ONE LAST ONLY GIRL: Episode 51-The End

Episode fifty one
By authoress Anita
We stopped by a shop and Stan bought me new cloths.
“Stan, are you surely not going to tell me whom we are meeting? “I asked for the hundredth time but he just smiled.
“You will know”he said again
Finally, the car stopped infront of a very big and popular hotel on this country, Future stars hotel.
“Debbie, welcome to one of the hotels that my family owns, since your will soon be part of it, take note”he said. And my mouth was agap, I was already trembling.

He hold my hand and we walked into the hotel. Employees kept greeting their young boss till we reached the VIP lounge and as soon as I saw the person who was waiting for us, I almost collapsed.
“There is my top most beauty “said Mr Jamie.
“Go,, good afternoon sir”I said in fear.
“Please call me dad, calling me sir makes me feel weird”he said and I begun to feel comfortable.
“OK sir, I mean dad”I said.
“I understand that your from a different world but Stan here has promised to make you adapted into the Patels family”he said and Stan smiled.
“Watching the two of you reminds me of my past, I wish I was strong enough back then to protect the woman I loved”he said.
“I am sorry that you lost the woman you really loved”I said.

“Do you want me to tell you why I love Stan so much? “He said.
“It will be a honor “I said.
“I met Chifundo while I was really young and I fall I love with her at first sight. We really loved each other a lot not till my parents discovers about my relationship with the poor girl. They we’re totally against it saying that the rich can never dine with the poo and I foolishly listened to them.

Later, they arranged a marriage for me and Caro whom I never loved at all. Their plan worked and I got married to Caro but never shared a bed with her. Finally Caro made me drank and that’s how we got our first son, then she got me drank again and we has the second and third child.

One day I was very stressed and ended up sharing a bed with Caro and finally had Conai. After she gave birth to conai, she complained that she could no longer manage to raise the child on her own as a result, she went out to hire a nanny. “He paused and smiled.
“Can you guess who the nanny turned out to be? ”

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