By Terri Savage

Episode 21

Lee pushed her away from him and ran after Ariel

Min smirked

“The bch loves him too, but so bad he won’t love her after finding out the truth from her and he will have no option than to run back to me,, I’ll be waiting Jimin” She said then left the room

Ariel got in her room with a broken heart, she is trying not to cry right now cos it hurts alot

She fell for him without even knowing it, but the past weeks made her to realize her love for him

And now.. now him and Min are kssing

He is not her boyfriend but it hurt to see him kss another lady


She began crying as she couldn’t contained the pain.. she fking love him so much

The opening of the door made her to clean her tears though there are visible signs showing she’s crying

She didn’t turned around since she knows who it’s

“Ariel ” Lee called

She kept quiet and refused to answered him

He walked closer to her and made to touched her but he hesitated and withdrew his hand

“Ariel, I’m sorry it’s not what you think she…”

She turned and faced him with a stern look

“Why are you explaining? it’s your life and you have every right to do what you want! so why explaining,, not like it concern me” She said but inside she meant a different thing

“I thought you are angry” He said

“I’m not,, and why should I be?, you can kss anyone”

“You cried?” He asked noticing her eyes

“Something fell into my eyes ” She lied

He knew she just lied, she may deny but her actions are speaking otherwise

“Are you jealous that I and Min kssed?” He asked

“I don’t have an answer to that question” She scoffed

“Look she forcefully kss me not like I even love it, I was about pushing her away before you came in,, try and understand me”

“You’re not my boyfriend Jim,, so stop explaining everything to me”

“Then why did you ran away?” He asked

She gulped as she couldn’t find the perfect answer to give him, fk she is caught off guard

“You didn’t expect me to be standing there watching both of you kss” She replied with jealousy visible in her voice

“You words are being different from your actions” He said

“Whatever” She rolled her eyes at him

“Do you want me to kss you too?” He asked

“I can’t kss someone I hate now” She replied

“Wait were you in love with me before, cos the past week we kssed?” He asked but she turned her back on him

He held her shoulders and turned her to him, making her to face him directly

“You hate me now?” He asked

The question he asked seems like something else to Ariel cos her attention is on his lips which are looking kssable and irresistible, other side of her wanted to grabbed him and kss him but her stubborn side is not giving in

“Answer me, you hate me ?”

“Yes I do, I hate you” She replied

“Are you indirectly saying you are falling for me” He smiled

“I will rather fall for a snake than fall for you” She replied and immediately regretted it

Lee’s expression changed instantly as she said that, his hands left her shoulders

“I’m a snake, fine, so can we start avoiding each other, humans and snakes don’t relate”

“I didn’t mean it that way.. I..”

“No need explaining, I will find my class” He said and left

Ariel sighed sadly, regretting uttering those words to him

“Why did I even said that to him, he is hurt now, I have already fallen for him, I can’t avoid him, can I really survive it, he is so unpredictable” Ariel said and sat on the bed looking sullenly



Lee got back to his room and sat on the bed

He began laughing, he laughed till his stomach hurt

“She thought I’m angry at what she say,, poor girl, I will make her confess her feelings out before this week will run out, I can’t wait to see the shock on everyone face when I revealed my real identity, less than a week to go wow!!!” He said and fell on the bed still smiling



Min is about going out when someone called her, she stopped on the door and turned to see Lee walking towards her with a charming smile

Her heart started beating so fast

“You look cute” He said as he got to her

“Are you for real?” She asked suprisingly, blinking her eyes repeatedly

“I don’t utter words for nothing” He replied

He saw Ariel passing and quickly hugged Min, shocking her the more, Ariel saw him hugging her and she stopped on her track, looking at them hurtfully

Min who is unaware of what is happening thought maybe her plan work, she hugged him back possessively


“You’re so pretty” He said breaking the hug

Ariel folded her fist in jealousy, tightening her hold on the innocent potatoes in her hand

Min is speechless, it’s surprising to her, if it’s a dream she doesn’t want to wake up from it

He just hugged her

“Have a good day at school cutie” He said with a smile and started walking away from her

Min smiled and moved out, gushing silently

Lee walked towards Ariel’s direction and she expected him to say a word to her but he ignored her and passed like she doesn’t exist, her anger increased

“Did.. did he just ignore me” She said hurtfully

“I’m just starting Ariel baby, I love you” Lee smiled to himself



“Why are you smiling? you have being smiling since you came to school?” Nirvana asked

“Jimin hugged me today,, I can still perceive his scent on my clothes,, gosh!! my dream might just come true” Min replied, gushing

Nirvana shook her head

“Where’s Nina and Boi zin?”

