ONE LAST ONLY GIRL: Episode 41-50

Episode 41
By Anita
“Debbie, please you know that j love you so much”he said and I laughed.
“Love? Did you just say love? Do you even know what love means? Love is nothing other than pain and endless tears. I hate that word love and don’t ever mention it to me again”I said and walked away. I could see that people we’re feeling sorry for him but who cares.
The next day

I was still packing my cloths and my two best friends were just lookin at me.
“Girls, I will be leaving tomorow at ten”I broke the silence.
“Debbie, why don’t you reconsider? We thought Stan apologized”Francine said.
“That’s non of your business”I said.
“But tommorow is the competition, we will lose without you”sitritha said.
“As I have already said, thats non of my concern.
“Debbie, please think about Stan and the music club”sitrutha added.
“Girls, I don’t care, as you already know, once I have made a decision, I never turn back”I said.
A lot of people tried their best to convince me but no.


The school hall was full beyond its capacity, men, woman and student from different schools.
There we’re 7 schools in total and twinkle star was to perfome after Joyce Banda foundation.

“No, we cannot just lose like this, we have to do something”said Anthony.
“Anthony is right, we have to come up with an Idea”Francine added.
“Where is Debbie now? “Asked yashrai.
“She is in vipya”sitrutha said.
“Let’s go and try as a group for the last time. Let’s give it our all, remember its never too late till we try”yashrai said and the all matched to vipya range hostel.

Debiie POV

I just finished packing when the music club members entered the room.
I don’t even give them my attention.
“What can I do for you? “I said zipping my sac bag.
“Debbie please hear Them out”yashrau said.
“Am listening”I said.
“Debbie, please whatever is the problem, tell us and we can solve it”the music club teacher.
“I have nothing to say to you”I said.

“Debbie, we are nothing without you”sitrutga said.
“If you win or not, that’s non of my business, by the way, Francine, I have left the shirt you borrowed me”I said.
“Why don’t you just let her be, is she the only girl in the club? “Romena yelled.
“Shut up! “Yelled Francine. “Debbie, I have nothing to do with the shirt, remember you wanted to be a well known artist, this is your chance”, she added and I scoffed.
“That’s was in the past”.

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