Written By Rowland Chukwueke (Randy)



“The topic of this emergency board meeting is about the change of CEO and major share holders”, My PA announced.

There was quick exchange of gaze between the shareholders as my lips stretched into a smile.

“From now on, I’m the new CEO of Sionis’s choice. Some shareholders here are overrated, so they would likely be changed “, I stopped, smiling the more while looking at their shocked faces. Just what I needed. “But there’s a price to pay, if you don’t want to be removed”.

HIS WEAK SURROGATE : CHAPTER 31 – 40. Thingscouplesdo

Whispering could now be heard as they whispered to each other in low tones before returning there gaze on me.

“If you want to retain your position here, then you’re expected to give up 2% each of your shares. We will take a show of hands then. Those ready to give up should raise their hands “, My PA spoke as I drank from my bottled water.

Murmuring rose and in no time, all hands were up.

“Then it is settled”, I spoke.” You can get back to work”, I breathed as the picked up their files and came giving me a handshake to congratulate me on my victory as the new CEO.

“Congratulations, Mr Sionis ”

“I rejoice in your victory, sir”

Different compliments from different persons.

This is surely how things should be, I smiled internally after having a handshake with the last person.

At that instant my phone started ringing. I picked it up and checked the ID. A hiss escaped my lips when I saw it was Rowland.

Why’s he calling me? To tell me that he’s enjoying my wife? Those id!ots. I feel like be..ating the two of them!.

“What? “, I questioned impatiently immediately I picked up the call.

? “Leona… ”

“So what? She’s your mistress right? Why then are you calling me? Don’t tell me you called to say she bewitched you. I’m busy, don’t call me”, I cut him off angrily.

I was about to disconnect it when Rowlands words froze me to the spine.

? “Leona fell down and now she’s suffering from anemia, you fool! “, He shouted from the other side and the line went off immediately.

‘Leona fell down and now she’s suffering from anemia! ‘. The words kept drumming in my ears as I dropped the phone on the table.

That bch! Why must she always have a way in ruining my joyous moments.

No, I mustn’t let this get a part of me. It must be another of her schemes with Rowland to destroy my happiness. No, I can’t.

She can go to h’ll for all I care, with her so called anemia.

“Your pranks won’t work on me this time,Leona. Who knows what you two are up to this time around? “, I spoke absentmindedly as my mind kept thinking of possible tricks the two can be up to.

“Sir, one of the shareholders invites you to a dinner tonight. He asks if you would do him the Favour of honoring his invitation? “, My PA interrupted my thoughts.

My lips curved into a smirk as he handed me the card. How power thirsty this guys are to already seek my friendship.

I will surely honor this visit. I need to know what he’s up to.

“Very well then, I would give him the honor “, I replied walking out of the meeting room while my guards trailed behind me.

“Sir? “,

“Oh. Yes. Its.. Its superb”, I spoke hurriedly trying to cover up that I heard what he said.

I don’t know why I find myself thinking about Leona and her so called anemia. I haven’t felt at peace after Rowland’s call.

Gosh I hate my life. Why must this lady torment my life leaving me with no happiness.

“So how do you find California? I’m aware south Korea is… “,

“Excuse me. I need to get going”, I cut him off standing.

He also stood up with confusion all over his face.

“Park? “, I called walking out of the hotel.


“Get the jet ready. We are leaving right away “, I commanded stepping into my opened limousine.


I can’t believe I fell for Leona’s prank by coming back to Korea at this very hour.

We landed on Korea in the early hours of the next morning.

The palace seemed different as I stepped down from my car. It had this gloomy air, like it had gone into mourning.

The maids and guards went about light footed, with sad faces. What’s happening?

I made for my fathers chamber where a guard told me, he was waiting with his courtiers.

My nose caught a stink of overflowing privies and hundreds of sweaty bodies as I neared the room.

The chamberlain announced my presence as I stepped into the privy chamber. I noticed that all the courtiers were standing, sweating profusely, quietly.

I saw my father on his throne under the dais of authority. He sat there, enormous in his jeweled doublet, a feathered hat perched on his balding, greying head, obviously fuming, as his narrow eyes raked over his courtiers.

He was visibly angry.

“Father “, I bowed before him but instead of the usual patting on the back, he spoke in anger.

“Leona is in her quarters. Your belongings has been transfered to her quarters, too. You would stay with her until she gets better . That’s my order,! “,


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