“In the library” Nirvana replied

Screams started in the class as Ryder walked in, he is hot no lies but today his hotness tripled, he wore a torn jean, wine shirt and pair of expensive sneakers, the necklace on his neck gave him a bad guy look, he changed his hair style, spraying it brown

?Is this guy trying to take our girls away from us

?The brown hair

? A night with him is what I wish

? Ryder,, American hottie

Nirvana’s eyes couldn’t leave Ryder, she kept looking at him as he took every step

She didn’t even know when he got to them

“Hey Min” He smiled

“Ryder” she replied

“Why were you rejecting my calls ?” He asked

“It’s my phone,, I have the right to do what I want with it” She replied unconcerned

“Pretty eyes” He said and touch Nirvana’s cheek and walked to his seat, sadly

Nirvana almost screamed but quickly controlled herself

“Will you continue staring at him ?” Min asked with a scoff

“I can’t get enough of him,, he is so cute and irresistible”

“What is so special about him?”

“What’s so special about Jimin, I guess he’s not as hot as Ryder”

“He may be a cleaner but when it comes to hotness, Ryder is an apprentice”

“I like him okay, I know you don’t like him but stop treating him harshly”

“Then he should avoid me” She replied nonchalantly



Ariel’s grandmother smiled widely as Lee entered the house

“Jimin” She called

“Grandma” He smiled back

“You visited?”

“Yes…How are you grandma?”

“I’m fine,, where is my Ariel?” She asked

“She is busy so I came alone”

“Sit down, I want to tell you something”

Lee sat down beside her, curiosity waving at him

“Ariel is a good girl, she may be stubborn but she is a sweet girl with a kind heart…”

“But why are you telling me all this?” Lee asked Interrupting her

“Cos I want you to make her fall in love with you,, marry her.. you are a good man,, I will be happy if the two of you ended up together,, please promise me you will do that for me”

“I can’t promise that.. what if I don’t love her or she doesn’t love me”

“You both love each other without knowing, I’m old enough to know when two people are in love, just try and you will see”

“Okay, I will try” He smiled

“But she has a dark secret, hope you will still love if you know,, I’m sorry for saying this to you but don’t hate her, it wasn’t her fault”

“What is it?” He asked

“She was rapped some years back when she went out to buy drugs for me and that trauma still lives with her” She replied

“So Min was right although” He thought

” Jimin” she called bringing him back from his thought

“I won’t hate her,, it wasn’t her fault,, I promise” He said and she hugged him



Byung escort Lee inside the palace since he came wearing a mask and he won’t be allowed in with his mask on so he called Byung instead

The king and the queen are not at home presently, they attended a royal meeting

?The mask guy again

?Why do he like hiding his face

? Maybe his face is h®rrible and ugly

Byung glared at the guards and they stopped murmuring

They walked inside and headed straight to their room

“Byung where are my parents?”

“They attended a royal meeting” He replied

“Your game is slowly coming to an end, a week remaining,, have you gotten a bribe already among the girls?” Byung asked

“The girls are perfection definition of spoilt children, but the cook…”

“Sweet Ariel right?” Byung asked curiously

“Yes,, I fell for her Byung”

“Wow!! have you confess already?”

“No, I want to see her feelings for me before I will confess cos I’m not sure, I want her to admit it herself” He answered

“You are something else, you know she has feelings for you and you want her to admit it seriously, I can’t believe you are in love again, well I and Linbae are dating” Byung said

“Congratulations, finally you got yourself a girlfriend, sometimes I used to think you were ga.y” He smiled

Byung made to hit him when the door suddenly opened and Linbae entered

Byung and Lee gasped shockingly, Lee is not wearing his mask, he removed the moment they got into the room

Linbae was about seeing his face when Byung jumped on him pinning him down on the b.ed

Linbae watched in confusion

“Baby what’s that, why did you jump on him like that?”

“He hate people seeing his face, he is so ugly,, please can you excuse us for now please, please”

“Okay” She looked at them before leaving

Lee pushed Byung away

“You almost crush me, idiot you said I’m ugly” Lee said

“I saved your ass, pay back for saying you thought I was gay”

“That was close” They both laughed and Lee stylishly pushed him from the bed and he fell on his butt flatly

“You!!” Byung said on the floor



“No don’t come close… please… please”

“Stay back, please let…me go”

Ariel spranged up, she just had the nightmare again, she started sweating instantly

Sleep vanished from her eyes

“Why do it kept coming” She said sadly

“Jimin is avoiding me,, I wish he is here with me, for the first time, I didn’t experienced the nightmare when he slept here together with me,, should I go to his room,, no that is a bad idea”

She tried sleeping but the memories started coming back to her

She remembered the night they cuddled, how he held her waist possessively and the feeling, it was different

She spranged up again, without any hesitation she walked out

She entered Lee’s room without knocking, Lee immediately looked up, he is not yet asleep, he is pressing his phone, he missed her so he is pressing his phone to keep her thought out of his head

“Your brain didn’t tell you, you have to knock before entering?” He asked

“Sorry” She bite her lips

“What if I was nked?”

“But you’re not, so stop stressing me”

“So annoying,, what are you doing here in the first place?” He asked

“I’m looking for my b.ra” She replied senselessly

Lee mouth open wide


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