JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

(Love made her)?

Chapter 31

© Azeemah Salami?

(Zeemah writes?)

Liam’s POV

I sat in the living room smiling as i chatted with Reiya.

I’ve been meeting girls but Reiya’s case is exceptional.
I initially thought i love her because she’s relative to fallen angels but no!
I found out that i really love her not because of who she is or who she is related to.

I wanna be her boyfriend but she gat one silly ass? who doesn’t wanna let her be.
Am gonna ask her about it;

?Liam; I guess you like huge guys.

?Reiya; huh? Not really.

?I wish i was huge.


?So you will notice me.

?I wouldn’t have noticed you if i don’t want to.

? Really?

? Yeah…

?I was surprised to know that huge guy is your boyfriend..i mean he doesn’t befit you,you are not meant for someone like him.

?I think so too but i agreed to date him cause he was so sweet at first.

? Can’t you call off things with him?

?Why should i?

“Cause I’m here for you,why don’t you understand that!” I said aloud wishing i can text it to her.

? He hits you! He nearly killed me with that slap.

?Lol,he didn’t hit me. He only pushed me into the pool and he apologized thoroughly,i forgave him and we are back together.

?When will i ever get a chance ?


?Reiya,i love you and i badly want you to be mine.

?We can’t discuss that here, we will,once you drop in at Mexico.

? Really?

? Yeah.

Wow! Is she about to give me a chance?
I will be so glad.

? Okay..I’m gonna drop in next week.

?You still with that address i gave you?

? Of course…

*The door bell rang.

?BRB” i quickly texted before dropping my phone on the couch.

I stood up and walked to the door.
I opened it and was surprised to see Oona.

Damn! What’s she doing here?
I’ve broken up with her long ago.

“Oona what are you doing here?” I asked.
“Won’t you allow me in first?” She asked pushing her cleavage up.

I remembered i met her when i went to the grocery store,i got my things and was about leaving when she stopped me.
I was not surprised to see her ask me out.
That’s a normal routine for me.

I accepted and placed her on condition..”I don’t love! and i break up whenever i feel like.
She accepted and we got on with the relationship.
I sneak her into the house a lot of times like i do with the others.

I got tired of her and i called off things with her but she just wouldn’t leave.

I’ve called off things with all the girls I’m having a nice time with but Oona remained on my neck!
This girl wouldn’t just leave!

“Liam am still standing!” She said.
“I didn’t ask you to come” I said.
“Is that the reason you will leave me standing by the door?” She asked.

I’m glad mum isn’t home.

“Come in” I hesitantly said and paved way for her to come in.
She walked in and i noticed she was putting on a red mini gown with a low neckline,red heels and a black shoulder bag,she packed her black hair in a smooth ponytail and her lushed lips were covered in deep red lipstick.

She’s looking stunning but not as Reiya,there is something about Reiya that keep pulling me to her.
I’ve never felt anything for Oona or any other lady except Reiya.
What i have for Reiya is Love,what i have for others is lust!

I closed the door and walked to her.
She’s already seated on the couch.
I sat on a different couch to listened to what she has to say.

“Why are you here?” I asked.
“Liam, please don’t do this to me,i love you” she said.
“Oona i told you right from the start that i don’t love you! I told you I’ll break up anytime i want and you conceded to it” I said.

“Yeah i did but i love you,just tell me all i need to do” She said.
“You don’t need to do anything,I’m done with you! That was our agreement,you are beautiful and there are other guys who are willing to kill for you…just go for one of them” I said.

“I know but you are the one i want” she said.
“You want me but can’t get me..I’m so sorry Oona,I’m not interested anymore..not that we were in a relationship though…it’s just s*x” I blurted.
“I’m willing to give you more of the s*x,just don’t call off things with me..I really love you Liam and i want to be with you” She said.

“Oona…I’m starting to get fed up about all this. Can’t you just get this! I’m not interested anymore..I’m sorry” i said.
“Is there anyone else?” She asked and i nodded.
“I guess so,we are not in a relationship yet but very soon we will” I said.

