JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 41 – 47

(love made her)?

Chapter 41

© Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes?)

Ellen’s POV

I just returned from school and quickly went to sit on one of the couches in the living room due to how weak i was feeling.
Mum came down the stairs and saw me laying on the couch.

“Ellen” She called.
“Hi mum” I said.
“How are you?” She asked.
“I’m not fine Mum” I mumbled and closed my eyes.
“What happened?” She asked.
“I feel weak continuously … I’m just gonna make sure i start eating enough meal” I said.

“You mean you feel weak continuously?” She asked and i nodded.
“Yes Mum, don’t scold me for not eating much” I said.
“Go freshen up,you are coming with me to the hospital” She said.
“Mum! I just feel weak,that’s it! Nothing else…I promise I’m gonna start eating enough meal from now on” I said.

“I know but you’ll come with me,the doctor needs to run a test on you so we can know the reason you get sick continuously” She said.
I sighed…”it’s because i don’t eat and i think i told you about Mara’s new behavior which is bothering me..I don’t eat at times,i just worry about Mara but i promise I’m gonna start eating enough from now on” I said.

“Its just a test El,it won’t take long. Just go freshen up and join me downstairs” She said.
“Being weak is not sickness,why do i have to run a test” I said.
“Will you listen to mum! Go freshen up now and join me” She said sternly.

I pouted “Stop being stern,it doesn’t fit your beautiful face”
She smiled.
“Okay I’ll go freshen up and join you,just a test and I’m gonna return home” I sang as i ran up to my room.


I was done freshening up,clad in a black mini gown and blue flip flops,i packed my hair in a low ponytail with a blue hair pack.
My phone is in the pocket of my gown.

“Mum I’m ready” I said as i got to the living room.
She was looking worried.
“Mum what’s wrong?” I asked.
“You look worried” I said and dragged her hair gently.
“It’s nothing…let’s go” She said.

“Okay Mum…I will lead the way” i said and jumped in front of her.
“Oh..you can as well drive” She said and i laughed.
“And we can as well be admitted in the hospital we are going” I said and we both laughed.

We got outside and I hopped into the backseat of mum’s Lexus.
She got in the front, behind the wheels.
She glanced at me at the back before turning on the ignition.

Mike opened the gate and she drove out slowly.
I collected my phone from my pocket and unlocked it.

I played games till we got to the hospital.
Mum parked in the little parking space.
“I won’t be surprised if Doc Mitch looks at you weirdly for bringing your daughter because she complained of being weak” I said.

She smiled and unlocked the car door.
“We can still go back home” I said.
“Too late,we are here already” She said and got down from the car.
I sighed and threw my phone in the pocket before getting down.

Mum locked the car and we both walked into the hospital.
The nurses at the reception are familiar with us.

“Good afternoon Mrs Blaise” They greeted.
“Good afternoon nurses…how are you?” Mum asked.
“Fine ma’am”
“Good. We’re here to see Doc Mitch” Mum said.
“She has been in the theatre since morning, performing a surgery but i assure you she will be done soon” One of the nurses said.

Mum sighed.
“Mum let’s just leave for home” I whispered to her.
“Are you sure she will be done soon?” Mum asked making me roll my eyes.
“Yes ma’am..oh…she’s here already” The nurse said and pointed at our backs.

We turned and saw the beautiful nurse walking towards us.
It’s been ages i saw her.
I don’t get sick so i don’t visit the hospital regularly.

“Oh… Miss Blaise” She said with a grin.
“Nurse Mitch,how have you been?” Mum asked.
“I’ve been fine, have you been here for long?” She asked.
“No..we came just now”

“Hi Nurse Mitch” I said.
“Ellen how are you?” She asked.
“I’m fine” I smiled.
“Wow..you look more big and beautiful” She said but i didn’t blush.
“You came to see me right? Let’s go to my office,i was on a surgery since morning and damn! It was tedious” She said.
“Aww…I hope it was successful?” Mum asked as we walked to nurse Claire’s office.
“Yes it was and I’m so glad” She said.

We got to the door and she produced a key then inserted ut into the lock.
She twitched it,then it opened.
She walked in and of course we walked in after her.

She hanged her surgical wears behind her chair and motioned for us to sit.
We did and she also sat opposite us with a smile.

