By Mha Rhy


“Doctor please save my mother” Bianca cried

“Am sorry Miss Bianca, there’s nothing I can do, except you provide the money for her surgery, the doctor replied

“How much is for surgery? Bianca asked wiping her tears

” 30 million’ the doctor replied curtly and her eyes grew wide in shock

“30 million???! She shouted….

Bianca Morris, a teenager and a drop out student.

HIS SURROGATE : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo.com

She works so hard to take care of her sick mother but everything went upside down when her mother illness became critical that she needed to be operated on

But what happened when she couldn’t raise the money

“How will she be able to save her mother???


Aiden King” 21 years old, hates women a lot for the best reason known to him.

Very Arrogant and rude, everything must be done in his way.

But what happened when he wanted a child of his own? As in so desperate to have his own child without having contact with a woman? Remember he hates women

And how does Bianca come into the picture?

Buckle your seatbelt as we embark on the journey of this thrilling funny Ro.mance Story.


By Mha Rhy


Doctor please save my Mom” Bianca cried

“There’s nothing we can do Miss Bianca, except the money for her surgery is paid then she will be attended to”

” Doctor there’s no way I can raise the 30 million, am just a waitress” and I have no one to go to” she cried loudly

” Am really sorry Miss Bianca, I really wish I could help” am really sorry” Doctor James said and walked out of the ward..

Bianca slumped down as tears came out heavily from her eyes

“Where will she get such money from? No family to turn to nor friends to offer help”

She look at her unconscious mother laying almost lifelessly on the bed,

Her body was already pale,

“Mom, she cried…


James walked into his office and sat down tiredly on his chair.

He sighed remembering how pitiful Bianca is,

“I really wish I could help, he muttered

He opened his laptop which was on the table and was about to type when a call came into his phone,

He checked the caller ID and it turns out to be his best friend “Aiden King”

? Buddy, you remember your best friend today?” James said happily

?Cut the crap James, Aiden said coldly from the other end

?Too cold, anyways Why have you called?? James asked despite knowing what the reason he had called

?Why did you think I call?

? Are you still bent on looking for a surrogate?” Can’t you just have sx with a woman? James joked

? You know how much I dislike being touched by a woman not to talk of being intimate, Aiden snapped loudly and James flinched in fear falling down from his chair

Ouch!! He moaned in pain

?Calm down buddy, do you want to give me hypertension??? James shouted

?Who cares!!! Aiden scoffed

?I hate you!! James pouted

? It’s mutual, just look for what I ask, Aiden ordered and hung up.

“That brat” James muttered rolling his eyes

“Where will I find a surrogate for him?

His mind drifted to Bianca and he smiled

” Yeah, Miss Bianca”

“I just hope she will agree” he muttered standing up from the ground before leaving for the ward.

He ran to the ward and luckily for him Bianca was just about to leave

“Miss Bianca, he called

” Doctor, is there any problem?” Bianca asked

“There’s no problem Miss Bianca instead I have a good offer for you” he said with smile confusing Bianca

” Offer?? What offer??

” It’s an offer which will yield enough money for your mom’s surgery” James replied and Bianca eyes widened in suprise

” Really?? Am ready to do anything to save my mother” she said holding his hand

” But it’s a tough one”


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