“Thanks for inviting me out” A lady said, hugging Nick’s arm as they walked inside the restaurant meant just for elites

“Anytime Maria” Nick whispered to her and she bit her lips.

Maria mistakenly bumped into someone.

“Oh sorry” She said and the person looked up revealing Sandy.

She stared in surprise as she saw Nick… It’s been so long.

“Nick” She muttered without knowing.

Nick’s gaze hardened when he saw her..


“Do you know her” Maria turned to Nick..

“No, never seen her before. Let’s go..” Nick smiled at Maria and left with her without even sparing a glance at Sandy.

Sandy looked at Nick as he walked away..

“Babe” A voice said behind her.

She turned and smiled when she saw Aidan.

“Did I keep you waiting for long?” Aidan said.

“No, not at all… Let’s go” She said and Aidan held her waist before going in together.




Hailey got home, looking tired. Staying at the hospital for so many hours and the procedure today was so hectic.

Her phone suddenly began ringing and she looked at it. She rolled her eyes as she picked the call..

“Where’s my money!” The person said immediately she picked up.

She immediately recognized the person’s voice to be the magistrate that judged today’s case.

“Oh please! I’ll send it in few minutes” Hailey said.


“Remember our agreement. Don’t you dare open your mouth to tell on me or else, I won’t think twice of wiping your entire generation” Hailey threatened.

“What if they find out about it… You know if the higher authority finds out, I’ll get into serious sht. This is not how it is done, the case was supposed to wait for a week or more” The magistrate said.

“Which higher authority? I bought them… With money I have all the power I need” Hailey laughed.

The magistrate laughed too as Hailey hung up. She smirked as she pressed her phone on her chin.

She happily strolled upstairs to her room..




“So here’s the bathroom. So as you can see it’s huge… Well that’s because everyone baths here” Paula said with her hands in her pocket.

“Okay” Brittany replied.

“Well if you need me you know where to find me” Paula winked and left the bathroom.

Brittany looked around the area for a while before placing the towel she came with on a stool. She unbuttoned her long sleeve shirt and took it off leaving her in her white singlet.

She was about to take of her singlet when suddenly the door to the bathroom opened. She jolted up.

Two rough looking ladies came in with one of them chewing gum while the other had her hands in her pocket.

“Umm,,, hi” Brittany said.

“Boss wants to see you. Follow us” The one chewing gum said.

Brittany the remembered Reagan’s words about that boss.

“I’m sorry but I don’t want to” She said.

The two girls immediately began laughing so hard like she said some kind of joke. The one with her hands in her pocket, slowly advanced her.

Brittany shifted back till her back h!t the sink. She gulped down nothing..

The girl brought her hand to Brittany’s face. She caressed it gently and the next thing, she gra.bbed Brittany hairs really hard.

“Argh!” Brittany winced..

“When my boss wants something you have no right to say no. Who do you think you are? A princess?” She said as Brittany struggled under her grip.

“Ouch.. Let me go!!” Brittany pushed her away and made to run out of the place but the other lady gave her a pvnch on the face.

She twisted Brittany’s hands to her back and covered her mouth before dragging her to their boss.

They pushed Brittany inside a cell room and immediately locked it. The two girls stood outside like they were on guard.

“No!! Let me out!!” Brittany shook the cell bars but it was in vain.

She immediately froze when she heard someone chuckle behind her. She slowly turned back to see it was that Jane person.

She was sitting down on the bed, staring at Brittany as she smoked. Her eyes traveled down Brittany’s body and she licked her lips.


“What?” Brittany blurted out.

“You heard me right” Jane said.

Brittany hugged her body tightly and shook her head vigorously..

“You’re really stubborn aren’t you” Jane said and stood up, coming to Brittany who was already in tears.

“Help!! Help me!!” Brittany turned and began banging hard on the bars.

“Help!! He- Ahh!!” Brittany yelped when Jane caught her by the h.air.

She dragged her and pvshed her on the be.d then came on top of her.

“No!!” Brittany struggled but that earned her a sI.ap. Her lips got bvrsted in the process..

“You’re really hot do you know that?” Jane said and her singlet leaving her in her br@. She kssed and scked on Brittany’s bare shoulder, squeezing her bbs.

She leaned over to kss her but Brittany looked away. That angered Jane and she pvnched her face twice.

Her cheek got swollen in the process. She caught Brittany by the neck, squeezing it tightly..

“Cooperate or I kll you”

“Just…kll…m,,, me” Brittany said breathlessly. She slowly felt life slipping off her body.

Suddenly someone pushed Jane off Brittany. Brittany held her neck as she coughed and gasped back to life..

“Stop this nonsense Jane” Doc said.

“How dare you call me by my name” Jane said angrily.

“Well a name is meant to be called” Doc rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know what was stopping me from klling you a long time ago. Today is the day…”Jane said and charged at Doc.

Doc ducked and kicked Jane’s stomach before elbowing her on the back. Jane fell flatly on the floor.

“All bark, no bite I see” Doc muttered.

Jane brought out a knlfe from her pocket and made to Doc’s arm but she dodged it. It slightly cvt her arm.

Doc caught jane’s arm and brought out her own knlfe and pointed it at Jane. She stopped just few inches away from Jane’s eyes. Jane gulped down nothing..

“Rest would you” Doc said and diverted her target, st.abbing Jane’s thigh.

“Argh!!” Jane screamed.

Doc cleaned her knlfe on Jane’s cloth and kept it back before turning to Brittany who was staring at them with wide eyes as silent tears streamed down her eyes.

“You’ve just spent a day here and you’re crying? Humph!, this is just the beginning kid” She said and removed her jacket then threw it at Brittany.

“Wear it and follow me unless you wanna stay with her” Doc said as she left.

Brittany quickly put it on and ran out of the cell. She met the two ladies who dragged her here on the floor in pains.

“You’re doc right?” Brittany asked, cleaning her tears.

Doc simply nodded…

“Thank you… If you haven’t arrive earlier I would have probably been déath or ràped” Brittany muttered.

“That’s just one of those who’ll try that on you here. There won’t always be me or your two talkative friends to save you here. You’re lucky I was on my way to have my bath before I saw you” Doc said.

Brittany bit her lips and nodded.

“Never leave those two chipmunks side if you wanna survive” Doc said and left

“Wait for me!!” Brittany ran after her.




Oliver’s finger shook slightly. He slowly opened his eyes as he looked at the ceiling.

“Where I’m I?” He muttered.

His eyes widened when he remembered what happened. He quickly sat up.

“Britt? Where’s my daughter!!” Oliver said looking round.

Valerie who was sleeping beside him woke up. She gasped when she saw Oliver trying to pull off the tubes connected on him.

“Dad! Stop, its for your own good…” Valerie said, trying to hold him back.

“Leave me alone!! Where’s Brittany!! Where’s my daughter!! Bring her to me!!” Oliver screamed.

Valerie rushed out to call the doctors. She came back with the doctor and nurses. They all tried to hold him back

“Mr Oliver please calm down” The doctor said, checking his pulses..

“No!! Bring my daughter to me!! Britt!! Brittany!?” Oliver screamed.

They had no choice but to sedate him. He slowly fell back to sleep.

Valerie rushed out of the ward in tears. She leaned on the wall as tears streamed down her cheek.

“Brittany… It has never been about me!! It’s always about you and it has always been” Valerie cried.


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