?Pretty’s On The Inside?
[The World thinks She’s ugly but He sees her Beauty?]

By; Authoress Kamara

Episode 11

Paris Myers
“Then why did you change?”.

“I’d rather sit with an angel not a dog”.

I gape at him. “W-What ?”.

Oh Em Gee! Did he just call Violet Summers a dog? Like seriously!

And then he called me an angel?

I blush at what he said about me being an angel as I look back at my desk. I sat still feeling conscious of the stares from other classmates.

They must probably been wondering why Xavier would want to sit with a girl like me.

I’m pretty sure thats what on their mind.

Well as for me, I see it as a privilege for him to sit with me. Its a hope that even with my face looking all hideous and stuff; I can still be loved.

And only that gives me an assurance.

“And you are to come up with any cake of your choice”. Miss Sharon said. “This is worth 10 marks for both partners”.

“But I don’t have a partner!!”. Violet spoke up at the back of class complaining.

“Then you are to go solo, Miss Summers but I’ll go easy on you , don’t worry”.

Violet grunt in response and then faced me sending a glare my way. I gulp nervously looking back at my desk again.

“And I’ll emphasize more on this in the next class”. Miss Sharon added. “Till then”.

Then activities jostle as she left the class while students trooped out. But Xavier sat still next to me not making any attempt to move.

I twisted with my fingers feeling even more vulnerable as students passed glancing at us.

And then Violet came. She stood at the desk by Xavier but he ignored her. She tried touching him but I watch as he flanged her arm away.

Violet scoffed and glared at me one more time before heading out of the class. Then, the class room became empty except for I and Xavier.

“I-I need to g-go”. I stuttered standing up as I told him.

He sighed and stood up as well blowing a bubble gum noisily as he tapped on his phone repeatedly as if texting someone.

“You won’t tell anyone what you saw yesterday, right?”. He spoke up at last.


He looked at me and I almost shrank down to a smaller size feeling intimidated by his hot killer handsome looks.

There was a white band in his hair used to tie it backward as it matched with his white tracksuit with diamond stoned shoes.

The shoes glittered along with every other thing on his body including the three silver rings he wore on his fingers and diamond earring on his left ear.

He also had a tattoos which were visible on his left arm. And the combination of all that made him look so perfect.

Yeah! Perfectly attractive like a greek gold!

“What you saw yesterday … “. He repeated himself slowly. “With me and … “.

He trailed off and I immediately understood what he was trying to say.

He and Sam.

Making out.

“Oh”. That was all I could mutter.

“You won’t tell anyone, right?”. He asked looking directly into my eyes.

“Um, yeah”.

He seemed to look relieved as he walked away from me heading to the entrance.

“Uh. Sir?”.

He stopped but not turning back. “Yes?”.

“Are you ashamed of dating him?”. I ask wanting to know the reason.

“No. I’m not. I’m ashamed of people’s view about us”.

And with that, he stepped out of the class leaving me to think about what he said.

Humph! Which means he, himself too is afraid of the public’s opinions.

I really don’t blame him! Some people can really be toxic when criticizing you!
?Xavier Marion?
I walked ahead down the empty hallway thinking about what I said to her.

Why did I say that in the first place ?

Why did I have even talk to her in the first place ?

Probably because I badly wanted to change partners, I just don’t want to be around Violet.

“Xavier!!”. I hear her voice immediately and I groan within me.

Speak of the devil and she appears.

“How dare you?!”. She hurls at me.

G©sh! I never thought the day would come when I would be tired of Violet as my best friend.

She used to be supportive.

She used to be understanding.

She used to be my only friend.

But now, she’s just acting like a deranged, clingy, rejected ex-girlfriend who refuses to accept that guy doesn’t love her.

Yep! Thats how she is nowadays.

“Xavier!”. She yells bringing back to reality at once. “I’ve been talking to you!”.

“Maybe I just don’t feel like listening”. I tell her unconcerned.

“What the heck is wrong with you?”.

“What the heck is wrong with you?”. I direct the question back at her accusingly.

She scoffs stepping back. “You are seriously asking me that question. I should be asking you that question”.

“Well nothing is wrong with me. What about you? Everything is wrong you. Why are you acting like a jealous girlfriend?”.


“Yes! Stop acting like those annoying fan girls or I’n going to start hating you. What got into you, Violet?”.

She sniffs. “X-Xavier?”.

“You act like a clingy and jealous girlfriend around me when I see you as just a friend”.


“How many times do you need me to spell it out for you?”. I continue getting annoyed of her unbearable attitude by each minute.

“You don’t like me?”.

I sighed. “I like you, Violet. But just a friend “.

“But you always tell me how much you love me”.

“I do. I really do. I love you, Violet but I am bot in love with you. Don’t you get that?”.

“No, Xavier”. She shakes her head. “You are just confused about the feelings you have for me, thats all”.

“Ugh!!”. I groaned. “Stop telling yourself all of that. What I have for you is just platonic feelings, thats all”.

“Thats a lie, thats a lie”. She repeated to herself. “You like me. You’ve always did”.

“See you around, Violet”. I said turning to walk away.

“If I can’t have you, then Sam can’t too”.

I stop right in my tracks as she whispers that but I heard her very clearly.

Is she trying to destroy the relationship I have with Samuel or what?

She really shouldn’t try doing that! Or else!

I don’t care what the world thinks but I like Sam. I really do.

At least, he has always been there for me every single moment. And he’s the only one I’ve ever thought of r©mantically.

Well until she came in …

••After School••
?Paris Myers?
“OMG!! How did he smell like?”. Elaine asks as she giggles talking about Xavier.

Somehow, the whole school got to know that Xavier left his seat with Violet Summers just to get close to me.

Sounds crazy, right?

Yeah! But thats it!

Now Elaine has been asking me questions about him. And all of the questions are so silly!

“How am I supposed to know how he smells like?”.

“You should have smelt him”.

I chuckled lightly. “You are crazy”.

“I might be. But still, if I were the one who got that close to a darn singing sensation like Marion, then I’m pretty sure I would be feeling on top of the air right now”.

I shrug. “Well thats you. I’m mine”.

“I wish I was the one he was seat partners with”. She wished wistfully.

But somehow, I just didn’t like that wish.

I just like the fact that Xavier and I are seat partners and also project partners.

But the possibility of him ever liking me is still a zero because he has Sam.

“Oops! I’ve got to go”. Elaine said hugging me cheerfully.


She waved at me and I waved too stepping out of the school through one of the open entrances.

I stride over to the school’s parking lot by myself humming a tune when two girls step in front of me.

I stopped in fright just as the both of them looked at each other and smirked.
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