To set up or create high converting Facebook ads, here is what you need to know:

In early 2022, Facebook had 9.95 million users in Kenya (Meta Data). The average user spends an hour a day on Facebook. Considering the average person sleeps eight hours a day, that means about 7% of our waking hours are spent on Facebook. That said, is your business taking full advantage of it? If not, then you are missing out.

Like I’ve always told you. The secret to effective selling on social media is to target the right people, first. The reason I recommend Fb Ads is due to its unparalleled targeting. There is nothing more important than getting your products or services in front of people who need them.

Advertising effectively on Facebook is not as complex, as most people try to portray. All you need is the right metrics.

Facebook provides different types of ads depending on your advertising goals. There are Image ads, video ads, poll ads, carousel ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, lead ads, messenger ads, stories ads, etc.

Facebook ads are broken into Campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

– To start with, you need to create an account with Facebook ads Manager.

To open an account with the Facebook Business Manager, you need to have a page for your business. An ad Manager becomes the control center for your Facebook ads; it makes it easy to handle your social media advertising campaigns. You can run ads across Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, and Messenger on mobile and desktop with a few clicks.

Once you log into the Ads Manager, you will see a dashboard comprising of campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Once you choose the ad you want to create, the Ads Manager will prompt you to choose an objective, whether you want to build awareness, conversions, web traffic, lead generation, etc.

– The next step is to choose your target audience.

I Like advertising on Facebook because it allows one to target by demographics like age, gender, interests, etc., and, create custom or lookalike audiences to target users similar to your best customers. You can also use retargeting ads to target users who interacted with your page or visited your website (If you have pixels). Once you find a group that responds well to your ads, Facebook allows you to save these audiences to be used again later.

– The next step is to set your budget.

You can choose a daily budget if you want your ad to run throughout the day, or a lifetime budget if you want to run your ad for a specific period.

After setting the budget, you can choose whether you want the ad to run immediately or schedule it to run later. You can also choose whether or not you want to bid for your objective, clicks, or impressions (manual biding) or allow Facebook to set optimal bids for you. Always choose manual biding, as it gives one control over how much you want to pay per action taken.

– The next step is now ad creation.

This is very important as it is the step where you decide what you want your ad to look like. You choose whether you want a carousel ad (multiple images) or a link ad (just one image). Once you choose, you’ll need to upload your creative assets like photos, graphics, etc. In this step, you also create an ad copy (Remember to use the AIDA Formula that I taught you. You are also prompted to choose how you’d like your ad to display. Whether you want a desktop newsfeed or mobile newsfeed.

You can now run the ad and monitor progress and measure performance.