school cause false rumour started to spread that, we were served soured food for lunch and my parents didn’t want anything to happen to their precious daughter so I had to quit that school, even though I was the school’s president and also the School’s queen bee.
Not too brag but my parents are deadly rich and have a lot of outstanding and good reputation in a lot of places. . . I’m the only child and always will be.
My parents are kind of strict, but not so much, they just want me to do my best and be the perfect daughter. Which in fact I am.
My best friend here Naomi, is just one of those friends who wants the best for you and doesn’t complain in whatever you do but cheer you on, she’s my cheerleader. She’s not perfect like me but I’m her role model, she’s always telling me how she looks up to me and I couldn’t love her less.

“Aren’t you like nervous about tomorrow?” Naomi asked as she sits down on my king-sized bed that is designed with an expensive glittery curtains round it..
“nervous? Please, when I step these pretty feet in that school, everyone’s going to love and adore me, I’m going to be the new queen bee, and who would look at this pretty face and turn away, I don’t get nervous Naomi, I make people nervous” I said and smiled while she nods. “oops sorry”.
“I bet you’re going to make a lot of new friends tomorrow” Naomi said and I smiled.
“Yeah, who wouldn’t want to be the perfect girl’s friend.. Everyone one would be begging me to be their friend instead just like you did” I said and she grinned a bit.
“uhm.. I didn’t beg you to be my friend we both met at a–
“shut up Naomi, you don’t talk when I talk” I interrupted her.
“but I’m just saying we me–
I raised my brows at her and she kept quiet and bowed her head, “I’m sorry” she said and I smiled, “it’s okay, you were just being stupid, but don’t worry it’s common and not contagious”..

“so are you planing on hiting on any guy while you’re at your new school.?” Naomi asked after a brief moment of silence.
“seriously, Naomi, I can’t believe you’re asking me all these, I don’t hit on guys, they hit on me instead and you know my parents don’t want me around guys, cause I’m just sixteen, they say guys are distraction and I can’t stoop so low and break that rule, cause I’m perfect to my parent’s and everyone around me and I can’t break that perfectness.” I primped and she shrugged.
“but nobody’s perfect”
“what did you just say?” my eyes pierced hers.
“I..just… Just.. Said.. No…no..nobody’s perfect” she stuttered staring at me with her big brown eyes.
“nobody’s perfect, but you, you think you’re perfect and I’m not up to your standards” I said and she shook her head negatively.
“I didn’t say that.”
“you didn’t but you indirectly said that. Nobody can be perfect naomi, but I am perfect. And that’s one thing you should know okay?” I said and she nods.
“okay, so where were we?” I asked smiling immediately.
“we were still talking about your new school” she said lowly and I smiled.
“oh yeah right.. I was ju–
“Sam..” Naomi interrupted me and I turned to her.
“yeah” I replied.
“I just received a text from my mom, I have to go home” she said and I smiled.
“but we’re really having a fun conversation” I whined and she smiled.
“Yeah, I’m sorry I have to go” she said and I shrugged. “okay you can go it’s not like you’re my prisoner..”.
“okay then bye.” she said and walked out of my huge room…
Naomi. Such a cute but stupid girl.
She gets intimidated by people easily, and that annoys me the most, she sometimes says I make her feel small, and I know I do cause, Naomi’s not pretty or perfect or smart like me or even wealthy like me, she’s from the middle class type of family and I’m just her friend cause she’s nice and does everything I say.

Well that’s the kind of friend I need and she doesn’t need to change, I don’t need friends that will compete with me cause I’ll crush them down and I don’t need friends that will look prettier than me cause there can never be two Snow White in fairy tale land.

I walked up to my new uniform and smoothen some wrinkled parts.
“watch out alvery academy, a new queen is coming” I said to the uniform and smiled.
I walked out of my room head out to the room and meeting one of our trustful maid Beatrice on the stairs.
“miss..” she called and I turned to her.
“anything you want from me?” I asked, moving my golden and rich blonde hair back.
“no.. Miss.. I just received a call from your parents and they’ll be home any minute now” she said and I nod.
“okay then, prepare me a bath and make sure the water’s not too hot this time okay?” I ordered and she nodded with a smile.. I made a turn and went back to my room, I took off my clothes and wrapped my body in a towel, and ordered another maid to dress my room.
After taking my bath I wore one of my elegant dresses, all my clothes are elegant but they have class.. And I’m wearing the highest class today for my mother.
After dressing, I went downstairs and was served with a light food that will blend healthily with my skinny body and also give me a healthier skin.
While eating, I could already hear the sound of her heels, his thick tired laugh, her none stop laughter and the clanking of his boots too.
“they’re here” I muttered to myself and stood up immediately gulping down a whole glass of water and drying my mouth with a neat napkin
And then the door opened and they both walked in.
“mother, father,..” I smiled
“Samantha” my mother exclaimed happily and pull me in a hug, I let go of her and took a second hug with my dad.
“so how was Mexico?” I asked.
“the same, filled with fun, laughter and happiness, I was having too good of a time that I forgot I came there for business” my mother smiled .
“same goes for me” my dad chipped in and we all laughed. My mom head for the kitchen, while my dad went to his room upstairs and I continued my meal,
“so honey,.. How are you preparing for school tomorrow?” my mom asked stepping out from the kitchen.
“pretty well ma, I can’t wait to start tomorrow” I said and she smiled, “that’s why you’re daughter, you’re beautiful, smart and careful, and perfect when you grow old no man will resist you cause after perfect you come next” .
“thanks mom” I smiled and she sighed.
“anyway I have to go rest my head upstairs. . .” my mom said, kssed my cheek and walked away.

