L. O. V. E More Than Four Letters: Episode 31-The End

?? L. O. V. E ??

???(More than four letters_ Silverado high school)???

? Chapter thirty one ?


? Tamara ?
Three weeks later

It’s been three weeks now, three good weeks Tessa has been locked up in jail and we aren’t allowed to see her, I stayed with her dad although cos he’s always crying, even me, I’ve grown weak and thin as a result of depression

She’s the only friend I’ve got and my only companion at that, all these just happened like a flash

Even Olly, we aren’t allowed to see him in the hospital, though he’s in coma but we should still see his face right?, But chairman ordered guards to always guard his ward to prevent anyone from entering except Julian, Nora, himself or Mrs Yvonne

The GOLDS and BBS are really trying their best to do something but it seems all hope is lost, no one is ready to help at the mention of chairman

“I talked to my dad about it for the uptenth time today Maybe he can talk to chairman but he said he doesn’t want to get involved in any case concerning the chairman” Berry said as we got to their private clubhouse today

” I talked to my dad too but he said the same thing” Sona said sadly

“my mum said anywhere Julian is, she’s not ready to get involved, isn’t this trashy?, Why do we seem so helpless and vulnerable?, Why is chairman everywhere?, We aren’t allowed to see Tessa in jail not see Olly’s face and no one is willing to help” Garett complained

“even chairwoman, she has no power over this, not to talk of we, isn’t this too harsh? ”

” We shouldn’t ramble like this, let’s help my friend” I said pitifully

” First thing tomorrow morning, we’re going to the station, we must be allowed to see Tessa even if it means destroying the whole station” Sam said

? Yvonne ?

“Olly… My son, my investment, my most precious jewel, you can’t be like this right now, your loved one is suffering greatly and these tribulations are too much for her to bear, she’s locked up for a crime she didn’t commit and you’re here in coma, Olly you have to wake up!!!!, Your dad is doing horrible things to her!, I can’t even do anything!!, Nora and Julian are making life hell!!!, Olly you can’t lay down like this!!!!, Olly chebal irona!!! (Olly please wake up!!!)

I lamented loudly and held unto him as I hit his chest

Some doctors came and took me out

I sat at the reception and almost cried my eyes out

“Why is my life stinking?, Why is Alec doing this to me!!!

I drove home amidst heavy thoughts and brooding

I met total serenity when I got home and it’s so unusual

I entered the living room and met shock, three masked men

One is seated on the sofa with a gun in his hand , one is standing with a gun too, the third one is holding Nicky hostage and a knife to her neck

“Who are you guys!, What are you doing here?, How did you get in???, Please leave my daughter Alone!

“Mrs chairwoman, is there any security settings we can’t have into?, let of NYO conglomerates and we’ll let go of your daughter” he replied, moving the knife closer to Nicky’s throat, Nicky is crying fearfully and I can’t stand this

“Alec sent you guys right?, I know he’s the one behind all these, NYO is my own share of the company and there’s no way I’m signing over!, Leave my daughter Alone!”

” Seems you don’t love her enough, say your last goodbyes to her” he said and made to slice her throat

” Ande!!!! (No!!!), I’ll sign it, please don’t kill my daughter, please don’t hurt her” I pleaded

” Spicy, follow her upstairs and take the documents” he ordered the one standing and he followed me upstairs to my room, I took the documents from the briefcase and suddenly sighted the flower vase on the bedstand

I quickly grabbed it and made to scatter the ba$tard’s head with it but I think he’s faster than I am, he held my hand and hit me with his elbow

I fell down in pain

“You ba$tard!!!!” I yelled

He forced the pen into my hand and I signed them over with Alec’s name… Nicky’s life is more important that anything, Olly is in coma, I can’t lose Nicky too

This ba$tard Alec won’t even mind killing his own daughter

He left after taking my signature and I layed on the ground in pain

Nicky rushed in


“Nicky are you ok?” I asked as I tried to stand up

” I’m ok mummy but what about you?”

“I’m fine”

“Did you sign the documents?”

“I did dear, I’ll rather sign it than to allow them touch even your smallest finger” I replied and hugged her, tears rolling down my eyes

“But it’s yours” she said

“I know but these people are evil, I’m sure Alec sent them”

” Dad again?, Shouldn’t we send him to jail?”

“you see, your dad has great connections with the cops, even if we report him, the bribed cops won’t do anything”

“this is injustice mother, brutal injustice!, And that man is not my father anymore from now on”

” Nicky…

“And I want to be a judge in future, a justice champion, I want to alleviate injustice” she said in tears and ran out

Now that I’m left with nothing except the money in my account, I have to plan something with the GOLDS

? Chairman Alec ?

“Here comes the new chairwoman of NYO and Silverado” the guards announced as Julian came out in all her glory and cut the ribbon

“Thanks hubby” she said and hugged me

“Congrats” Nora said and hugged her

I’m so glad to have those two

All the workers including Robert were fired, we’ll take new ones most definitely

We were walking out of the company when Yvonne suddenly showed up

“And what are you doing here?”

“Alec, I came to sympathize with you and your two she-goats” she replied, staring at us like we don’t exist

“is it painful that I’m now the new chairwoman?” Julian asked

“I think she must have really been sad about it” Nora giggled

“Bunch of idi©ts, taking this From me is the beginning of your grievances, and do you know what your punishments are?, Greed!, You’ll always be greedy, no matter how much you have, you’ll always feel like you have nothing and thirst for more till you’ll die in the power chasing escapade” she said sternly

” For coming here to say this arrant nonsense, you’re forbidden from seeing Olly’s face again” I said

” Boragu!( What!)”