If only she knew mum is about to complain about my little weakness,she won’t get too serious.

“Nurse Mitch,i came here for Ellen,she complained of feeling weak regularly and i was so worried and decided for her to have a test. I want to know what the problem is” Mum said.

Which problem!

“Okay” Nurse Mitch sighed.
“I’m gonna run a test for her but i need to ask her some questions” She said.
I nodded.
“So..you feel weak regularly right?” She asked.
“Yes…but i know it’s because i don’t eat much” I said.
She smiled…”Are there other symptoms?”
“No..just that I feel like vomiting every morning but i won’t so i guess that’s what’s making me weak,it started a week ago” I said.

“Really?” She asked seriously.
I nodded.
“We need to run the test now,come with me” She said and stood up.
“Mrs Blaise, we’ll be right back” She said to mum who only nodded.
I followed her out of the office.


We returned to her office after she ran the whatever test.
“Mrs Blaise,you must be bored” She said to Mum.
“Ah no,i was not.. you didn’t spend up to an hour” She said.
Nurse Mitch and i sat down.

“So is the result out?” Mum asked.
“Hmm…it should be out,I’ve sent a nurse to collect it and bring it here” She said.
Mum nodded and looked at me.

“It’s been so long you came here” Nurse Mitch said to Mum.
“Oh .. Yes,i always want to stop by at times to say hi but i know the nature of your job..I might not meet you in the office and i won’t want to disturb” Mum said.

I brought out my phone when i noticed they are about to start one of their boring conversations.
I logged in to my Instagram account.
Notifications flowed it and i had to read it one after the other, skipping the annoying ones.
I replied to the messages i should and ignored the ugly ones .

I glanced up when the door to Nurse Mitch’s office opened.
A nurse came in with a folded white paper.

“Good afternoon Mrs Blaise” She greeted mum and handed the paper to Nurse Mitch.
“How have you been?” Mum asked.
“Fine ma’am” She bowed and walked out.

Nurse Claire opened the paper and gasp.
She wiped off her face and stared at me.

OMG have i developed some sort of disease.
Hell no!

“Nurse Mitch,what’s the content of the result?” Mum asked.
“Ellen how old are you?” She asked.
“I’m sixteen”
“When last did you saw your period and when last did you had s*x?” She asked and my heart thumped faster.

“I..i it was a month ago or two that i had sex and I’ve not seen my period since then. I had finished my monthly period before having sex and I’ve not seen it since then but I’m expecting it by the end of this week” I said.

“Ellen you are pregnant” She said and my heart stopped for a moment.
“What!” Mum screamed.

I.. I’m pregnant?
For Bryan?

“No I’m not pregnant” I said in a shaky voice.
“You are! You are three weeks pregnant. I wonder why you didn’t use protection” She said disappointedly.
My neck felt heavy as i turned to look at Mum.
I nearly fainted at the look i saw in her eyes.


Haaa…I can’t be pregnant!!
But it’s true! I’m pregnant! There is a tiny baby growing in me right now.

What’s gonna happen to my dream!
How am i gonna cope.
Will i have to stop schooling.
I’m such a disgrace!
I shattered my dreams just because of enjoyment.
I..I’m done!
I should just kill myself…

I felt a drop of water dropped on my palm and i realised i was sobbing.
I sobbed loudly looking at mum at interval… she looked shocked.

“Ellen,were you raped?” She asked slowly..
“N..o i was not,I..i did it myself” I cried..
“Without protection?” She asked.
“I didn’t know i could ever get pregnant,i was so foolish” I sniffed.

“Ellen,I’m disappointed! You are 16 for goodness sake!” Mum yelled.
“I’m sorry Mum..i..I’m sorry” I said.
“What’s gonna happen to you? Pregnancy is a difficult task,you are too young for it… Ellen what’s gonna happen to your education, how’s your dad gonna feel” Mum said sadly and i cried loudly.

“I’m not pregnant,she needs to retake the test..mum please I’m sorry” I said.
“Nurse Mitch what are we gonna do?” Mum asked.
“I don’t know… Ellen I’m just so disappointed” She said..
“I don’t want the baby,i want it gone” I said and they both looked at me in surprise.

