This is a full training on organic traffic from Facebook group.

Take your time to read it.

According to research Facebook is the No 3 most used social media app in the world and with a total monthly visit of over 20.61 billions of people every month.


That’s huge

Imagine getting 0.1% of those billions of people seeing your Ads

Okay now let’s get into the main deal for today’s topic.

Getting organic traffic on Facebook can be done in two ways.

1. From your Facebook profile
2. From Facebook group

But you don’t just launch your Ads and expect people to opt in automatically, there are series of steps you need to take before you can get organic traffic on Facebook.

NOTE : This is going to be very long, interesting and value packed.

I believe you already know that getting organic traffic requires your Time and efforts.

But then what are the steps you need to take before you can get organic traffic from Facebook ?


Now this is the first thing you need to do.

You don’t just go out there and lauch your Ads and expect people to optin when your profile doesn’t speak authority.

You need to optimize your Facebook profile like an expert in your field, so that you can be trusted.

• Remove unnecessary post you’re tagged in, which is appearing on your profile and make sure you review posts you’re tagged in, before you approve it and display on your profile.

• Add a nice professional or just a normal picture of yourself with a neutral background.

Don’t go and snap picture inside a bush or in the front of a gate or in a crowdy place.

Photoshoot are highly recommend.

• Set a good Bio and include the link to your lead magnet e.g Affiliate marketing consultant.

Just make sure your profile looks like that of an expert.

Ofcourse everybody wants to buy a product from an expert because experts are seen as knowledgeable people in that particular niche.

You should be like One of them.


This is very important because depending on your profile list isn’t enough.

Besides most people on your profile list are your friends, old classmates, family members and mutual friends.

And these people aren’t your ideal prospect.

So you need to join niche related Facebook groups.

In a Facebook group all members share the same interest.

That’s a fact

In a make money online group all members wants to make money online

In a weight loss group all members wants to loose weight

In a funny meme group all members wants to get entertained and laugh

It goes on and on

So here what you need to do…

• Go to your search bar on Facebook and search for keywords related to your niche.

e.g make money online niche

Keywords: entrepreneurs, make money online, online business, marketing, Affiliate marketing e.t.c

• Join the groups that are related to your keywords research and the country you’re targeting

It’s obvious there are lots of different groups with different people all over the world, so just make sure you’re joining groups that belongs to your targeted country.


Let me tell you something

In every group, there are 2 different types of people.

1. Some are there to teach
2. Others are there to learn

It all the same thing in every Facebook group

In an entertainment group

Some are there to entertain you
Others are there to get entertained

In a make money online group

Some are there to show you how to make money online
Others are looking for how to make money online

In a sport group

Some are there to share sport updates
Others are there to get updated

It goes on and on with different Facebook groups on different niches.

So your duty here is to teach them, showcase your experience and knowledge.

Make them perceive you as a knowledgeable person in that particular niche.

Make them know you’re an expert.

How do you do this?


The real truth is that most people don’t do research.

So here what you can do

• Make research about a particular topic in your niche (on Google or YouTube)

E.g 3 things you should avoid if you want to loose 20lbs in a month

4 online ponzi scheme you should avoid if you want to make money online

3 things you should know before you start Affiliate marketing


You can even go for a more powerful topic

e.g how to do a market research for your product

• Consume and digest all the content you can lay your hands on as a result of that research

• Interpret the knowledge you’ve gotten from that research in a more personalized way that everyone can understand it

Don’t ask them to message you, they will automatically

Make sure you do this consistently for at least one month

Don’t talk about your product yet, don’t tell them about your offers yet

One thing I can always assure you is that people will be automatically coming to your DM for advice on what they can do

• to make money online,
• or to loose weight
• or to travel to Canada

Depending on your niche.

Some will even click on the link on your Bio to message you and ask for advice, then you can recommend a solution to them.


