Chapter 71


“I will be true with you, I won’t be false with my emotion.” ”You can assume am not your sort of guy but, just a chance and you will see how much I do love you,” He said

She remained awkwardly speechless without any words coming to her mouth. Another chance!? His girlfriend!? Fake relationship!?

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“Are you still doubting if you should?” Dean after some time of being quiet asked.

“This is a better way out Amelia, you won’t feel burdened, I just need a chance to change your mindset about me, if I don’t make you fall Inlove with me again within a month, you are free to stay away from me forever,”

“You might have lost your faith in me, and to show you that I don’t love Flora anymore, I need you to agree on this with me, “Dean pestered her further

“What sort of things are attached to the fake relationship? Am I also going to be faking it?” After he finished speaking she asked.

“Don’t fake anything, I won’t fake all I will do too, I just want you to see it as a temporary relationship, it will move forward if we both feel the same way after everything, but no secrets along the way,”

“No one except Mina is chanced to know about this, everyone who sees us would conclude us dating, that’s the mindset I want us to create in everyone’s mind,”

”I want everyone to see you as my girlfriend also, know that during the one month if I am to visit anywhere with my suppose girlfriend, Amelia you will be going with me,”

“You won’t hide what you feel towards me and you will express your feelings overtime. If all you want is trust, I am ready to create the one you will cherish and appreciate forever because you being mine is a great thing to cherish.” Dean gently explained


“Keep no secrets during our relationship and when I am due for your Forgiveness, please forgive me, and let’s be together forever because I can’t wait for you to mine till forever…,” He eventually finished speaking.

One of her hands lifted to her chest to feel the rate of beats in there as her heart raced because of Dean’s last words. Is she ready for this? Does she want to have a lover in her life just yet?

Will giving Dean another chance helps to clear all her doubts about him? Does she still feel love towards him? Probably giving this a trial won’t be a bad thing to do.

After all, she has wanted to feel what the feeling of love is like, a new beginning to the journey of love! What does it feels like having the one you love around you?
Firstly hesitant before gawking at him briefly, while directing her head to the other side of the room to avoid his eyes meeting with hers before nodding her head nervously.

He smiled in excitement, joyfully ruffling his hair in gladness then he looked around the room before staring back at her.

“You are going to be my girlfriend? You will be my girlfriend?” Dean exclaimed while she shyly nodded her head.
”Jeez!! You are giving me a chance? You want to give us a chance?”He asked once again to be sure.

“I’m giving us a chance, if it doesn’t work then we will stay apart,” She eventually looked at him.

“We can’t stay apart, “Dean declined then he quickly raised his palm to her cheeks,

”I won’t allow us to stay apart, do you know how much I want you? I love you, Amelia, I don’t know how it happened but I do love you,” He stated before rubbing her cheeks lightly.

“Until recent, I have always thought I love Flora not realizing how far I have grown to love you, when I kssed you it wasn’t just a strange force, it was the feeling of love in me that made me do it.” He shared

“When I asked myself then, I refused the reply my heart has always given me, I should have known better, probably all what happened was a way of realizing my emotion,” Dean discussed

Amelia’s cheeks turned red as she stared into his eyes,
“He’s the Young Heir but, he is asking her to be his, many ladies would die for him to do this!” If Dean truly loves her, how fortunate is she among all other girls!?

Until now she has always assumed Flora to be the luckiest girl on Earth, he loved her when she was alive and even when she was no more. What sort of luck could anyone have asked for? Dean pleading for her to be his girlfriend!!

In secret she would congratulate herself for being his friend, Tiana was jealous because he choose to be closer to her, everything Tiana wants was for Dean to belong to her. How will the news meet Tiana? Will Mina be happy with her decision? What will be the girlfriend of the Almighty Dean feels like?

“Do you also want me?” Dean asked after playfully stealing a kss from her lips, she glared playfully at him before saying; “No, I don’t want you,”

“Don’t say that… You want me, I can see that in your eyes, “Dean teased.

She closed her eyes instantly then open them widely to glare at him,

“Nothing shows in my eyes,” She joked while grinning so hard that her jaw started aching slightly.

“I’m the only one who can see it, those eyes are hungrily staring at me presently, “Dean told to her

“That must be a joke, I’m not staring at you,” She declined then detached his palm from her cheeks.

Giving him no chance to speak before returning to her books.

Purposely flipping the pages over before Dean grabbed hold of her hand,

“How can you study with me over here girlfriend? Ain’t we supposed to be doing something special like kssing? Or smooching?” Dean said after which he got a hi t on his shoulder.

“Ouch… That was painful, I only wanted to have a special moment with my girlfriend,” he muttered painfully as a kid will.

“Must that be mentioned? What if someone comes in?” Amelia snapped at him.

“Then I will tell them we are dating, only us know our relationship is temporary, I will show to everyone that we are permanently dating,” Dean replied

“Gosh!! This is weird! How am I going to do this?” Amelia exclaimed then rubbed her cheeks nervously.

“Just keep reminding yourself that we are dating and you are my girlfriend, I am free to steal ksses from you and, I can hold you whenever I want,” Dean lectured which only made her nervousness worse.

“What if I do this then? Will that make you feel weird too?” Dean asked then instantly drew her closer till her head and chest were resting on his broad chest.

“Dean!!” Amelia exclaimed where she tried to stand but his grip was too tight.

“Stay still… I missed hugging you tightly, I don’t know how I survived when you were away from me,” Dean whispered into her ear.