“I’m gonna kill that freaking girl! If i set my eyes on her” Oona cried and got up on her feet.
“I understand but also go get a life,date a responsible being out there and you are gonna enjoy it” I said.

I stood up and drew her close to me when i noticed she has started sobbing.

“I’m sorry Oona,you just have to let it go..you don’t always get what you want” I said and stroked her.

I got the surprise of my life when she pushed me on the couch and got on top of me then began pulling down my shorts.

“Oona wait,are you…stop!” I yelled pushing her hands away.

I didn’t succeed in holding off her hands,she was more like a wild animal now.

?Solely written by Azeemah .S.?

She started pulling off her gown.

“Oona,get off me! I don’t want to hurt you” I said.
I pulled back her gown and my hand accidentally brushed her b**bs.
I groaned as i noticed i was starting to get hard.

I might end up doing something crazy if i didn’t push her away.
I finally succeeded in pushing her away.

I sighed when she landed on the floor.
I picked her up, then also picked her bag and shoes,she kept dragging my t-shirt, stretching to k!ss me as i carried her outside.

I opened the door and dropped her outside ,then dropping her bag and shoes beside her.

“Oona just leave! Okay?” I said.
“To hell with you” She spat and stood up.
She adjusted her gown,wore her shoes and picked her bag.
She loosened her ponytail and repacked it.

The next thing i heard was a loud bang on my cheek.

She slapped me!

I sighed and rubbed my cheek..i think my cheeks are made only for slaps and surprisingly the two slaps I’ve ever received is because of Reiya.

“Go to hell Liam! I’m gonna kill that fvcking b!tch! You are f*cking in love with!” She yelled.
“I’m sorry,i understand how you feel but I’m not at fault,we made an agreement from the beginning and you agreed to it!” I said.

“I don’t care! I’m leaving now but watch out for me” she said and turned to walk away.

I smiled and closed the door…I’ve received more dangerous threats than this.
We will have an agreement at the beginning but they just won’t wanna leave me.

I felt my stomach rumbled in hunger.
That cr@zy girl has drained me…I’m glad she’s outta my life.

I walked to the kitchen but didn’t feel like cooking,i opened the fridge and saw some biscuits and chocolate.
I would rather order pizza..
I picked a glass of wine wine with a glass cup then headed back to the living room.

I dropped the wine and glass on the table then rubbed my cheeks.
She looks soft but her palm is just like that monster’s.
I sat down and popped the wine open.
I poured a whole lot into the glass cup then gulped it down.

I picked my phone,i need to order the pizza now.

?Reiya; Hey! are you there?

I smiled and quickly replied..

? Yeah…i went to sort out some things.

? Oka-

*A call came in..
I thought I’ve called off things with her too.
I swiped it to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

?You sonofab!tch! you think you can dump me and go Scot free,I’m gonna hunt you” Sandra yelled into the phone.

? Don’t block off my ear with your immature yell okay!”

?I..im sorry Liam but please i want you back.

?After calling me a sonofab!tch?

I’m glad i never brought her to my house,we normally make use of the hotel.
She would have come ranting and i hope she doesn’t find out my residence soon.

Girls are so cr@zy!

?I’m sorry,my anger took the better part of me.

?Sandra! Don’t call me again,I’ve called off things with you!

?But i freaking want you back!!” She yelled almost blocking off my ears.

Where did i meet this girl!
Of course she asked me out herself.
I would never have asked a crazy dog out!

?Remember we had agreement at the start,why don’t you girls keep to agreements! I told you I’m not in for a relationship! I’m not ready for love! I will break up whenever i want and you agreed to it.. I only wanted your body, nothing else!

?I didn’t know when i fell in love with you! please Liam,i don’t want to lose you.

?I’m very sorry but i gotta click on you” I said and quickly disconnected the call.

Haaa!…she’s calling back again.

I just have to switch to airplane mode but i won’t be able to chat Reiya anymore.
I will make use of my second phone.
I quickly switched my phone to airplane mode before another crazy call comes in.

I’m fed up!
They keep calling each minute and would not allow one to rest..not that i asked them out myself.

I placed my phone on the couch and unplugged my second phone.

I have to order pizza first before continuing the chat with Reiya because i know once i continue chatting her,my brain would not think of anything else.

