Written By Precious Boluwatife Kolade

? EPISODE 31 ?



I sat down on the couch in my large living room after a cold shower.

I decided to tie a towel around my waist and sit in the sitting room .

I don’t care whatever the maids may say , after all it’s my own house.

I took my phone and scrolled through a picture I just posted on Instagram. It had many likes and yes comments.

What do you expect? I’m hot ??

“Young master is just so cute”. A maid said .

“Look at his abs, I wanna grab them and crush them into my big bbs”. One of my maids said again

Yuck! I like girls but not my maids.

I’ve never even thought about it. I just smiled as they muttered about me.


The one that talked about my abs is the most ugliest maid in my house. She has the assets but not the fine face .

“He’s gonna be so good in bed”. She said again .

“Will you stop blabbering and get me some coffee”. I said facing them as they scampered away .

The doorbell rang . I wasn’t expecting anyone. I watched as one of the maids went to the door and opened it.

“Welcome sirs”. She greeted and I new it’s my friends.

“Hey…hey…” Rick and Dennis shouted running inside the sitting room.

“Dude, what’s up with you ? Dennis said moving closer to me as he smacked my chest.

“And why are you nked? Do you want the maids to se.duce you or you wanna se.duce them”. Rick said .

“They’re all se.ducers”. Dennis said .

When the two of them are around, I actually have no say again.

“What are you guys doing here? And where is Drake? I said answering questions with questions.

“Do we need a visa to see you? Rick chuckled moving closer to my fridge as he took a cup of ice cream out.

“Of course, remember he’s the hottest dude”. Dennis added standing up to meet Rick as they did an high five.

“Shut up! Where’s Drake? I asked again .

“He escorted his babe to the shopping mall”. They both chorused and laughed.

“Babe? What babe? I said inquisitively.

Drake has a babe and I’m not aware of it . How come?

“That Valerie nerdy girl”. Rick said scooping from the ice cream cup.

“How come? I said

“We were racing together on our way here . I followed Rick in his car and Drake took his own car and we decided to race when we saw her waiting for a taxi and we stopped to say hi . Drake volunteered to take her to her destination” .

Dennis explained.

“That girl? She’s just gonna ditch Drake , everyone knows she likes me and me alone …” I said in annoyance but the boys were silent.

“She likes Drake and everyone knows Drake is head over heels for her”. Rick said sitting down

“No! She likes me”.

“And you think if she is gonna choose who to lay with… she’ll choose you? Come on man! You’re not a saint like Drake yunno. Drake is actually very cute and hot plus, he doesn’t flirt with girls unlike you”. Dennis said.

“What do you mean? I’ll prove to you that I’m better in bed and that she likes me more than Drake ”

“You think she’ll fall for you?

“I’ll take my step on my eighteenth birthday . She’ll lay with me, are you willing to bet? I said moving closer to them

“Bet? They chorused

“Harris has a chance of winning”. Dennis whispered aloud

“Why? Rick questioned

“That’s because, Valerie keeps running to him even if she is bvllied by him”

“I’m not betting on anything” . They both surrendered but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop what I want to do .

I’ll still carry out my plan . I wanna hear her scream my name on the bed .

A devilish smile sat on my lips then my phone beeped .

It was a message from an unknown number . The person sent a picture and a video.

“Remember me? The message read

Who is this I said in my heart . I stood up and walked to my room.

“Guys, I wanna change into something suitable”. I said and went to my room .



I was racing with the boys when my car ran past her .

“Is that not Valerie? The nerdy girl? Dennis said .

We spoke through the Bluetooth earphones connected to our ears .

“Really? I said and halted the car as we reversed to where she was standing.

She wore a flower gown and a slippers . She looked very white as I glanced at her from head to toe .

The wind made her A-shaped gown sway from different sides . Her long hair ran across her shoulder to her back as they were blown by the gentle breeze .

She tried putting her hair in place with her finger by tucking them at the back of her ear where the handle of her glasses sat peacefully.

I got down from my car and went to her with smiles written all over my face.

“Hey beautiful? I said staying beside her.

