THE SCENT: Episode 1 – 10






“Ouuuuuuch” I cried out before going out to vomit whatever is in my belly that needs to come outta there.

“Hmmmm” I felt relieved now. Indigestion!

Indigestion has became a part of me. And vomiting has became a routine I must perform each time I take a meal. I think the day I would stop having indigestion, would be the day I stop eating junks and go for a better and nice meal.
But when???

I don’t think I will ever have the chance in this lifetime. Maybe in my next life then.

Going inside, I grabbed my polythene bag. The only thing I could call mine. Inside it, I kept my scattered tip tooth brush, and the other tattered cloth I had to exchange this am putting on.

Oh that’s him.

I turned back when I heard his whistle.

“Lia!” He exclaimed when he got to where I was standing.

“Good morning Lia” he greeted while smiling.

” Morning ” I replied simply.

Alex is a friend. A beggar also.
He knew me to be a Little talker. Sometimes, I wonder how he manage to smile. I mean a person living this kind of life shouldn’t be seen smiling. What’s there to smile about??

“So you slept here hun?”

“Yes. You?” I asked

” I slept at the transport route”

One thing have known about him was that any where the night met him, he sleeps. But nevertheless, he would always find me the next morning no matter where I slept.
Is he a wizard?? I don’t think! It must be one of the beggars insight.

“You have been sleeping here lately. why?”
“Ain’t you scared? I mean only you sleeping here?”He asked. Concern showing in his voice.

” Peace”


“Yes peace” I replied sincerely.

I was roaming about inside this bush looking for fruit when I saw this deserted small hut here. I decided to check inside but to my surprise I found no one. Since then, have turned this small hut into my home.

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