Reiya what have you done to me

Mara’s POV

“You mean; Ellen came to your house party?” I asked in disbelief.
Ellen was the one who said we shouldn’t attend Bryan’s party and we didn’t! So what the hell is going on?

“Yes,she attended my house party so during the truth and dare section,she dared me to date her for three months and that’s how all these came about” he said.


“S..she didn’t tell me … I wasn’t aware” I smiled.
Does that mean,i still have a chance with Bryan.
It’s three months already,it’s just remaining few weeks.

Is he waiting for the three months to be complete before asking me out?
Yes! Why didn’t i thought of that.

“She told me she already told you, that’s why i didn’t bother on telling you..I’m surprised you didn’t know all this while” he said.
“Huh…she tried to tell me but i didn’t want to listen” I lied.
“Yeah” I grinned.

“So what about what i discussed with you?” He asked.
“What?” I asked.
“About Kelly” he said and i had to stop myself from hissing.
“I’m not interested” i said firmly.
“Please Mara, Kelly is gonna be expecting a positive reply..he trusted me to talk to you” he said.

“Just tell him i don’t love him! I can’t date someone I’m not in love with.. that’s totally cr@zy” I said.
“It doesn’t matter, please just consider him” Bryan said.

“I’m going back to class” I said.
“What should i tell Kelly? He’s gonna be expecting something positive or close to it” he said.
“Okay…just tell him I’m gonna have a rethink about it” i said.
“You mean,you are gonna have a rethink about it?” Bryan asked with a smile surprising me.

“Hell no! I’m not having a rethink about anything,I just wanted you to tell him that cause you said he’ll be expecting a positive reply,so just tell him that…I don’t want him weeping his eyes out overnight” I said and turned to leave.

“But Mara,this is unfair” he said.
“Seriously! I don’t get you anymore Bryan.. do you expect me to get into a loveless relationship?” I said.
“You will get to love him later on, Kelly is a lovable person and you know it!” He said.

“Spare me that thrash” i said and walked away from the garden.

I smiled when i cornered to the direction of the classroom.

That’s gonna convince Bryan enough that i don’t love Kelly,then he’s gonna propose to me in few weeks!
I’m so happy.

I walked into the class and noticed everyone was back in their seats, including Ellen, Laura and of course Kelly who sat like he’s waiting for an examination result.

I walked to my desk and dropped on my seat.

I turned to Ellen…
“Ellen,you didn’t tell me you and Bryan are just dating for three months” I said.
“Yeah, remember we were not in talking terms then” She said and i nodded.
“That’s true so do you think after three months. Bryan is gonna confess his feelings to me?” I grinned.

“Yes he will” Ellen said.
“I can’t wait!” I said holding myself from jumping and screaming.

“Hey what’s up? You look so excited” Laura said.
“Just face your desk! You don’t have to know the reason she looks excited” Ellen yelled at her.
“Tch! You act so childish” Laura said and turned back to her desk.

I sighed as i looked at the both of them.
Why can’t they just get along? The three of us will make great friends..

Bryan walked into the classroom and attracted attention as usual.
He went to Kelly’s seat and whispered something in his ear.

Kelly smiled and looked at me..

Oh! What a fool,he fell for the ‘rethink’ of a thing.
Rethink! My foot!

Bryan walked back to his seat which is beside mine.
I smiled knowing he’ll be my boyfriend in weeks to come..
I’m not gonna let go of him.
I will make sure we get married and have beautiful kids.

That would be the best thing that will ever happen to me and I’m waiting.

We had three more subjects before school is over.
Everyone picked their backpack and began trooping out of the class.

I kept deciding who to walk with between Laura and Ellen cause they both stood waiting for me.
I sighed…”Let’s go girls”
I took their hands each, making me in the middle.

We walked to the parking lot and i can’t help but smile when they both cursed at each other..
Me being in the middle, everything was directed to me.

We got to the parking lot and waited for Bryan and Kelly to join us.

“Mara, don’t forget to collect your necklace” Laura said.
“Wow, thanks. I’ve totally forgotten” I said.
“I was about giving her,so you reminding her is just a waste” Ellen said to Laura.
I helped her unhook the necklace,i wore it back on my neck and sighed.

