Health Benefits of Aju Mbaise

Aju Mbaise is a herb containing the bark, leaves, and roots from 5 different plants, including ginger, uda (Negro pepper), and uziza. It is used in the production of pepper soup or other types of concoctions and is taken for its many health benefits.

Aju Mbaise means “wrap from Mbaise.” Mbaise is a village in Imo state, Nigeria where the herb originated from and is now being consumed all around the country because of how beneficial it is.

The herb is commonly consumed by new mothers and for women who want to slim down. That is why these days, Aju Mbaise is commonly packed in the form of a “slim tea” product for those looking for a way to get their weight down.

Aju Mbaise comes in the form of wrapped leaves that have been bound together with some short sticks in the tie. All of that is part of the herb, and they all have their own distinct benefits. It is boiled in water that way, without it being unwrapped. Some other ingredients may also be added into the water to improve the taste. On its own, the water from Aju Mbaise herb has a bitter-sharp taste, due to the spices it contains, but the aroma is quite inviting. The water can be taken alone as a form of tea, or it can be used to cook. Although people who want quick results, like those who need it to slim down, would rather just drink the tea.

Benefits of Aju Mbaise:

1. It helps in losing weight and belle fat

2. It shrinks fibroid and tumor at very very early stage

3. Removes stale blood(lochia) flushes out excess water allowing the uterus return to normal size. 4. Normalizes menstrual cycle after delivery.

5. Stops painful and scanty menstruation.

6. Detoxify, cleanses and sanitizes womb after delivery

7. Cleanses womb after abortion/Miscarriage

8. Treats arthritis

9. Treats hormonal Imbalance that causes irregular periods and fluid from non breastfeeding women.

10. It enhances fertility in women.

11. It’s also used by those undergoing ovulation problem.

12. It prevents mouth odour that comes out from inside the stomach.

13. Treats infections

It’s a known herb in Nigeria can easily be seen in all market in Nigeria.

Boil with uda for 30mins and enjoy.