I disposed my plates after eating and went back to my room… Staring at my uniform one more time, I got on my bed, grabbed my laptop and start to do some research about my new school.
Hours passed and it was nighttime, I had dinner with my parents and we talked about some things, mostly about my future cause that’s what she talks about all the time which makes me see myself in a totally different way in the future.
That night I slept soundly and couldn’t wait for school the next day.
Finally the next I was woken up by alarm, and when my eyes fluttered open, I met Beatrice beside me.
“good morning, miss, it’s five o’clock in the morning and it’s time for your morning jog an–
“I know” I stopped her and stood up from my bed, I walked out of my bed and changed into a pink joggers, and a white sneaky, I packed my hair up grabbed my phone, plugged my ear piece in it and place the ear buds in my ears,…
After jogging for some time, I took a long bath that washed away the little sweat, I had gotten from jogging earlier, after that I carefully curled my already curled hair which made it more curly.. Finally I put on my uniform, which looks perfect on my body and I grabbed my bag and purse.
I walked downstairs elegantly and met my mom eating fruits at the living room. And she smiled seeing me.
“honey you look..
“prefect” I complete her words for her and she smiled
“Evans is waiting in the limousine outside for you, go on you can’t be late.” my mom said and I nod and walked out. And in case you don’t know, Evans is my driver.
I got to the limo outside and walked in.. And immediately Evans drove me to school.
My new school wasn’t so far from my house and I was glad cause the driving didn’t take time.
Evans got down from the limo and came to open my door for me. “thanks” I said to him and grabbed my school bag before walking out.
Like I’ve seen and checked online the school was beautiful, bigger and better than my old school and the name ‘alvery academy’ was written at the top.
“okay take care miss” Evans said and I ignored him and walked inside the school ..
I turned on the school’s map on my phone and find my way to the principal’s office to get my school schedule for the first semester.
It seems like I was early cause when walking through the huge halls they were less student. I finally got to the principal’s office and without knocking I walked in. I mean why the hell do I need to knock.
“oh.. It’s like. She’s here..” the principal stutter at the phone he held up in his ear and then he immediately brought It down.
“hi, you must be Samantha kress right?” the old man asked and I nod.
“I just spoke to your mother and she said you’d be here any seconds from now and here you are, I don’t know if you know this but your great grand father was among the founding fathers of this school” he smiled.
“I don’t need to know that, he’s a founding father that’s his problem, I just need my schedule.” I said dryly
“oh yeah right, here it is” he said and passed a sheet of paper to me.
I scanned the paper and I sighed heavily. “Grade 11. Samantha kress” I read the paper to myself and sighed.
“there’s an after school activity?” I asked and he nods.
“the drama, music and ballet class, are the only three after school activity class every student must attend,” the principal explained and I sighed and glance at his name plate on his desk “Mr Colby”..
“so I must choose?” I asked and he nods. “I think I’ll go for the drama class,” I muttered to myself, music and I aren’t friends and worse of all, ballet! Eww, even the name makes me want to puke.
“okay then, I’ll see with the drama teacher and all other teachers, and you were assigned to the class (G2-A) g2-a holds the best student and when we saw your result from the entrance exam, we were amused with how smart you are, and we assigned to G2-A class immediately” he said and I smiled.
I am pretty smart.
“and here’s the school’s map” he said handing another paper to me.
“there’s no need I’ve got my phone” I said and waved it at him.
“b..but phones aren’t allowed during classes”
“no class has started yet” I said with a eye roll. “yeah, you’re right, anyway I’ll send someone later to show you around the school, and welcome to alvery academy Samantha, I hope you take your time and enjoy our school” Mr Colby said and I nod. I was about to leave but stopped on my track and turned back to him.
“who’s the school president?” I asked.
“oh.. Esther Lopez.. She’s a very smart girl” the principal said with a smile.
“is there any chance that the school’s president can be replaced by someone, maybe someone like me?” I asked and the man laughed.
“no dear, the school’s president can’t be replaced, especially by you. Cause you’re still an eleventh grader and she’s a twelve grader, so it’s not possible” .
“but at my old school I was the school’s president and they didn’t care about all these class whatever” I told him and he smiled.
“please Samantha, maybe when you get to grade twelve you’ll be the school’s president” the principal said and I nodded “okay..” before walking away.
First thing I hate about this school, not being able to be the school’s president, how am I going to be popular here when am nothing!!.
I turned on my phone and turned on the school’s map to get to my new class.. After turning from hallways to hallways, I finally got to my new class.. It was wide and shiny and I walked to the middle front seat and sat down.
Just then students start to walk inside the class but I just didn’t look at any one I was just focused on the book I was reading, but suddenly I felt someone in front of me. So i looked up and saw a girl in front of me.
“uhm… I don’t mean to bother you but this is my seat” the girl said and I rolled my eyes and turned back to my book.
“hey, I’m talking to you?” the girl said and hit the table with her hand.
“and what do you expect me to do?” I asked plainly.
“stand up” she said angrily.
“not gonna happen” I tell her and faced my book.
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