“If no one is ready to hold you then I will, tell Mina that I am sorry for disappointing her, I won’t let go anymore because I LOVE YOU AMELIA and I have come to stay,” Dean added before tightening his grip around her, followed by a deep kiss on her forehead.

“I must have missed a lot for not being there!! Dean kssed you?” Mina yelled out and Amelia had to stare around to realize not everyone’s attention was on them before dragging Mina back to the sofa.

“Why were you yelling? Do you want the pupil to find out?” Amelia offensively snapped

“Won’t they know soon? I can’t believe Dean eventually realized his mistake and Tiana, her heart will stop be.ating anytime because I will share the bad news to her myself, Brad should have himself hanged too, everything doesn’t work out well for him,” Mina boasted non-stop

“I’m still thinking of how to seek my revenge on her, how dangerous her heart is even with that innocent face!”
Amelia after gawking at Tiana who connected headphones to her ear while relaxing her head on the locker told to Mina.

“Such a pest! You snatched Dean so… What were you expecting? I only wished I can rip her head off now!” Mina also glared at Tiana then replied said

“Where’s Dean? Why did you come back alone?”
“I told him to wait in there for me, I couldn’t wait to tell you everything and…” She paused while speaking

“What were you about to say?” Mina requested
“He was acting mischievous, I couldn’t take it so I left,” Amelia shyly shared.

“How am I supposed to take care of my adult baby!?” Mina rubbed her head furiously
“You aren’t single anymore, you have a boyfriend now so what were you expecting? To just sit together and be looking at his forehead? Or to count the number of hair on his head?” Mina stated sarcastically

“Also, why fake relationship? You’ve always loved Dean, I was only doubting him not you, so why the fake relationship?” She asked

“You rant so much that I am scared you will become a parrot soon, I don’t love Dean,” Amelia snapped

“So you were just sobbing then when he wasn’t speaking with you? How daft is your brain?” Mina questioned in irritation

“Daft to the extent that your dumb brain can’t withstand the capacity,” She fired back

“I should lecture you often before you make Dean get tired of you, how boring of a girlfriend you are!” Mina spat out

“Coming from someone who doesn’t have a boyfriend, now I can recollect what I saw. What were you discussing with Alfred earlier?” Amelia gibbered

“He came to negotiate about my bride prize, I also told him I would break your jaw with my bare fingers so he’s booking a hospital bed in advance for you,” Mina replied

“Act like a good girl for once Mina, I’m too stressed out for this,” She pleaded tiredly
“Was it because of the kiss on the lips?” She tested and then winked at her.

” Are you making fun of me now?”Amelia coed
“Stop being ridiculous and tell me what I asked, I’m losing my patience”

“No one asked you to exhaust it in the first place, He asked about how I am doing which I find awkward, also demanded that we should have breakfast together by tomorrow,” She told to her

“So a courtship is taking place and I have no idea about it, he asked that?” Amelia exclaimed

“What courtship is that? Do you want to die?” Mina threatened with her knuckles fisted together childishly.

“Such a pest!!” Amelia mumbled before setting her eyes on Dean that was entering the classroom.

His sight was nothing to behold, his dark brown hair shining on his head, with his steady steps on the ground, definitely, his entering has taken the attention of everyone in the room.

Tiana’s eyes laid on him and her throat went dry instantly, what are demons like? Dean’s charming sight is that of a demon presently. He’s very handsome!!

“Somebody’s boyfriend is here, I should hurry to my place before he comes, “Mina announced after she sighted Dean too then ran off before Amelia could say a word.

She lazily shifted her eyes away from Mina’s nuisance to see Dean standing beside her Instead of sitting, he relaxed his body on the locker then he returned his eyes to her face.

Gulping down the watery liquid in her mouth before staring up to see him staring deeply into her eyes with a grin boldly showing on his face.
His hand left his trouser’s pocket after which it was wrapped around her neck, gasps could be heard from everyone present.

Even Tiana flinched in her seat when she saw that, gritting her teeth in anger before rubbing her head just to calm her nerve.

Mina continued smiling sheepishly where she was with a hint of sarcasm in her eyes that looked towards Tiana.

It came by surprise to Amelia as Dean leaned forever till their forehead was almost meeting, “I thought you would come back soon, did you use that excuse to elope from me girlfriend?” He asked then a light smirk escaped the corner of his mouth.

Amelia’s body trembled due to his hand that was around her neck, what is he doing in the presence of everyone?

“I was tired of waiting, so I came to check on my breathtaking girlfriend because I missed your presence, tell me did you also miss me?”Dean whispered to her ear then let out a cold breath as well.

“Everyone is looking at us Dean, what are you doing? You are creating a scene,” Amelia managed to say despite her dry throat.

“I’m speaking with my girlfriend, let them watch, I also want Tiana to see this,” Dean answered then kssed the space on her forehead that was close to his mouth.

Amelia closed her eyes nervously then opened them to catch him staring down at her lips, oh h’ll!! What is he about to do?

“My hands ain’t staying in one place because of you, why are you shivering girlfriend? Are you reacting to my touch so soon?” Dean teased but before she could reply, he took her lips into his mouth without notifying her, her eyes widened in shock then followed by loud gasps from the students present in the room.

Mina exclaimed then covered her mouth unbelievably, “Dean is kssing Amelia in front of everyone!”

“I LOVE YOU MINE,” Dean whispered after breaking the kss as Amelia just remained silent like a statue, her eyes scared of looking around to meet with anyone present’s eyes.

“Oh Dean what did you do??” She thought nervously to herself.


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