Kenneth and Savannah looked at her leave before facing each other again.

“I’m I hallucinating?” Savannah asked.

“If you’re hallucinating then I think me too coz I just saw something unbelievable” Kenneth said.

“She seem like she mean it though” Savannah said.

“Well I don’t know, I don’t trust her. But if what she said comes from her heart then I don’t mind giving her a chance” Kenneth said.

Savannah immediately snapped her face to him.

“A chance? What do you mean by that?” She frowned.

“No! I meant I’ll just forgive her gosh… Stop thinking too far” Kenneth pinched her nose.


“You can’t blame me. You’re cute, handsome, sxy and all. I have to protect what’s mine before some girl comes to take it” Savannah said, entering the car.

Kenneth chuckled and smiled. He’s been smiling too much these days and it’s all because of her.

“I’m all yours baby.. Trust me” Kenneth said, entering the car too.

“Of course I trust you but I don’t trust those girls. You should see the way the workers were drooling over you when you were asked to shoot shirtless. I felt like blinding them for life” Savannah ranted cutely.

Kenneth couldn’t help but laugh..

“What!! I’m being professional here, what will you do when I’ll be asked to shoot a sxy or er.ót!c pic with another female model” Kenneth asked.

“We’ll breakup”

“What!!” Kenneth exclaimed.

“Yes.. They can see you but they can’t touch. The day they’ll touch you.. I’ll-”

“Okay! Okay! Okay! Gosh..” Kenneth said while laughing so hard that he was holding his tummy.

“Let’s go and eat.. Can’t believe I fell for a psycho” Kenneth said and drove off still laughing.



Evan was busy checking out Savannah’s schedule for tomorrow when he suddenly got a call, a video call. He looked at it and was surprise to see who was calling.

He wasted no time in picking.

“What’s up Ape” Ashley smiled.

“Ashley” Evan called, finally letting out a smile.

She was putting on makeup and was wearing her microphone on, neat her mouth. Looks like she was getting ready to perform.

“I missed you” Evan said.

“Hard to believe but me too. I was getting ready for my concert in Los Angeles when I suddenly thought of you and boom!” Ashley said as a makeup artist came to retouch her makeup.

“Does that mean you now like me a tiny little bit?” Evan raised a brow and smirked..

“Hey! Don’t get it twisted..” Ashley rolled her eyes and smirked.

Evan chuckled.

“How are you feeling? I’m talking about that Rhett guy” Evan said.


“I don’t know.. I just don’t think too much about him these days, maybe this is what I needed to forget him. To do what I love and that’s music!” Ashley smiled

“I’m glad” Evan said.

“I’ll be leaving now! Need to be on stage in 10 minutes from now” Ashley said.

“Bye… I love you” Evan said slowly and gently.

“Bye” Ashley smiled and disconnected the call.

Evan smiled widely and resumed his work.




“Goodbye Jessica!” A girl waved and left.

Well that’s the person who actually replaced Rhett and they’ve been going along pretty well. Jessica finished cleaning the tables before picking up her things to leave too.

She sighed sadly. She never knew she was gonna miss Rhett this much. She wanted to call him in the afternoon but her mind told her he would be working so she refrained herself.

She finished closing the restaurant and turned to leave but was surprise to see him standing in front of her with his hands in his pocket.

“Babe!” Jessica exclaimed and hugged him tightly.

“Day one and you’re already missing me this much? How cute” Rhett smiled and hugged her back.

They broke the hug and Jessica stared at him from head to toe.

“You look so weird in suit” Jessica chuckled.

“Really? But Luna said I looked handsome” Rhett said innocently.

“Luna? Who’s Luna!” Jessica quickly asked.

“Oh she’s just one of my coworker. Quite friendly..” Rhett said.

Jessica immediately frowned and began walking away, heading to her house.

“Jessica? Babe c’mon,, don’t tell me you’re already jealous. She’s just a friend” Rhett said.

“I was once a friend to you too before we started dating.” Jessica said and scoffed.

Rhett sighed and ruffled his hair.

“What I’m I gonna do with her?” Rhett said inwardly.

He hugged her from behind making her to halt. It was night, so it was just the two of them on the road.

