“Can we come sleepover at your place?” Daisy asked Alex as the three of them walked out of the school.

“Yeah. Our house can be quite boring with maids flocking around us” Dylan added.

“Well I don’t know. I’ll ask my grandma and if she agrees then I’ll let you know” Alex said.

“Awn great!” Daisy exclaimed.

“Oh look over there. Your driver has arrived..” Alex said, pointing at a car.

“That’s right. See you tomorrow Alex!” Daisy said and pecked his cheek before running to their driver.


Alex just sighed. She won’t stop doing that even if he says it countless times so he just let her do what she wants.

Dylan chuckled, seeing the face of Alex.

“Goodbye dude!” Dylan said and left.

“He just spoke and smiled at the same time? OMG!!” Alex said to himself.

Dylan rarely speaks talk less of smiling.

A car honk made Alex to turn.

“Mr Justin!!” Alex exclaimed happily and rushed to him.

“Wow! You came to pick me up?” He said while smiling.

“Of course. Since your mom is not around think I should be your chauffeur for the meantime” Justin smiled.

“Thanks so much!”

Justin patted his hair and opened the car for him. Alex got in and Justin went in too before driving off…




“So you just need to rest for a week or two so that the area operated should heal and then you’ll be back as normal” Henry said, checking up on Mrs Smith who was sitting on the bed.

“Thanks doc” Mrs Smith smiled.

“Sure ma’am” He smiled politely and left the ward.

“Did you hear what he just said? Soon I’ll be back on my feet” Mrs Smith smiled happily.

Rhett mirrored her smile.

“Thanks for the meal and also for the care Jessica” Mrs Smith said.

“You’ll really make a great daughter in law yunno” Mrs Smith said and eyed Rhett who looked away

Jessica chuckled.

“Thanks ma’am. I never really had people I could call parents. My parents threw me away when I was just a baby so I never knew how it would be like to have a mom or a dad. When Rhett told me about your condition, I felt really sad and I didn’t want him to experience the same thing as me so I decided to help out in anyway I can” Jessica said and smiled.

“Gosh… That’s so sad yunno.” Mrs Smith pouted.

“Well it’s okay. I’m fine so long as I have my grandma… She took me in and raised me as her own” Jessica said.

“What if one day you find out who your real parents are” Mrs Smith asked.

“Well honestly.. I don’t want to” Jessica shook her head

“Hey! Did I turn invisible or what?” Rhett interrupted them.

They both turned to him and chuckled..

“Go buy me some snacks” Mrs Smith said.

“But mom-”

“I want snack!!” Mrs Smith began whining like a kid.

“Okay! Okay! Gosh” Rhett grumbled and left.

Mrs Smith smiled and faced back Jessica.

“So now that we’re alone. Let’s talk more,, do you have some feelings for my son?” Mrs Smith asked.

Jessica bit her lips and slowly nodded.

“Yes ma’am” She muttered.

“It clearly shows on your face. Why don’t you tell him?” Mrs Smith asked.

“I did. He says he isn’t into love for now,,” Jessica replied.

“What if I help you?”

Jessica immediately looked at her.





Brittany finished brushing her hair before wearing her slip-ons. She came out of her room. She was putting on a blue oversized shirt and white bum shorts.

“Not bad” She muttered, walking round the house.

Wait!, there isn’t any maids in this house. Does that mean she’ll have to cook for them?

Brittany sighed.

“I did not sign up for this” She thought

The sun was just setting here so it must probably be night in Mexico. Brittany stopped by the balcony to watch the sunset.

She brought out her phone and looked at the calendar. She couldn’t help but sigh.. She has just less than three weeks.

“This 6 days should speed up…please” She said inwardly.

Her guts keeps telling her that there’s something hidden behind that door in Xavier’s room and that’s what she’s gonna find out.

Her gaze landed on her necklace and she smiled then kissed the pendant.

“Miss you mom. Dad” She muttered sadly.

Suddenly, she felt arms round her waist. Nicholas slowly placed his chin on her shoulder.

“What are you doing?” Brittany frowned.

“Can’t I hug my girlfriend again?” Nicholas muttered.

“Let me go now. I don’t mind flipping you over this balcony” Brittany said.

Nicholas chuckled and released her before standing next to her.

“So uptight” Nicholas muttered.

Brittany ignored him and continued staring at her phone while thinking of what will happen if she doesn’t succeed her mission.

Nicholas just watched her and smiled.

“I’ll make sure I make you fall for me… Just the way I did” Nicholas thought.




It was night. Everyone in the house were sleeping soundly completely oblivious of what was happening.

The door to the entrance silently opened and a man all dressed in black came in, he was putting on a mask too.

He tiptoed silently and got into Brittany’s room. The man looked around to see if anyone was around and there was none.

He walked to the drawer and began searching for something there. He searched everywhere in the room, drawers, wardrobe, bathroom.

The room was now in a mess. He lifted the bed and searched under it. A smile broke on his lips when he found what he was searching for.

The phone where the recordings of Hailey’s voice was.

Jessica woke up when she heard some strange sounds in the house. She slowly looked around and stood up then left her room to know what’s happening.

She got out of her room and at the same time the burglar was coming out of Brittany’s room.

Jessica gasped and made to scream but he quickly blocked her mouth. Jessica began struggling.

The man pvnched her stomach before htting her neck. She crumpled on the floor and passed out.

The man looked at Alex’s room and sighed. He was ordered to take Alex and the phone along but it was now impossible.

He turned and ran out of the house before another person could wake up.


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