There’s this feeling that rush over me once i wear this necklace but i guess it’s normal.
I’m probably feeling the tension of wearing fallen angel neckline.

Bryan and Kelly walked into the parking lot and i must confess they both look like idols.
Breathtakingly handsome but Bryan is far handsome that Kelly.

They got to us.

“Bye everyone” Ellen said first,then pecked Bryan and waved at Kelly and i before walking over to her car.
She got in and her driver drove off.
“Bye guys” Laura said and pecked my cheeks,she held Kelly and Bryan’s hands and then walked to her car.

“Okay by–” Bryan was saying when i cut him off.
He’s about leaving me with this guy.

“I will leave first” i said and pecked Bryan.
It felt more good,i think it’s because I’m gonna belong to him soon.
I waved at Kelly who has that longing look in his eyes as i walked away.

He should just let me be!

“Hey Max” I greeted when i got into the car.
“How are you Mara?” He asked nicely.
“I’m fine Max” I said.

He turned on the ignition and drove out of tbr the school compound, speeding home.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as i walked into the living room and saw a family size pizza on the table, in front of Liam who was engrossed in his phone.

He looked up and smiled on seeing me.

“Hey Liam” i said and shifted closer to the pizza.


I noticed he has eaten some slices.
I bent to pick a slice but got spanked on the back of my palm.

“Ow!” I exclaimed and sent daggers at Liam.
“Go freshen up first before you dip your hand into it” He said.
“But I’m just gonna take a slice!” I half yelled.
“I know but just go freshen up first then you can eat as much as you want” he said.

“Whatever” I rolled my eyes still eyeing the pizza as i walked slowly to the stairs.

“I’m chatting with Reiya” Liam said.
“Really?” I said and walked back to him.
I was looking for an opportunity to take a slice of pizza before going to my room and here! It has present itself.

“Yeah” Liam said and i bent to look at his phone.
“Wow!” I exclaimed slowly taking my hand to the pizza.
Liam caught me and was about to slap my hand away but i had already grabbed a slice..no it’s two.

I laughed as i ran up the stairs, stuffing the pizza in my mouth.

“I shouldn’t have allowed you see the pizza” Liam called after me.
“Good for you” I shouted with a mouthful.

I smiled and opened the door to my room.
I walked in and finished chewing the pizza before dropping my backpack on the shelf..

I pulled off my shoes first then my pop sock,my shirt came third while my skirt came last.
I grabbed a towel and wrapped it round my body before hanging back my school wears on the rail.

I walked to the bathroom and hanged my towel on the rail,then pulled off my undies and added them to the laundry.

I stood under the shower and was about turning on the faucet when i saw i still had my necklace on.

Should i remove it so it won’t rust?
I showered with it yesterday and it didn’t show any sign of ‘rusting’
I’m not gonna remove it,i want to see how it’s gonna shone after i finish bathing just like yesterday.

“Wow!” I exclaimed when i saw the necklace shone brightly.
I just finished bathing and was about picking my towel when a light shone into my eyes.
I looked down and noticed it was coming from my necklace..

It shone yesterday after i finished bathing with it and it shone today too,that means I’m never gonna be taking it off..

Thanks fallen angels…

I picked my towel, wrapped it round my body and walked back to my room.

I was done putting on my pink sweatshirt and white pants.
I stood in front of the mirror and repacked my pontsplait.


I bent over my shoe rack and selected a pair of pink flip flop.

I slide my feet into it, picked my phone from my backpack and walked out of my room.
I closed the door descended the stairs to the living room.

I sat beside Liam and poured some wine in the glass cup.
I drank a little before reaching for the pizza.

I picked three slices together and started eating.
I noticed Liam was engrossed in his chat and wasn’t paying attention to me.
i can’t just sit, eating pizza and staring into space.

I stood up and selected one of the US drama Laura brought for me.
I inserted it into the DVD player, turned on the TV and went to sit waiting for it to load.