“Hey c’mon!, you know I love you right? Everything I do right now is for you and mom. I want us to have a better life when we get married” Rhett said softly and kssed her neck.

“Married? Don’t you think it’s too fast? We’ve been dating for just a week” Jessica chuckled..

“I like planning my things before hand. For example, once we get married we’ll move out of here and go to Canada or California where we’ll have 3 kids and live happily. Our first born will be twins, two boys and then the last will be a cute little girl just like you. We’ll name the boys..”

“Okay! It’s okay…” Jessica laughed out when she couldn’t hold it anymore.

Rhett turned her to face him and cupped her cheek before kssing her forehead and lips.

“You’re being unusually romantic today” Jessica said.

“Today is Wednesday. You know I’m always romantic on Wednesdays” He smirked and she chuckled.

“You’re my first kss, the first girl in my life and my first love you know that?” Rhett said.

“You’re mine too.. Mr virgin boy” Jessica smiled and held his hand which was on her cheek.

“Now imagine how our first night will be? I’ll be like which hole should I put it in? Is it the first one or the second? Should I fk her fast or slow? I’m I doing it right or not?”

Jessica burst out in laughter as she held her tummy. Rhett joined her in laughing..

“And I’ll be like ‘ah it hurts,, go slow please'” Jessica said admist laughter.

They laughed for a while before stopping and looking at each.

“We’re not mentally normal” They chorused.




Brittany finished with her work so she began packing up the files on the table. She looked at the time and it was 9pm over here.

She finished packing the files and papers before looking at Nicholas who was sitting a little farther away from her, sleeping

Since they were both sitting down on the floor with the couch behind them and the table infront of them, Nicholas’s head slightly tilted to the back some part of his hair covering his eyes making him look so handsome.

Well ever since the kss, Brittany has been avoiding him and is if he knew she wasn’t feeling comfortable, he gave her some space and didn’t try to bring up the topic.

They haven’t spoken a word to each other since then.

Brittany came closer and sat down next to him, watching him sleep. She sighed loudly.

Tomorrow, they’re going back to Mexico.. Where she has to finish what she started.

At countless times, she wanted to come clean to him.. To tell him that she’s in his life because of a mission and once its complete she’ll have to leave like nothing happened.

But when her gaze locked with his own gaze which was full of love and many more, she just looses the courage to tell him.

“My plan was to make you fall for me and I did it.. But why aren’t I happy about it?” She said inwardly.

Now, how will he react when he’ll find out Xavier isn’t his biological father.

Two heartbreaking events all at once..

But she has to do it, if doing this will enable her to be completely free without restrain then she’ll do it..

For Alex, Gracie and Jessica..

“I’m sorry Nicholas” She whispered and looked front.

Brittany will be lying if she says that she didn’t enjoy the trip. Yes, she did a lot.. For once in many years, she felt at peace and truly happy.

For once in many years, she felt like she was herself. No háting anybody, no acting tough, no fear..

She was just Brittany. The normal Brittany she once was.

“I have to wake up back to reality. That Brittany is dé.ath, no matter how much I’ll try I’ll never be the me that I was back then, at least not for now. Hailey, Valerie, Sandy and Aidan,, they still have to pay.” She thought and looked back at Nicholas who was still sleeping.

She slowly brought her hands to his eyebrows and traced a line on it before moving to his cheek where she began rubbing it slowly.

“I’m sorry Nicholas.. Don’t worry, the short time we spent together I’ve known you to be strong.. You’ll get over it, you’ll forget about me. It’ll be hard but you’ll do so” She said inwardly while rubbing his cheek.

Nicholas slowly opened his eyes and looked at her then smiled. He cupped her cheek..

“Are you finally tired of avoiding me?” Nicholas smiled.

Brittany forced a smile and slowly nodded..

“Come here” Nicholas pulled her to him.

She laid on top of him and hugged his waist, placing her head on his chest. Nicholas wrapped his hands protectively around her.

“I’m never letting you go. Even if you don’t love me now I don’t care, you’re still gonna love me in the afterlife by will or by force” Nicholas said sleepily and slowly dozed off.

Brittany slowly smiled and closed her eyes, sleeping off too..


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