THE DIAMONDS SEASON 2- By Faith Lucky: Episode 31 – The End

(He’s Cold – hearted,
but he’s mine?)

Episode 31

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
“No! No! Let me go! Let me go, please!!” I cried as the men dragged me into the cell.

Oh God!

They ignored my cries and pushed me in, making sure they locked it properly afterwards.

I stood up and held onto the bars of the cell.

“Please, you don’t understand. I really need to find Miquel. I….I you need to let me go! Please!” I pleaded.

“No matter what, miss Cali, you’re not expected to leave the institute for anything. Its clearly against the rules. If there’s something wrong with Miquel, we’ll do our best to find him” one of them said and left with the other.

D@mn it!!
I cursed and kicked the bars.

I knew the cell was power – resistant and there was no way I’d be able to break free with my powers.

I ruffled my hair and sat on the floor in tears.

Oh, Cali! I should’ve been more careful. How did I end up getting caught just when I was about leaving?

Oh God! D@mn it….

What do I do?

I placed my head on my legs and wept.


I really wanted to see him. I felt so incomplete.

Where could he be, huh? What could’ve happened between him and Mykel?

Oh God! I shouldn’t have told him about the r@pe incidence. No matter what, i should’ve kept it away from him and maybe none of this would’ve happened.

What have I done?
Three Days Later
My head was leaned against the wall as I sat tiredly on the floor.

Shortly, I heard footsteps and opened my eyes to see it was two guards, one holding a tray of food.

“Time to eat” the one with the food said as he awaited the other to unlock the cell.

Two guards were permanently positioned outside the gate and they stepped aside for the others to walk in.

The one with the tray walked in, while his partner stood behind with a gun, probably to make sure I dont do anything stupid.

I remained sitting on the floor and watched them
As they dropped the food and left. But the two other guards still remained on their position, outside the cell.

I stared blankly at the food for a long time and finally decided to eat since i hadn’t eaten anything the whole of yesterday.

I’ve been locked up for here for three days and felt so incomplete without Miquel.

I uncovered the plates and began eating – slowly.

Not long after, someone else walked in.

Huh? One of the directors. She was actually the lady that had attended to me the first day I arrived here at the institute.

She wore a short tight sk!rt, tucked in with a long sleeve. And her heels made annoying sounds as she walked in.

“Bring her out of cell” she ordered the guards who were a little surprised at first.

“The manager wants to see her, okay? So, quit staring at me like hoodlums”, she snapped at them.
G0sh! So rude.

“Okay ma’am” they replied and made to open the cell.

Oh my! Am I being released?

But she said….the manager wants to see me? Huh?

The guards came up and opened the cell and took me out afterwards.

I took a close look at the lady and became confused when I heard her thoughts.

*Hi barbie*

My eyes beamed immediately as I recalled the fact that only one person calls me by that name.


I gasped but tried as much as possible not to show my excitement.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take it from here” she said to the guards and gripped my arm.

“Come on” she said huskily and started taking me away, holding me so roughly – probably to make it look real.

I didn’t say a word as I walked silently with her, out of the cell territory and out to where a car was parked.

“Get in” she said huskily as she opened the front door.

It was so dark already and the area was quiet.

“Diane!” I called in a whisper tho, and she smiled at me.

“Hello barbie” she replied and I chuckled.

“You…what’re you doing?” I asked, bemused.

“What else? Saving your @ss of course. Come on, get in before we get caught. Get into the boot” she replied and opened the boot for me.

Oh my God! Thank goodness.

I got into the boot and laid in the darkness as she closed it up. And in a short while, the car began moving.

I took in deep breaths, feeling so excited.

She was taking me out of the institute, right? So, I could look for Miquel.

Oh my God!

I felt so happy as the car moved but suddenly came to a stop.
Oh! Maybe we were at the gate.

“You’re going out ma’am?” I heard a masculine voice ask and figured it was one of the securities.

“Yeah, its important” I heard Diane reply.

They said some other words which I couldn’t quite understand, but after a short while, the car started moving.

Ah! I could feel it. We were driving out of the gate.

I placed my hand on my chest and prayed this works out. I really needed to see my Miquel. My prince charming.

The car drove for a very long time and finally came to a stop just when I was becoming impatient.

The boot was opened right afterwards and I jumped out immediately.

“Diane” I called and looked at her.

She’d changed back to her real self.

I looked around and recognized the area. The black Diãmônd institute.

“Sorry it took me so long to come save you. I had go through a lot getting in contact with one of the directors. You wanted to come here, right?” She asked and I nodded.

“Are you sure about this? It might be dangerous, Cali”.

“It doesn’t matter. I just need to find Miquel” I replied fervently.

