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A sales funnel is a system that drives consumers to purchase your service or products. It is a series of connected pages that help you convert valid leads to loyal customers. You’ll likely find more than two or three pages in a typical sales funnel.


If you are a business owner and you’re in a situation whereby leads and sales is very paramount to the growth of your business, you need a sales funnel. The concepts of the sales funnel are so universal and effective that it can be used in various business sectors ranging from health, fitness, coaching, e-commerce, etc.

The sales process works by creating a funnel-like diagram that when placed vertically, will tend to resemble the shape of a funnel. By reading down through each process in the funnel you will be able to see the different aspects of the sales process.


What are the sales funnel stages?

1. The first stage will be the opt-in page where we offer freebies coupon code, ebook, etc as lead magnet to get the attention of the prospects and it will be email gated (in which they have to leave a valid email address to get the freebie).

2. The second stage will be the sales page where they will be introduced to the main products with captivating words, nice headlines and CTAs. This page will include the product benefits, reason why they need to buy the product, product testimonials so they don’t think they are the first to purchase it; it can come in the text format, screenshot or video and finally a CTA (call to action) such as order now, buy now, etc.

3. The third stage is the order page where they can input their card details to purchase the product.

4. The Next step is the upsell or downsell page where they will be introduced to additional products they will love to get alongside the main product, NOTE: This comes after successful purchase of the main product. Normally, they will be thinking the next page should be the order confirmation page with their receipt but when using sales funnel, you can add other steps before the final step.

5. The last step is the order confirmation page where they will get the receipt of all their products they purchased.

NOTE: After the opt-in page, we can schedule automated newsletters to be sent day-to-day in order to persuade them to get the product, by enlightening them on the benefits and the advantage over other products of its type and, also introduce new offer to them later in the future.


Now, I want to explain to you how a sales funnel work in the simplest way you can understand.

And I’ll be using a simple illustration you’re familiar with for a better understanding.

Before then let me define a sales funnel.

Many of us don’t even know what a sales funnel is

All we know is that we were taught to sell with WhatsApp, and that’s why we can’t differentiate between our WhatsApp sales funnel and a causal WhatsApp account.

What is a sales funnel ?

A sales funnel is an automated sequence of processes, engineered to guide your traffic through the buyers journey, that is from a stranger to a customer.

How does a sales funnel works ?

Now at this point I’m going to use something we’re all familiar with to illustrate how a sales funnel works so we can all understand.

Here it goes.

A pastor wanted to increase his church members so as to increase the revenue income of the church tithes and offerings.

Then he decided to host a 3 days revival at his church premises, where he’ll do some deliverance to people with physical and spiritual problem.

A date was fixed and the venue was the church premises

Two day’s to the revival day, the church women and the youths went out for rally, telling people about the revival and sharing flyers about the revival to the people.

There was an announcement about the revival on the radio.

The day arrived for the 3 days revival program and so many people came.

• Some were christains who were looking for a good church to worship God

• Some were christains who came because they had one spiritual problem or the other ( lack of child, no job, health problems, marital problem e.t.c )

• Others were from other religions who also came to witness the the power of God in their lives and to receive deliverance from God.

Then the program began and the pastor preached the gospel and so many lives were touched.

The program came and ended with a great impact on peoples lives.

After the program there were new members in the church.

Then the pastor continue to preach the gospel to them, on Sunday and bible study during the week.

And he continue to get an increase in the church tithes and offerings every Sunday.


Now how does this define how a sales funnel works?

YOU’RE the pastor

The 3 days revival is your “LEAD MAGNET”

Your WHATSAPP is church premises

The women and youths rally is the “ORGANIC TRAFFIC”

The radio announcement is the “PAID TRAFFIC”

People from other religions are the “COLD TRAFFIC”

christains who came because of a problem are the “WARM TRAFFIC”

Christians who were looking for a good church to worship God are the “HOT TRAFFIC”

The preaching of the gospels is the VALUES you’re giving

New church members are your NEW CONVERTED LEADS

Tithe and offerings are your RETURN ON INVESTMENT

Sunday sermon with bible study is the FOLLOW UP

That’s it

Simple simple simple


I believe you have now understood the whole process of a perfect sales funnel and how important every part of the funnel is.