Written by Assurance Webber

Chapter Twenty One



Josh was seated in front of the laptop as typed hastily on the keyboards.

” Arrrrrgh” Josh groaned for the upteenth time as he couldn’t find any information.

He was actually searching for Asha through the Internet.

He has been searching for two hours now and has gotten no result. He couldn’t give up not just now.

No matter where she is, he would look for her and apologise. He couldn’t live with the guilt forever.

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Maybe if he apologises to her then he would stop seeing her face every where.

After few minutes of rest, he resumed to work as he typed hastily on the computer.

He was searching for a girl with blonde hair, 5ft tall. Complemented with blue eyes.

He vividly remembered the day when he woke up and saw her nked under the duvet, she has blonde hair but now he searched through the internet and different girls popped on the screen.

” Fk, am so foolish… I don’t even know her name… How on earth can I find her if I don’t know her name?” He groaned as he roughed his hair.

” Let’s me patient Josh, just try again and who knows you might find her.” He assured himself.

He stretched his hands and sat upright going through the internet again.



Prudent wandered around the whole mall feeling confused.

She had actually left home, coming for clothes shopping probably because her old clothes were too old and outdated.

She usually changes her clothes her clothes every three months because it would be outdated that time and she would feel uncomfortable in them.

She had wandered the whole mall and was feeling confused of what to buy.

” Ma’am is there anything wrong?” The bodyguard who escorted her asked and she shook her head side to side.

He was actually asking because she looked worried right now and he nodded to know what the problem is so he could help in a way he can. He didn’t want to lose his job, he has family to feed.

” No, it’s nothing, am fine.” She replied and started taking walking round the mall again when she bumped into a guy.

Because of the sudden bump, her handbag she was holding fell but luckily there was no scratch on it and she was happy.

She wasn’t worried about the phone because she couldn’t buy a new one but because this one was her favorite.

She was already fuming in anger and she felt like sIapping the living he.ll out of the person’s brain.

The guy bent and picked her phone. He passed it to her and she gasped seeing the guy she bumped into.

” Jace?” She called with a smile.

” Am sorry for bumping into you, I didn’t mean it.” He replied and she smiled widely.

” No, it’s ok, I wasn’t angry anyways.” She said. ” So what are you doing here?”

” I came to get something, I will get going now.” He replied and made to go when she held him by his arm.

He gave her a cold glare and she removed her hands from his grip. He then gave her a questioning look.

” The thing is…since you wanted to buy something, why don’t you just take whatever you want…the bill is on me.” She said with a smile and she scoffed.

” Seriously? Did I mention it to you that I have no money with me?”

” No… it’s not…”

” Just shut it Prudent and stop making someone seem like a begger!” He half yelled before walking away.



At the other side of the mall camdan was seen alongside with Nicole as he kept staring at the beautiful dresses in front of him.

In the morning when he came to work he had told Nicole that they will be going out for shopping and she agreed.

She was so happy, she couldn’t believe she was going out for shopping with her boss,The guy she admired so much.

” Sir, aren’t you going to choose a dress?” She asked. She was getting tired already because they had been in the mall for almost an hour and he hasn’t ordered any dress.

” Why do you think I brought you here Nicole?” He asked and she gave him a questioning look.

” What dress do you think is best for a date?” He asked and she gasped inwardly. She was blushing so hard but she tried her best to cover it.

She couldn’t believe her crush was indirectly asking her out on a date, she would give him the best dress to buy after all she was the one going to wear it.

She walked over to where the clothes were hanged and picked out a plain red gown.

” I think this one is better.” She said smiling widely. ” It would look beautiful on the special lady.”

Camdan took the dress from her and imagined seeing Asha in it. He was actually planning to take Asha on a date, that was why he called Nicole to go shopping with him because he didn’t know anything about what a lady would like.

“she would look like an angel”. He said and Nicole nodded.

” Yes, should I try it?” She asked and he furrowed his brows at first but later broke into a smile.

He has been smiling since morning and it shocked Nicole and the staffs at hiswork place but nobody dared to question.

” Sure,try it on” he said and after few minutes she came out looking breathtaking.

The gown reached right under her knee and it slit at the back made it more beautiful.

Camdan stared at it and he smiled widely. Nicole was looking beautiful which means Asha will be looking more beautiful.

” Alright…pack it up.” He said and after a while they packed the dress in a fancy paper bag. He paid and they left.



Camdan entered the restaurant and searched for Asha with his eyes.

He caught her and waved his hands trying to get her attention.

Without wasting so much time, she walked over to his chair with a mop in her hand.

” Good evening Mr camdan.” She said and he smiled.

” What is it you want? As you can see am busy.” She said and without a word he handed the fancy paper bag to her.

She opened it and a gasp escaped her lips.

” Am sorry but I can’t accept this.” She said and his face fell immediately.

” Why if I may ask?”

” Because, I just can’t… am Sorry.” She replied and made to leave when he held her hand.

He doesn’t want her to be angry with him…not now and ever. She was his joy and he couldn’t deny it any longer.

” Ok, just take it as a birthday gift.” He said.

” My birthday was three months ago.”

” Then just take it as a normal gift from me please…I just want us to have fun tomorrow.”

” Fun?” She asked and he replied with a nod.

” I want to take you out on a date Asha and i would love you to wear this dress tomorrow.” He said and she widened her eyes in surprise.


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