THE GOVERNOR’S SON: Episode 1-10


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? Synopsis ?

Stanley Armstrong, the only son of Jake Armstrong, owner of Gold empire, one of the largest group of companies in Singapore

Jake Armstrong is the governor of Gold empire and that automatically makes Stanley the heir to the empire, and of course he has a sister, Elvira is what you can define as a psychopath, she’s the only one who can tame irrational Stanley

Now Stanley has been in America since fourteen years ago after he got engaged to Rihana

It’s a forced engagement though cos Stanley never liked her… Rihana is a rude, spoilt and arrogant brat who likes to act possessive and controlling

Now he’s back home to face some challenges as a real man

Aren’t you curious about the challenges?,

What will it be about?


The company?

Or family?

Meet Hellen Roger, a lady who lost her mum some years ago

Her dad has been suffering from hypertension since the death of her mum and she’s been working with Helga in her rice cakes shop to gather money for their upkeep and her dad’s drugs

Talking about Helga, Helga is her dad’s junior sister who has always been of great help

What happens when Hellen got a job at Stanley’s house as a personal maid?

What happens when something lovable happens?

What’s that lovable something?

Let’s go on this thrilling journey



(? What my heart wants)

? Episode one ?

? Stanley Armstrong ?
??”Stan, I can’t believe you’re landing in Singapore after a long period, I mean, it’s been fourteen good years since you left for America” Steve my only friend said over the phone, I’m actually in a private jet, about to land in Singapore

I’m Stanley Armstrong, twenty four years old, a handsome and hot young man in his early twenties, I’m the only son of Jake and Flora Armstrong, my dad is a governor, not the governor of a state, he’s the governor of Gold empire, the biggest bussiness empire in Singapore, just like the founders of other companies are called CEO’s, in gold empire, my dad, the founder is titled a governor, governor Jake Armstrong

Gold empire is an enormous bussiness empire, including gold high school, gold automobiles, gold hotels, gold companies, gold aircraft, gold agrochemicals, Gold petroleum and so on, that’s all our empire entails, making my dad the richest man in Singapore

But one thing, I don’t entirely like my dad, he likes to control me and dictate what I want for me like I’m a kid, one of such things is getting me engaged with Rihana, the daughter of a commissioner since we were ten, Rihana is just like my dad, likes controlling me but I won’t give her the chance, she’s cold and arrogant, but she’s beautiful, I mean stunning with that dyed pink hair, Rosy cheeks and cute eyeballs which made me tolerate her

Rihana always says I’m egoistic but I doubt that, even my crazy sis says the same thing, I just like living my own way since that incident nineteen years ago, I don’t eat a meal cooked by a woman, I cook by myself, my only friend is Steve and we grew intimate cos he’s Rihana’s senior brother, he’s the same age as me while Rihana is twenty three

And of course, I have a crazy senior sister, her name is Elvira, she’s twenty six, she’s crazy, fashion conscious but doesn’t take shit from anyone, especially me, she’s the only one I respect, even my dad gets little respect from me

And talking about my mum, we’ll talk about it later.

I’ve traveled to America since I got engaged to Riana fourteen years ago, just to study business, and now I’m back to feel the breeze of Singapore again…

Dad is still agile and strong, so no talks about inheritance right now

Well, Enough of the introduction, the plane landed gently and I walked out gingerly, I stayed by the door of the jet, stared out and saw three people

Elvira, Steve and Rihana

I got out of the jet, escorted by my guards

“Stanley, you’ve grown taller man” Steve joked

“You expect me to remain the same way I was fourteen years ago?” I shot back playfully and he smiled

“Come here kid brother” Elvira said and pulled me into a hug

“I missed you” she said, her fresh breath brushing my face

“And I missed my crazy sister too” I answered and she patted me playfully

I pulled Riana into a tight hug, despite being forced to get engaged with her fourteen years ago, I felt a a strong connection with her as I hugged her, I just pray her possessiveness and authoritative behavior would have left her

“Miss arrogant” I teased

“Mr cold and egoistic” she replied and we all laughed as we entered our respective cars

I and Riana, Elvira on her own and Steve on his own till we got home where a big party is already waiting for me, I was received with warmth and glamour

? Hellen Roger ?
“Dad, please stay with me I’m begging you, don’t leave me” I pleaded as I rushed him to the hospital with Helga

I’m Hellen Roger, Elle for short, I’m twenty three years old, mum died when I was a kid and since then,dad has been hypertensive

I work with Helga in her rice cake shop to take care of him and buy him drugs

Helga is my dad’s junior sister and has been living with us since mum’s demise, she’s just a year older than me(twenty four), but she’s done a lot for me and dad.

Dad is on his usual hypertensive attacks today and we rushed him to the hospital

“He didn’t take his drugs this morning” doctor Effie said as dad was attended to

“Yes doctor, his drugs finished yesterday and I don’t have enough money to get him another pack” I replied amidst sobs

Helga patted my shoulders

“Well, you know what to do, his condition is getting critical everyday cos of brooding and thinking, and the drugs are for stability, you can’t let him suffer like this” doc said

“Please doctor, just help us give him pain killers, we’ll go to my shop right now and see if we’ll get enough money” Helga offered

“I’ll do that, just make sure you get the drugs as soon as possible” doctor Effie said as I rushed briskly out of the hospital with Helga

Rice cake shop, here we come.

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