As you’re posting in those groups, everyone will start sending you friends requests, they want to connect with you because they perceive you as an expert who is knowledgeable and you can help them solve their problem in that niche.

If you follow this process accordingly you’ll start getting leads, but they won’t be coming in groups or clusters, they’ll be coming one by one.


This one I’m about to reveal to you, I don’t reveal it anyhow except to my premium students, but I have summoned the courage to expose it to you.

This will be the last time I’ll be exposing it to you, so take it serious you might not get it again.

Okay that’s being said

A lead generation post consist of 2 things

1. An image
2. A long form compelling copy

Mind you…

You don’t wanna skip the whole process.

If you really want this to work well, you need to start from the first step down to this step (might take up to a month or more).

Like I said earlier a lead generation post consist of an image and a long form compelling copy.

• The image : the image is part of what you use for your lead generation post (or you can call it Ads campaign)

If you’re sharing a book, you should use the cover of the book as the image part.

Now let me warn you

You don’t wanna get things complicated for yourself by using a book that is being sold for a lead magnet.

Before you use it make sure you get the permission from the author of the book.

Or better still write a report and use it instead.

There are rules and regulations that guides the right of owning a book and sharing it.

(Don’t say I did not warn you)

If you’re hosting a WhatsApp class, use a high quality flyer design.

In case you’re creating a flyer design, you need to have a unique copy on your flyer.

Not the regular…” Brand New training reveals how you can bank 750k monthly”

That headline is over used, don’t use it

You need to come up with something unique as a copy for your flyer.


Also on your flyer make sure you have your picture on it, to make them feel connected with you.

Make sure you have a quality flyer design, pay a graphic designer to make one for you.

Don’t do it yourself if you don’t have the skill.

You’re paying now and it’s an investment in your business, once it starts paying off you’ll get it back 10x

Quality attracts quality

Quality flyer attracts quality leads

It’s something that is tested and proven

• The long from copy : This is where you write up a compelling copy that your audience will read and it will cause them to take action.

( i.e to opt in for your free training )

At this point you need to write something that is interesting and is related to your lead magnet and then you can add your call to action button.

(i.e comment below, click on the link below)

I prefer click on the link below and in the cause of doing this make sure you add your link in the comment section, not inside the copy.

In your copy tell them to click on the link in the comments section.

Now there are two reasons why I said put your link in the comments section.

1. Facebook algorithm kills post with third parties link in it

2. Some group admin might not approved or remove your post due to the link in it.

Also in some cases some group admin might not approved your lead generation post even if there’s no link in it all because you’re trying to drive their audience into your DM.

There are 3 ways to go about it

1. Ask for permission from the admin and they’re likely to give you the “go ahead and do it” because you’ve been posting regularly on their group and you have a good reputation.

2. Make a normal post around your lead magnet and use a PS to campaign your lead magnet in a short paragraph.

3. Create a normal post as usual then comment your Ads campaign in the comments section of your post after it has been approved.

That’s it

We’re done,

It’s time to make money


I purposely did not mention earlier that there will be a bonus at the end, because I know some will not be patient enough to read till the very end.

But if you can read to this point, then you’re worthy to have my bonus.

Another brilliant way to get organic traffic is by commenting brilliantly on peoples post.

Not just anyhow person, but celebrity figures in your niche.

For example :- if you’re in a weight loss group

Step 1:- make research about top celebrity figures in that niche

Step 2:- add or follow them and turn on notifications for their posts

Step 3:- comment reasonably and brilliantly on their post, infact make sure you’re among the top 10 commandments

The truth is there are some people who read through the comments section and if they read yours, they’ll check out your profile and optin into your funnel

And that’s it

We’ve come to the end of organic traffic with Facebook group

I understand it’s too long besides this is like a full blow course on organic traffic and you’ve just consumed it

If I should cut it short you might have lost interest or missed some parts of this masterpiece.

It now boils down to you

Will you implement it?

The ball is in your court.