“Boss ? She said as I narrowed my eyes at her.

“I mean …. D-R-A-K-E” . She pronounced it in a funny way as we both laughed .

“Where are you off to? I said looking at her legs and the bag she was holding firmly .

“I’ll tell you as soon as you stop staring at my legs”. She said smiling .

“Ohh, my bad”. I chuckled softly then the boys got down from the car to say hi to her .

“Hey nerdy”. Rick said and I shot him a fierce look . This won’t be the first time of me telling him not to call her nerdy girl .

The fact that she uses glasses doesn’t make her ugly . She’s actually pretty and brilliant with it.

“Hey Valerie”. Dennis said too as she greeted them.

“I’ll take Valerie and drop her off at the bakery store ”

“What? No…no…no need thanks! I’m fine, seriously. I’ll board a taxi now and I’ll get there. You guys should get going”. She said smiling nervously.

“I’ll take her”. I winked at the boys and held her hand as I dragged her to my car .

“Drake, let me be”. She argued with me but I wasn’t ready to listen as I locked the door and sped off.

“Is this abduction or what? She said sI.apping my hand as I held the steering wheel.

“Whatever you call it babe”. I smiled .

“Thanks”. She muttered looking away.

“Good girl! That’s how a gentle lady is supposed to speak ,must I always teach you? I ruffled her hair as she sI.apped my hand away

“Drake, stop”. She laughed .

Sooner or no later, we got to the mall and it was fun. I paid for the stuffs she bought.

“What do you wanna use flour for ? I said following her around

“Nanny bakes “. She said .

“Wow! She didn’t only take the job of a Nanny but that of a baker too, so nice”.

“She’s actually very good in baking, you need to taste her cupcakes? They’re very tasty. How much is everything miss?”.

She said trying to remove money from her purse when I dropped my ATM on the counter and told the lady to use it .

“Where is my purse? She said searching her bag .

“Maybe you left it in the car? I said .

I actually took the purse from her bag and placed it in the car.

“Ohh, I’ll check it now”

“Let’s just go, I paid already”. I said taking the goods from the counter.

“Ohh Drake? Why are you so nice to me? She hugged me from behind as I paused.

“That’s because I love you and I wanna see you happy at all cost”. I said within me.?

“Hugh! Come on! Stop being babyish”. I removed her hand from my waist and headed outside.

I dropped her off at home and headed towards Harris house, we wanna discuss how we’ll celebrate his 18th birthday.

I parked in the parking lot and was about to turn the knob open when I heard them talking about a girl .

“Prove to us then… if she lays with you and not the other guy then she loves you . But if she doesn’t agree then you lose to us”.

“Geez! These guys,why are they placing a bet on a poor girl. Only God knows who she is”. I turned the knob open as they became silent.

“What’s up dude”. I said shaking Rick and Dennis .

“Where’s Valerie? I thought you wanna bring her here? Dennis said

“Why are you suddenly interested about her welfare? I took her home and came over . Where is Harris?

“He went upstairs to get changed”.

“Changed? Was he not dressed before? I said perturbed

“Nah! He wasn’t. He only tied a towel around his bvtt and left his abs open, seems he’s going out cause his phone beeped”.

“Okay, so have you guys drafted anything about the birthday? And yeah who were you guys talking about? I said as Dennis and Rick looked at themselves and they were fidgeting.

“That Valerie girl”


They said together as Rick smacked Dennis head .

“Valerie? I said standing up with clenched fist .

“Calm down Drake! Dennis is just playing around with your feelings. The girl does not even attend our school. We met her at a bar”.

“What bar? I said and he paused

“St. Anthony’s Bar”. They chorused and looked at themselves smiling.

“You see, we said it together…so calm your nerves down and don’t pounce on anyone with this present condition”

“I don’t wanna see you guys near Valerie including Harris. Don’t you dare touch her! She belongs to me and I’ll protect her no matter what , let that stick to your thick skulls”. I said in annoyance pointing at them .

“Okay, Okay… we’ve heard you”. The said raising their hands up in surrender.

But I kept having a feeling that they’re lying . I decided to text Valerie.


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