MADE TO LOVE: Chapter 1 – The End

Made To Love

Authoress Isabel

A typical Nigerian setting

? Chapter 1 ?




“Come down girls”

I turned over and over again on my bed as I used the pillows to guide my ears from my mum’s voice.

She screams a lot. I’m sure if there’s a competition among the states in Nigeria for screaming,mum would probably represent Lagos and come first.

I shifted as I faced the wall clock. 6:25am
I felt like sleeping more but the fear of getting late and getting on the bad side of my boss won’t let me.

I stared at the pink curtains as I yawned. Even after waking up, I still let my whole body and soul boot up all together.

I finally got up from the bed as I wore my rabbit lookalike slippers and dragged myself into the bathroom.

I picked my brush and I slapped the tooth cleaner against the brush and immediately got to work with my teeth.

I walked out of the bathroom as I almost freeze. It was the harmattan season and even an ordinary drop of water could make you shank.

I dragged myself downstairs still in my pyjamas as I sighted Tracy also coming out of her room

She eyed me as she walked past me towards the dining table hissing. She has also hated me though I don’t know why ?.

“What took you so long?”
Mum asked as we both sat down.

“Don’t you know your daughter? She could spend the whole day sleeping!!” Duh!!”
Tracy said as I couldn’t stomach what she said

“Tracy I don’t have your time this early morning so stay on your lane!!”
I shouted pointing a fork towards her as mum slapped my hand

“Respect your sister! Must you shout at her?”
Mum asked eying me

“And must she always be rude? Tell her to respect herself first! Respect is reciprocal”
I fired out my response back
I’m not in for shits!

“Pot calling kettle black!”
She hissed as I faced mum while she only winked her eye

I hissed also as I opened the plates.
The aroma of boiled yam and fried egg hit my nostrils.

The aroma alone made my stomach happy. I picked a fork for start work on the meal when mum shouted

“Don’t tell me you haven’t taken your bath yet”
She asked arms akimbo

“I’ll do that after eating”
I tried raising the fork as she stopped me

“I won’t allow that!”
I dropped the fork in anger

“Mummy now”
I pleadingly held her hands

“Take your bath first! Smelly girl”
Tracy fired

Ever since mum has been talking, I’ve been praying silently for Tracy not to talk because the moment she opens her mouth, she’ll likely spit out nonsense

“As if I knew you’ll say rubbish! Stay away from my matters”
I angrily stood up

She removed her tongue out

“Instead of you to go get married, you’re here behaving like a kiddo”
I rushed my way upstairs but I still overheard her and mum shouting together

“Anna be careful”

I closed my door as I rushed into the bathroom
Oh Lord!
I forgot to heat water up.

I’ll have use this water like that but I pray I don’t freeze like a fish!

I screamed immediately the water touched my body.


I picked up my black short gown as I wore it,the zipped up.
Since my boss hates me wearing long dresses, I stick to shorts one but very short

I packed my hair up using a bow. I have a long hair and people find it hard to believe it’s actually my real hair

I wore my heels and did a slight makeup as I checked myself out in the mirror.
Looking good!

My figure seems very perfect ??
Men pour out saliva just from staring at me.
That shape that looked very great!

I hurried downstairs as I didn’t wanna get to the office late!
I ended up taking just a slice of yam and dashed out of the house.

That’s my daily day life…

? ? ? ? ?
I walked into our sectional office as Rose rushed at me.

“Good morning Anna,he’s around already”
She rushed holding me

“Will you let me get in first ?”

Rose was just like my assistant but very young and beautiful.

“He looks hot today”
She has always been commenting on The b@stard.
He’s hot and handsome

I can’t deny that fact!

I haven’t introduced the b@stard yet!
He’s my boss but we only gave him the nickname “the b@stard” because he behaves like one

His name is Davison Ethan
He’s so hot and almost all girls trip for him
Same as Rose

But unfortunately, he’s my worst nightmare.
He hates me like no other!
He frustrates my life and his presence makes me sick

“He’s around already?”
I asked her

“Yeah, give this to him”
She passed a file to me as she collected my bag
We share the same office together

I adjusted my dress as I pressed my lips together.
I knocked before entering into the lion’s den

“Good morning”
I bowed slightly quite different from other days

He didn’t respond as he kept ignoring me

“This is the file you asked me to work on yesterday”
I dropped the file as I he angrily shifted it off
Oh jeez!

I stare at him angrily

“You came late”
He said as his voice sounded harsh
That voice I hated to hear

Oh jeez!
Why’s he behaving strangely to me

He’s just a strange boss!!!

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