Chapter 21


Kenneth was putting on a black long sleeve shirt which he left completely unbuttoned, he was also putting on black jeans.

He sat on a chair and parted his legs then leaned forward, placing both arms on his thigh while one of his hand held his chin. He looked at the camera with his hair sticking dangerously on his face, giving off this bad boy vibe.

The photographer did his job, taking tons of his pictures..

“Go big bro!! No, don’t pose like that..”


“Yeah like that!! That’s what I’m talking about”

Ashley clapped happily as she watched Kenneth. The other workers in there, just stared at her..

At that moment, Savannah walked in while chatting with Evan, her manager. She froze when her eyes landed on Kenneth.

How can someone switch from cute and handsome to terribly hot when he’s in front of the camera.

“I see Mr Kenneth never disappoints in making you go all gaga” Evan whispered to her, bringing her back to reality.

Savannah cleared her throat and looked away.

“Why don’t you tell him how you feel?” Evan said.

“Are you crazy? He has a girlfriend” Savannah said.

“Yes but with that said, it’ll free you a little bit” Evan muttered.

Savannah bit her lips and began thinking…

“Anna!!” Ashley exclaimed and rushed to her when she spotted Savannah.

Well they became super close over the years..

“Ashie” Savannah smiled and they hugged.

“I missed you so much… Here, I wanted to give you this” Ashley said and brought out two concert tickets… VIP.

“Wow!” Savannah exclaimed as she took it.

“I’ll be performing live next week.. Wanted you to be the first person invited. You can bring anyone of your choice along” Ashley said.

“Think Connor will like it” Savannah thought with a smile on her lips.

“Thanks so much bestie” Savannah hugged her.

“Hey” Kenneth walked to them with a thin smile on his lips.

Savannah immediately noticed he was not that cheerful mood like he used to be..

“Bro… You were amazing!!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Can’t you just stop screaming for once… Frog voice” Evan rolled his eyes

“fk you!!” Ashley spatted and showed him her middle fnger.

“Hey calm down you two… Don’t start again” Savannah said and faced Kenneth.

“Let me guess… You fought with your girlfriend again didn’t you?” Savannah said and Kenneth sighed.

“I already told you bro… The moment she became friends with that salamander, you lost her” Ashley blurted out.

“Ashley!, that’s too harsh…. Don’t say that.” Savannah said.

“I’m sorry but I’m straight forward,, I don’t chew my words” Ashley shrugged.

Savannah sighed and faced Kenneth with a smile. She placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t worry Ken,, everything will be okay so long as you two love each other. Just apologize even if you did nothing wrong” Savannah said.

Kenneth sighed and nodded before smiling. Savannah mirrored back his smile.



Immediately they left the prison, Gracie took the road to Alex’s school.

He glanced at Alex and saw him frowning and pouting with his hands crossed.

“What’s it this time Alex” She asked.

“I don’t want to go to school…” Alex muttered.

“You have to.. Remember what your mother said” Gracie said.

Alex sighed and looked out of the car..

The car stopped in front of Alex’s school and they both got down. Gracie helped Alex wear his backpack before kssing his forehead.

“Be good today okay?” Gracie said.

Alex smiled and nodded before going in his school. Gracie entered back her car and drove off..

Classes haven’t started so kids could be seen around playing with their friends. Alex quietly went and sat down by the stairs since he has no friends here and that’s better,, to him.

He adjusted his lenses and brought out his snacks to eat.

“Orphan…” A boy spoke.

Alex immediately frowned when he recognized that voice. He looked up to see a cute chubby boy with two other boys beside him.

He ignored them and continued with his snack.

“The orphan can’t talk right?” The chubby guy spoke again.

“Leave me alone Joel” Alex muttered, not sparing him a glance.

Joel smirked and grabbed his snack then threw away. Alex finally looked up at him.

“Where’s your mommy? Thought you said she will drop you off. I saw but your grandma.” Joel said.

“He has no mommy and he doesn’t know who his father is” One of the kids (Steve) who came with Joel said and they began laughing.

“My mother said she’ll soon come back home” Alex said already fighting back his tears.

“Where is she? Where? My mom told me that a kid with no dad or mom is an orphan,, so you’re an orphan… And ugly one at that” Joel said and began laughing.

“Ugly orphan!! Ugly orphan!! Ugly orphan!!” Joel chanted and soon the other kids began chanting along.

“Ugly orphan!!”

“Ugly orphan!!”

“Ugly orphan!!”

“Stop…” Alex closed his eyes and ears as tears escaped his eyes.

“Ugly orphan!!”

“Ugly orphan”

They kept chanting it loud while laughing…

“I said stop it!!” Alex screamed with his tiny voice and then jumped on Joel. They both went down…

He began beating him, scratching his face with his nails as his tears kept coming out.

Joel’s two friends (Steve and Henry) pushed Alex off Joel and they joined hands to béat Alex..

A little girl rushed off to call the teacher before the situation gets worst


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