By Temi Akintade

Part 1

The only other time that I told a lie was when my father told me to tell the visitors that he was not around.

And even when I told him that I could not tell a lie, he sma¢ked me on the head and told me that, it was a white lie because the visitors were bad people who would disturb him and he needed his rest.

So I grew with the concept that lies were divided into two. There was the white lie and the black lie.

THE CHAT ROOM : PART 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

The only other time I told a white lie was when my mother caught me rubbing auntie Ejiro’s lipstick on my black lips and that was because my friend Bose from senior secondary school, told me that I wouldn’t look beautiful without it.

And I didn’t want to be called a plain girl like they called girls who had no big breasts or big buttocks.

All I had to show was my slender body and my intelligence. Asides from that, I had nothing more.

Once I persuaded my mother to get me a foam bra because I needed to feel among. All my friends had perky bre..asts but I had a very flat chest which was not encouraging because no boy would want to speak to me, unlike my other friends.

But I became grateful when my father who was a medical doctor, got me a Nokia phone for my 16th years birthday.

My mother had complained terribly about it but my father had told her to let me be because I was going to the university soon and I would need a big phone.

Officially, I joined the big girls club, and going to church with my pious parents, became less boring for me.

My friend Bose, helped me to open a Facebook account and changed my name to prettykween instead of my birth name, Paulina. She then advised me to take nice pictures when I go to church on Sunday.

I did. I finally took some nice pictures when I dressed in my last Christmas cloth.

A short blue dress and I had my hair styled by auntie Ejiro my mother’s younger sister who was staying with us until she gets a job.

It was that same day, that I posted my picture on Facebook, that I got a message in my inbox. It said;

‘Hello, beauty? My heart stopped beating when I saw your picture. You are beautiful can we be friends?’

I giggled and stared at his profile. His name was Tayo, and he was a university student but I wasn’t sure of his level yet. I screamed for joy almost immediately when I saw his picture.

He was a tall handsome boy and I knew instantly that I loved him because Bose told me that if my stomach somersaults, that means that, the live butterflies were working.

I was in love!


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