“You want it gone?” Nurse Mitch asked.
“Yes,i don’t wa…”
“Will you shut up! You want what gone? You are thinking of abortion right..you are not 18 yet and even if you are,i would never allow the abortion… you’ll give birth to the baby” Mum said.

“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah Ellen,you’ll give birth to the baby” Nurse Mitch.
“You mean I’m gonna be pregnant for nine months and give birth to one tiny baby?” I asked.
“Yes…Ellen i didn’t even know you’ve started having s*x! Why didn’t you tell me,i could have advised you” Mum said.

“I’m sorry Mum but i don’t want the baby,that means I’ll stop schooling, what’s gonna happen to my dream, I’ll be the talk of the school… Mum please let her remove the baby” I cried.
“You’ll stop schooling once the baby bump gets obvious,you give birth and continue your education” Nurse Mitch said.

“That means I’ll have to repeat my class,no i don’t want that… Mum please i don’t want the baby” I said in tears.
“Ellen,i want the baby! Why would you think of abortion,did you not consider that tiny baby who’s happy to be growing in you,if i had aborted you.. would you be present here” Mum said.

“Mum! You were old enough to have me that was the reason you didn’t abort me,i don’t just want this baby” I said.
“I will transfer you to another school once you give birth… Thanks Nurse Mitch, I’ll bring her later for antenatal,get up let’s go” Mum said.

“Okay Mrs Blaise… Ellen it’s okay, you’re not the first to get pregnant at this age..next time you must be very careful and I’ll be expecting you for the natal” She said.
I nodded and cried, sniffing as i followed Mum out of the office.

I cleaned my tears when we got closer to the reception.

“Bye nurses” Mum said.
“Bye Mrs Blaise” They chorused.
Mum dropped some dollar bills on their glass desk and they were so happy.
“Thanks so much Mrs Blaise… thanks” They said.

I walked out of the hospital sadly and waited for Mum by the car.
Fresh tears poured out my eyes when i saw her approaching.
She must be very disappointed.
She unlocked the car and i quietly got into the back seat.
Mum got into the front and glanced at me as she adjusted her seatbelt.

She sighed and shook her head before turning on the ignition.
She started driving out of the hospital and i cried silently at the backseat.

We were both silent till we almost got home.

“Who’s responsible for the pregnancy?” Mum asked.
“B .. Bryan” I muttered.
“Really!” She exclaimed.
“Were you both in a relationship?” She asked.
“Yes but it’s over now” i said.
“Wow” She honked twice and i realised we’ve gotten home.

Mike opened the gate and she drove in.
She parked under the parking shade and we both stepped out of the car.
I felt dizzy and quickly rested on the car.
“Are you okay?” Mum asked.
“Just dizzy” I sighed.

“That’s the result of your tears…stop crying,you might lose the baby” She said worriedly.
Wow! I’m gonna lose the baby if i cry much.
Then what’s stopping me from crying.

“Haaaa” I bursted into tears and mum laughed.
“Because i said you might lose the baby if you cry much,and you started crying… com’on let’s go into the house” She said and held my hand.
I followed her glancing at my stomach at interval.
It’s still very flat.

We got into the living room and i sat on the couch.
Mum dropped her purse and sat beside me.

“You have to call Bryan now” She said making my heart jump.
“Call Bryan?”
He’ll be so pissed,besides he didn’t force me. I was the one that forced him,i added something to his drink.

“Mum i can’t call Bryan” I said.
“Why? Isn’t he the father?” She asked.
“He is but he did not wanted to do anything with him..I was the one who added sedative mix to his drink…” I said.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yes Mum” I said in regret.
“Why would you do that! You shouldn’t have done that. Ellen that was huge” She said.
“I’m sorry Mum” I said.
“Don’t tell me you’re sorry,call Bryan now” She said.
“He will not accept it I..”
“I don’t care if he accepts the pregnancy or not,we are capable to take care of the baby ourselves but i just thought it will be unfair not to inform him” She said.

I nodded and picked my phone from my pocket.
I scrolled to the call logs and clicked on Bryan.
Tears gathered in my eyes as it rang.

I placed it on speaker to enable Mum hear whatever he has to say.
I just wish to have a miscarriage!
I don’t want this thing!

? Hey Ellen” He said.