As long as it was the only option I had, I had to take it.

“Okay then. I’ll just wait here in the car as back up. If I don’t see you in the next thirty minutes, I’ll come in as well. Okay?” She said and I nodded as it sounded like a good plan to me.

“Thanks” I mumbled and started on my way.

I walked for a long time before spotting the big black gate.

I didn’t even know how to get in.
Oh God! This was so risky.

Do I really wanna see Mykel?

But Miquel…he was more important. I needed to be sure he’s safe.

I finally got to the gate and just stood in front of it, wondering how I’d get in. Do I need to scream it down?

No; it’d look like I was entering for war.

But…they should be cameras here, right? Just like the ones at the white Diamond institute?

Or….maybe I should knock?

I was about placing my hand on it when I heard the gate groaning open.


I watched keenly and stood my grounds and finally, the faces of the securities showed, pointing their guns at me

“Hey! Hands in the air!!” They yelled and I lifted my hands in surrender.

Oh my! This was a really big risk.

They ran to me and held me roughly,,pinning my hands behind me while guns were still pointed at my head.

“I’m not here for trouble. I just wanna see Mykel” I said tiredly and they dragged me in.
They kept me in a dark room where I was made to kneel with guns still pointed at me.

I stayed that way for a long time before the lights went on as soon as the door opened.

I looked and saw three boys walk in,, one of them Mykel.

My heart skipped immediately as I felt a scar reopen. My head ached.

But he looked so…injured. His face was covered with bruises, and his left hand was bandaged.

What the heck happened to him?

Suddenly, my mind drifted to Miquel.

“She’s demanding to see you” one of the men who’d been in the room with me said to him.

His eyes were so cold as he stared at me and stopped in front of the table.

“Leave us” he ordered and the men left after a little reluctance – every one of them.

And we became the only ones left in the room.

Immediately, I stood up and lifted the table to hit his knee and that way, he landed straight on the floor.

He definitely wasn’t expecting it.

I ran to him on the floor and held his neck.
I had no idea where the guts came from, but I did it.

“Where’s Miquel? What did you do to him?” I asked angrily,,applying pressure on his bandaged arm.

He grunted a little and held my hair and before I knew it, I found myself crashing to the floor.

He pushed me like a chicken and I ended up sustaining a scratch.

D@mn it!

Before I’d regain myself and stand on my feet, he was already on his.

“Seriously?” He scoffed.
“Did you really come here to fight me?”

I panted heavily and maintained a good distance.

“Where’s Miquel? He’s the only reason I’m here” I said with so much hate resounding in my voice.

He scoffed and brought out a cigarette and lighter from his pocket, lit it and stuck it into his mouth.

“You’ve really got some nerves, huh?” He asked and puffed out smoke.

“I must say you’re really brave coming here alone.

“Anyway, why do you think Miquel would be here?”

“Because you’re the last monster he came to see. He’d left me with so much anger with the intentions of killing you four days ago. But since then, I haven’t set my eyes on him. And I’m asking you nicely, where is he?” I enthused, trying so hard to control my temper.

He chuckled and puffed more smoke into the air.

“Well….” He sighed.
“I guess he’s gone home already”.

I arched my brows in confusion. .what’s he talking about?

“What home?” I muttered.

“His home, Cali. To ascend the throne. Have you no idea? He’s the King of darkness”.

I felt cold chills run through my spine as soon as he made that statement: *King of Darkness*

Oh God! What’s he talking about?

No; it can’t be.

“You’re lying to me” I mumbled.

“Really? Why would I lie, Cali? The coordinates from Korea has been after him for weeks and obviously, they’d gotten to him already.

“On the day of the mission, I saw him. He was captured by them and that only meant they’d taken control of him. So, its 99% possible he’s back in the Kingdom already and has probably ascended the throne”.

I felt a sharp pain in my chest as his words pierced into my ears.

No; Miquel? In Korea?

The King of darkness?

Why would he just leave me behind? Leave without saying a word?


I placed my hand on my chest as the shock was just too much on me.

“I could take you to him” I suddenly heard the monster say and lifted my eyes to look at him.

“If you’re in, first thing in the morning, we’ll take the institute’s private jet and leave. You can get to meet him”.

My eyes dripped in curiosity.

Is he being serous?

“And why would you do that?” I asked, my voice still coming out hoarse.

No matter what, i couldn’t get the anger off my mind.

“Well……Let’s just say I feel like it. Unless…you feel like letting it go and don’t wanna see him”. He shrugged and smoked from his stick and I scoffed.

Anxiety crowded me.

“And why should I trust you?” I asked disquietedly and in one enigmatic smile, he replied:

“Because I always keep to my promise”.
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