I gulped down some wine and picked another two slices of pizza.
I started eating it and then placed my legs on the footstool.
I took the remote control and pressed ‘play’

It started playing…

Ellen’s POV

I sat on the bed eating burger with my phone on my laps.
Im watching a comedy skit on Instagram.

It wasn’t funny so i scrolled up to see other updates.

A message came in…


To hell I’m replying that!
The guy is so ugly!!!

I left the message section and continued scrolling up.
I picked my glass cup of juice and gulped down enough before picking my burger.
I bit into it and continued checking updates.

I suddenly felt Quilah presence,i raised up my head and saw her leaning beside my dressing table.

?Solely written by Azeemah .S.?

‘What again?’

“What again right?” She asked.
“Yeah,what again? I guess you saw that i collected the necklace from Mara so what else?” She asked.
“You haven’t completed your task cause i wasn’t able to get access to her” She said surprising me a bit.

“Really? But i took the necklace from her” i said.
“Yeah but she was close to someone that has that necklace on so i wasn’t able to access her”
Which other person has the necklace on.

“That’s Bryan,i remembered they both went to the garden together… Wow! So he actually protected her with his own necklace” i said.
“Yes he did,you have another task to complete for me” She said.
“Quilah, seriously I’m fed up of these tasks you keep asking me to complete…when will all this stop?” I asked.

“Not anytime soon” She said.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah so the second task is to make sure Bryan Shaw doesn’t wear that necklace to school tomorrow,then you will also collect Tamara Weston’s tomorrow” She said already pissing me off.

“I’m not doing that! Would i just call Bryan and tell him not to wear the necklace he cherishes so much to school…what reason will i give him. Quilah this is totally cr@zy!” I said.

“I don’t care how you’ll go about it,just make sure they are both not with their necklaces tomorrow…this is taking forever,i have to access Tamara Weston before Kimptuhd” She said.
“What’s Kimptuhd?” I asked curiously.
“You are not entitled to know that” She said.
“I really want to know the meaning” i said.
“Are you starting to get inquisitive now!” She half yelled.
“No no..” I quickly replied.

“So will you carry out the task or not?” Quilah asked.
“I will be able to get Mara’s necklace from her tomorrow cause she’s a bit dumb but Bryan,how will i tell him not to wear his necklace to school” I said thinking of a way but none came.

“I don’t care how you are gonna do it,all i want is for the task to be done. If you don’t do it,i guess you know the price” She laughed and disappeared.

I sighed and picked up my phone.
I logged out of my Instagram page and scrolled through my call logs.
I clicked on Bryan’s contact and placed it on speaker as it began ringing.

I thought of how to tell him not to wear his necklace to school tomorrow…

?Hey babe” His voice broke through my thoughts.

?Hi Bryan,how are you?

?I’m fine.

?Uh…do you wear your necklace to school all the time?

? Of course,why are you asking?

?Uhm…cause i don’t want you to wear it to school tomorrow.


?I just don’t want you to wear it, remember you promised me to do whatever i want for me.

?I did! But there must be a reason you said i should not wear my necklace to school tomorrow..you never noticed the necklace so how come you are suddenly saying i shouldn’t wear it?

?I just don’t feel like seeing it on your neck tomorrow” I said at loss for words.

He laughed ?Are you okay?

?Yes i am,just don’t wear it tomorrow..you promised you will do anything i ask.

? Yeah but I’m sorry i can’t do this,ask for another thing.

?I don’t want another thing apart fr–

?It’s impossible Ellen…Bye!

? Bryan.. Bryan.

He has disconnected the call..
I breathed out and got up from the bed.

I’m going to his house, that’s an opportunity for me to carry out my second plan.

Three months is almost over and i can’t lose on both end.

I grabbed a yellow jacket and wore it over my white armless jumpsuit.
I selected a yellow slippers and dropped my phone inside the jacket pocket.

I sat on the dressing stool and applied a little make up.

I stood up and opened the drawer,then brought out the sedative I’ve been keeping for today.

Three months is a long period of time and i can’t allow it go to waste without achieving a thing.

I held it tightly and wrapped it in a nylon before putting it in my pocket.

I took a last glance at the mirror and sighed before walking out of my room.


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