? Bryan” I called and sniffed.

? What’s wrong?

I bursted into tears.

? Ellen what went wrong?” He asked worriedly.


?You are what? What happened Ellen?

?I..I’m pregnant!” I blurted crying loudly expecting what he’s gonna say.

?Y.. you are pregnant?” He sounded shocked

?Yes..I’m three weeks pregnant for you” I said and looked at Mum.
She paced the living room.

?W..wh..what..why ” He stammered and i felt the fear in his voice.
Mum took the phone from my hand and placed it on her ear.

? Bryan,you don’t have to take responsibility for the pregnancy,i just thought it’ll be fair for us to inform you.. Ellen will take care of the baby herself okay.. Bye.

She disconnected the call and placed the phone on the table.

“I just don’t understand why you are crying,go eat something” She said.
“I’m not hungry” I said.
“But the baby is hungry.. look Ellen,you just have to accept that baby,do you know how happy it is to be growing in you. It’s just nine months and you resume school after that. I will transfer you to another school if you want,just learn to cope for this nine months,I’m here and will always be here for you okay?” She said and hugged me.

I cried on her shoulder trying to accept what she said.
I’m a little excited that I’m gonna have a beautiful baby but it just seems wrong. I’m too young for this,i shouldn’t have done it.
I’m glad mum is gonna stand by me..
I’m glad I’m gonna have a beautiful baby.
It’s time i stopped crying and go eat..my baby would be hungry.

“Thanks Mum..I love you” I said.
“I love you too hunny” She kissed my forehead.
“What about dad?” I asked.
“Don’t bother about your dad…I’m gonna break the news to him and he’s gonna understand”
I smiled and nodded.

“Why’s my stomach still flat?” I pouted.
“It’s still gonna pop out like a balloon and you’ll have to start walking like a jelly” She said and i laughed.
“I need to go eat,i don’t want my baby starving” i said and stood.
“I’m glad you finally accepted the baby…let’s go eat together,I’m also starving” She said.

“When am i gonna start antenatal?” I asked.
“We’ll go back to Nurse Mitch after you are back from school tomorrow”
“Okay Mum but how am i gonna break the news to my friends”
“You tell them tomorrow and you will stop going to school after two months.. tomorrow is Friday making your pregnancy complete a month” She said.

“I’m not sure i can tell them,what will they think of me” I said.
“They should think whatever but i know your set of friends is gonna support you” She said and i nodded.
“I hope so Mum”
“What?” I asked.
“You need to stop acting like a baby cause you are about to have a baby” She said and i laughed..

Mara’s POV

I sat in my room after having lunch.
I was reading a novel but my mind wasn’t completely there.
I was thinking of my friends…I hope I’m not treading the wrong path.

I haven’t talked to them for two weeks now and it’s affecting me deeply.
I’ve missed them even though i act like i don’t care.
Seeing them look sad every blessed day just because of me is making me grieve.

I kept shutting them out anytime they get close to me and i now eat separately,go home separately and do everything separately.
It’s making me feel so lonely.

Is it there fault?
Are they responsible for my misfortune?
No! Yet I’m punishing them for it.
I’m angry at myself and then unleashed the anger on them.

I love Bryan so much and i don’t think i can bare not talking to him after today, and the rest also but i miss Bryan most.
I’m glad he seemed so worried about me for the past weeks.

He didn’t push me to meet Quilah,i met Quilah myself and how dare i blame him for it..he isn’t responsible for any of my bad deeds and he even asked me to be his girlfriend just to make me happy but i foolishly refused and was even malicious with him.
Ellen pushed me to meet Quilah but it wasn’t entirely her fault.
The greatest fault here is mine..
I was in love and was willing to do anything.
Ellen isn’t at fault.

Kelly and Laura,did they even did anything to me at all?
They were not even existing in my life when i did all this and i stupidly blamed them for it and refused to talk to them also.

I’m just gonna apologise to everyone…that’s it.
I need to apologise. I’ve missed us and thank goodness Mr Allen didn’t agree to change my seat.

I’m just gonna sit with them during lunch break and render my apology.
I hope they forgive me…they will.
I will soon be gone from this Earth and i should be at peace with everyone..I should.