” You heard me right, you can’t come to the hospital again, good luck” I said and entered my car with Julian while Nora took her car as we drove off and left her astounded

? Nora ?
Evening of the same day

“So what’s the next move?” Jerome asked as we both dressed up after having fun

“I’ll tell chairman to let me have Tessa, I really want to be the one to do one nasty thing to her” I replied, a smile playing at the corner of my lips

“What nasty thing?” He asked

“Chill, you’ll behold it” I replied and sighed as I picked my phone to call chairman

?? Hi chairman

?? Daughter in-law

?? Can I ask a favor?

?? Go ahead

?? Can I take Tessa hostage instead?, I really want to teach her some lessons

?? Great idea, you should teach her some manners

?? I know right?

?? I’ll inform the cops about it, you’re free to go get her anytime, they’ll just tell everyone she escaped and her pictures will be pasted as “wanted” for camouflage

?? Sure

I hanged up and faced Jerome

“Let’s go get her”

“It’s 6:57pm already, it’s getting dark”

” Even better, no one will see us while taking her here”

? Loretta ?

” What do you mean by Tessa escaped?, How come?” Mrs Yvonne demanded this morning as we got to the station and we’re told Tessa escaped, how the h.ell???

“She knows no one here except us, how can you say she escaped when it’s not true?” I asked.

” Young lady, are you doubting us now?”

” Of course I am, since you took her here last three weeks, you forbade anyone from seeing her and now she suddenly disappeared and you’re saying she escaped?, Unbelievable!” I spat angrily

“when you’re fed up with rambling, you guys will get out”

” Oh shut up! ” Sam yelled and wanted to slap him but Dino held him back

” Don’t pour more petrol on the burning furnace”

“I don’t care, they should bring Tessa out!”

” Bring out my friend!” Tamara said

“she’s not here, you guys have to believe us that she escaped last night and we’ve pasted her wanted pictures around”


We all went back home to Mrs Yvonne’s house sadly

” Guys, who else thinks there’s more to this?” Sam asked and we all raised up our hands

” Good, I personally believe they’re hiding her somewhere else, we should find her as quickly as possible before things get out of hand” Dino said

“but how?” Loretta asked

” The tracker, you guys remember Olly put a tracker in those earrings, he connected it to his laptop at his mansion, we just need to get the laptop and we’ll know where she is” Garrett replied

“but what if she’s not wearing the earrings?” Berry asked

” She’s wearing it, that’s what she wore to the party before she got arrested” Tamara answered

” Let’s go get it” Sam said to Teddy and they both left to get the laptop

Mrs Yvonne sighed heavily

She isn’t even allowed to see her son again?, This is pure wickedness

?Tessa ?

I woke up this morning and found myself in a different room from the jail, where am I?”

Why did I sleep so much that I didn’t know when I was transported?

My food must have been sedated

I looked around and became scared, who am I with?

Who took me here

The door bursted open and she came in in all her wickedness, Nora!, with a guy beside her


” Yes dummy, you’re with me according to the chairman’s order”

” So you had all these planned with the chairman,why are you doing this to me wae?!!”

” Hush….the stupid chairman knows nothing about the shooting of Olly, you’re the one who is supposed to be shot but this pretty boy here missed his target and also, Olly intensionally blocked you”

“So it’s like that, what about the fingerprint scan?”

” You’re so dumb Tessa, the hospital belongs to my godfather so he helped me fabricate it, and Don’t bother to ask about Aaron cos it’s exactly what you’re thinking, I bribed him… hugely” she replied and grinned satisfactorily

“Nora you’re a devil!, Why are you doing this!”

“I want properties, I want money too. I might be rich but I want more, get that?”

“bitch!!!!” I yelled and started crying again

I stood up to hit her but the guy punched me and i fell back

“Oh, I see you’re making good use of your eyes, but unfortunately, this will be the last time you’ll be seeing with them” she said

” What do you mean by that?”

The guy gave her a white container like an eye drop

And on it was written “LEAD”


“I’m glad you can still read, such a cute memory you’ve got, you’re a science student and I know you’re aware of how badly Lead can affect the eyes”

” No….no..you can’t do that”

” But of course, I’ll make you go blind, there’s no way you’ll be regaining your sight again unless if you see a donor and go for a eyes transplant but that won’t be possible cos I’ll also be the one to kill you” she said and opened it

” Nora please you can’t do this,I still want to see, you can’t…

The guy held me so tight and Nora forced my eyes to open as she poured it into my two eyeballs

I cried out in pure agony as it made contact with my eyes

I instantly can’t see anything anymore

I rubbed my eyes badly but I can’t see

“Rub all you want, you’re blind now Tessa” she said and I can hear their footsteps as they left and the door sound as they shut the door

I searched the ground with my hands as I cried bitterly

“Why is this happening to me….why am I passion through this…. this is too much God wae!, Don’t look me on….I’m helpless and now blind, I want to see at least….I want to see!! Olly Please wake up and help me!…..I want to see please!…I can’t be blind!!!!!!!!!

? Mrs Yvonne ?

“Calm down Robert, your daughter will be fine, once the laptop is here and the tracker shows us where she is, we’ll find a way to get her”

“Yvonne please, help my daughter, she’s too fragile for all these”

“chill Robert, just calm down”


Teddy and Sam later came with the laptop and when we checked, the red light is in gobongsan street

“Check the address” I said


The address was checked and it turned out to be Jung Nora’s house!


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