What should i do with the remaining months of my life?
I can’t leave just like that.
I fondled my necklace as i thought of what to do and just then,an idea popped in my head.

I shrugged it off cause it’s just so crazy.
I need to think of another thing!..

Bryan’s POV

“Bryan how could you?” Mum asked.
“Mum I’m sorry,she drugged my drink” i said.
I felt so crazy after Ellen told me she was pregnant for me.
She caused it!
What am i gonna do?

“We don’t have to worry,her Mum said she’s gonna take care of it herself” i said.
“Are you okay?” Mum asked.
“Yes Mum,i don’t want the baby. She’s gonna take care of it herself” I said.
“Shut up!” Mum yelled..”Take care of what herself? Take it or not,you own that pregnancy and you both are gonna take care of it together”

“Mum she own the pregnancy herself,i didn’t force her to do anything” I said angrily.
If only i could punch the baby out of her stomach but i can’t! cause i think I’m beginning to feel some affection for the baby.
I love babies but never imagined i could have one this early.

“Bryan,i want that baby and you’re gonna accept the pregnancy. I don’t care if she forced you or not,that doesn’t change the fact that you are the father,that girl is gonna stop schooling for a while just because of you and i can’t believe you have the gut to say you don’t want the baby.. Ellen is only 16,you can imagine the pains she’ll go through during delivery. All you have to do now is support her just for nine months..” She said and i think my heart softened.

I frowned…”She shouldn’t have gotten pregnant”
“She can’t help it..it’s her body” Mum said.
“So I’m going to be a father? Mum I’m still very young” I said worriedly.
“You should be glad you aren’t the one carrying the pregnancy,who would know you are already a father. No one would know”

“Of course and aren’t you happy you’ll be having a little baby?” Mum asked.
I held myself from smiling…”No” I lied.
I’m so excited at the thought.
“You lie!” Mum laughed.
“I can’t believe I’m already loving the baby,mum you know how much i love babies” I said.
“Of course i do,you nearly made us adopted a baby”
I smiled.

“So have you accepted the baby?” She asked.
“Y..yes, I’ll make sure i take care of her till she gives birth” I said.
“That’s my boy” Mum hugged.
“I’m not a boy anymore cause I’m gonna be having a boy” I smiled.
“Hmm…you already think it’s gonna be a boy?”
“Of course…a cute boy” I grinned.

“Wow! I’m so glad you accepted the baby..now call Ellen” She’s said and i sigh.
“Do i have to? I can just talk to her in school tomorrow” I said.
“You think so?” She asked.
“Alright.. I’ll go call your dad now” She said.
I squeezed my face…”Dad is gonna scold me”
“You deserve some scolding” She said and walked away.

I sighed and walked to my room.

I laid on the bed.
How am i gonna break this news to Kelly, Laura and Mara.
Well…I’m just gonna do it.
I was thinking of dating Laura but it’s all ruined now,i need to stay with Ellen not for anything but the baby.

How’s the baby gonna look like?
A boy or girl?
Is he gonna have the same eyes as mine and then same hair as Ellen’s.
I smiled at the thought.
But damn! I still have to wait for nine months!
It’s worth waiting for my baby.

Wow! I feel so excited.
I picked my phone and started texting Ellen.

?Hey,how are you?” I texted and clicked on send.


I was about dropping my phone when it beeped.
She replied so soon.

?Is this message for me?

I smiled ?Yes and how’s my baby?

? Really!

?Yes I’m gonna take responsibility for the baby and I’ll support you till the child is born.

?OMG, Bryan are you serious?

? Of course i am.

?No! You might not be the one texting,I’m gonna call you now.

I smiled and waited for her call,it came in almost immediately.

?Hey Ellen,I’m the one texting you and I’m serious about taking responsibility for the baby..I’m the father and I’m gonna support you till you give birth. We both own the baby” I said.

?Wow..this is surprising but I’m so happy.. thanks so much Bryan, having you support me is gonna be great.

? Yeah, we’ll discuss better at school tomorrow.

?We are gonna tell our friends right?

?Yes will…are you feeling anything funny in your stomach?” I asked and she laughed.

?Not yet Bryan…but i think my stomach got rounder and Fuller.

? Really? You’re gonna show me at school tomorrow” I said trying to hide my happiness.

?Yes i will..I’m so happy,i need to go tell mum about this..bye Bryan.


I smiled as she disconnected the call.

Bryan you’re gonna be a father….


I yawned and stretched on the bed.
It’s morning.
I wiped my face with my palm and sat up on the bed.

I felt like sleeping more but i need to get up and prepare for school.
I smiled still excited at the thought of having a baby..I’m glad it isn’t a dream.

I got up from the bed and walked to the wardrobe,i brought out my school wears and underwear then laid it on the bed.
I reached for my towel and walked into the bathroom in my pajamas.


I walked out of the bathroom after finishing my morning routine,i dried my body as i made my way to the bed.

I quickly wore my underwear then my trouser,shirt and socks.
I selected another pair of black shoes…I’m bored of the first one.
I wore it and picked an hair comb,i stood in front of the mirror as i combed it.

I applied some hair oil and sighed in approvement of how i looked.
I don’t need body lotion,i gat a natural glowing skin and applying body lotion displeases me.

I threw my phone in my backpack and looked at the wall clock.

‚7 o’clock…good!

I picked my backpack and hung it on my shoulders before walking out of my room.


“Good morning Mum” I greeted when i got to the dining.
She was setting up my breakfast.
“How was your night?” She asked.
“Fine mum” i dropped my backpack on a chair and sat on the other.
I started eating.

I noticed mum stood there watching me.
She smiled and i returned the smile then continued eating.

“Where’s Kim?” I asked.
“In the kitchen”
“Okay” i said and gulped down my coffee before wiping my mouth with a napkin.
I stood up and grabbed my backpack.

“Bye Mum”
“So soon….”
“Yes mum,you know how much i love getting to school early.
“Okay..hurry, Bye and say hi to Ellen for me”
“Okay Mum” i said and hurried to the door.

I pulled it open and stepped out.
Rollins was already standing beside my car.
“Good morning Rollins” i greeted.
“Morning Bryan”
I opened the car door and got into the backseat.

I sat in the class after saying hi to Kelly, Laura and then Mara who didn’t respond as usual.
I stared on and waited for Ellen to come in.

I held myself from staring at Laura even though she kept looking at me at interval.

Ellen walked in and my eyes went straight to her stomach.

Still flat!

She walked to her seat saying hi to people,my eyes was on her stomach all this while till she got to the front of my desk.
“Hi” She grinned.
“Hey” I said.

She sat down and dropped her backpack, tucked her hair behind her ears and turned to look at me.
“How are you?” I asked.
“I’m fine and you?”
“I’m so good, how’s the baby?” I whispered to her.
“It’s not a baby yet but it’s good..i fe.”

Mrs Hampton came in and i felt like rushing to the front of the class to strangle her.



Ellen, Laura, Kelly and i sat round our table at the cafeteria,we stared at our meals then at Mara who was still ordering her lunch at the counter.
She was done and walked towards us but i know she’s gonna sit in her new table..

She always walk past us and go sit on another table.
I was surprised and at the same time happy when she stopped at our table.
She placed her tray of lunch on it and sat down.

I stared at Everyone and they looked surprised as i am.
Ellen screamed happily and hugged Mara on her seat.

Aw! She shouldn’t hurt the baby.

“M.. Mara” Kelly called.
“Yeah… please you all should forgive me,i know i acted crazy for the past two weeks” She said.
“I forgive you and I’ve missed you so much,just forget what i said then..my feelings is not yet over for you” Kelly said.
“I forgive you Mara,so good to have you back” Laura smiled.
“My bestie is back” I sang happily and she laughed.

“We forgive you” We chorused happy to have her again in our midst.
“Thanks everyone” She said.

We took turns to hug her,even though Kelly’s hug took forever,she had to pull away.
We all smiled.

“So cheers to our restored friendship” She asked and picked up two fries as toast, everyone also picked up whatever they ordered and we all clicked it together.
We laughed…

“Okay guys,Ellen and i have a good news” I said, feeling this is the best time to say this.
“Go on..I’m eager” Kelly said.

“Huh.. Ellen is three weeks pregnant for me” I said.

“What!!” They screamed.
I expected that but i didn’t expect Mara to fall out of her chair.

“Mara” I called but she already bursted into tears.


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