Benefits of Gig Economy Apps

Benefits of Gig Economy Apps

In this article, which is titled Benefits of Gig Economy Apps, we shall discuss: Gig Apps, Gig Economy, Facet Hustle etc, before discussing Benefits of Gig Economy Apps

The GIG Economy

Have you heard of this term? “The GIG Economy”? If you haven’t heard the buzz word yet, you will soon.
Cuz it’s a thing.

What the term refers to is side gigs, side hustles, side businesses => ie: Additional Streams of Income.

The percentage of people who work side businesses (GIG)s is growing exponentially year over year.
It only makes sense, though right?
I mean with online platforms becoming more popular and user friendly, and people using apps and mobiles for shopping and services online, the demand for people to fill these remote and mobile positions will only increase. Think Uber, personal shoppers, Food delivery, contract work. You can even see a doctor online now.

Benefits of Gig Economy Apps. Thingscouplesdo

In fact, statistics show that and more big businesses and companies will be increasing their use of part time, mobile, remote workers and decreasing their full-time employees. This is a win win for both parties since the companies don’t have to pay out benefits and pensions and the GIG worker gets to work remotely and part time. Soon, everyone will have a side income business or two.

Here are some stats pulled from various publications and survey companies.

• 51% of workers are searching for a new job or watching for openings

• 74% of office workers say they would quit their job for one that allows them to work remotely

• Among Millennials, 69% wish they has chosen a job with better work/life balance

• 94%!!! Of workers are open to non-traditional forms of work

• 20-30% of working age population engage in independent work

I am selfishly going to say that this is all good news for me. I have been in the GIG Economy for a very long time. And I have always seen it as a way to have flexibility, time freedom, family time and be in charge of how much I make. So, it’s good news that having a side GIG is becoming the norm.
People are becoming more open as far as looking at what I have to offer.

There are many many ways to get in on the GIG economy. There is something for everyone.

I actually have a few different streams of income and they are all a little bit different in how they work.
I will never NOT have a side GIG.

Have you ever wanted to know what kind of options are out there for you? Is a side business for you? What’s involved in a side GIG? Well, I’m not an expert but I have been side hustling for about 15yrs and have learned a lot in that time. I would love to answer any questions you may have and show you how you too can be a part of the growing GIG Economy.

What is a Gig App?

More humans joining the bandwagon has brought about the upward thrust of gig economy apps. These apps assist to connect people and people to companies. Through these gigs, job seekers can follow for jobs and make some extra cash on on line structures which include gig economy apps.

Broadly talking gig apps may be divided into three categories:

Freelance Apps: These are systems for man or woman freelancers searching for gig jobs. Here, freelancers or gig employees fill of their profiles and offer up their talents and niche to the ones looking for their offerings. Examples encompass: Task Rabbit

On-Demand Apps: These are gig apps wherein capacity employers can put it up for sale task vacancies and the app could in go back send out commercials to potential gig employees who need to earn extra cash through gig paintings. Examples encompass: Uber, DoorDash

Platform-Based Apps: These gig apps permit you to create your business profile and set your personal prices. Here the app plays the position of a middle man linking corporations who provide offerings which include leases and different offerings with those searching for those services and takes a fee in trade for presenting a platform for them to list on. Examples include: Airbnb.

The Gig Economy: An Overview

What is the gig economy?
This is a marketplace for labor with quick-time period contracts (in maximum cases) or freelance paintings. The Gig economic system jobs have revolutionized the current-day workplace. Today the gig economy may be a source of 1’s primary profits or a secondary revenue circulation as a side hustle.

Benefits of Gig Economy Apps. Thingscouplesdo

What is a facet hustle?
This is usually a kind of employment taken in addition to a full-time process. And the gig economy has made aspect hustles less complicated to access. With a aspect hustle, apps can help guide remote work. And all you can want is a phone or a pc to begin earning extra money or replacing your conventional income completely.

Benefits of Gig Economy Apps
Gig apps can help you work as an impartial contractor for organizations that provide on-demand service to people. In exchange for services you provide you get paid based totally at the obligations assigned to you. In most instances, you typically hold a hundred% of the suggestions you earn as well. Besides growing a market gig economy apps are making it easier for customers to suit numerous side hustles into their day-to-day lives.

Be Your Own Boss
You ought to think about your gig task as your very own business. You control your very own hours and you additionally pick who you work with. Whether you’re making deliveries, selling merchandise, or presenting a provider you are helping to fill gaps that the market wishes filling.

Set Your Own Schedule
They allow making a decision your personal paintings agenda, and wherein you want to work.

Earn Money in the Type of Work You are Looking for Faster

Gig apps manage to pay for you the ability to use your alternate to your niche and earn more money to your very own phrases.

The Qwick app facilitates healthy professionals with meals and beverage shifts in actual-time. With it, you could choose the shifts which you want to work and receives a commission in as little as 30 minutes when you entire your shift. Qwick partners with accommodations, catering agencies, occasion venues, convention centers, and eating places to offer gig employees a consistent float of to be had jobs.

Pros: The potential to select handiest the shifts that fit your agenda; receives a commission right away; connect to groups, and make bigger possibilities of getting employed for lengthy-term positions.

Cons: Some days work availability can be constrained and gradual; some shifts is probably positioned in tough places.

This gig app facilitates to attach people renting out their houses or spare bed room with folks who are seeking to live in that region. With the Airbnb app, you could message guests and manipulate reservations all securely inside the app. You can even add house regulations you need your visitors to follow which includes no footwear, no events to preserve your house covered.

Pros: Free listings, hosts don’t ought to pay to listing their residences, Hosts can set their own rate of their property condo, Airbnb covers damages of as much as $1 million.

Cons: Minimal or no tax advantages.

DoorDash is considered the first-rate meals shipping app permitting you to supply food for close by restaurants. It is the largest shipping platform that works in a manner wherein customers can region an order and the nearest DoorDash motive force is alerted to pick it up and supply it with their automobile. DoorDash earns sales through delivery charge charges, a commission fee of 20% from the eating places on every order, and advertisement.

Pros: Show you what you will make before you accept the order, inclusive of tip quantity, You can see where the transport is going in advance. Flexible; excessive hourly pay; tip capacity.

Cons: In many zones, DoorDash calls for you to apply a automobile. Bikes are generally handiest allowed in dense zones.

ParkingPanda lets in customers to locate and rent parking spaces, and rent out your stretch of car-pleasant turf for motors, a great deal akin to what Airbnb gives for lodging. To lease out their parking vicinity on Parking Panda, customers should first fill within the records approximately the parking space. In return Parking Panda will take a commission of 20% from the condo fee you get.

Pros: Potentially to earn money thru little effort, no fees or investments required, you don’t necessarily want to be at home when the renter arrives, bendy condo intervals.

Cons: Your parking space might not be ok; condo places in low-call for areas might not be very worthwhile.

Postmates is taken into consideration the satisfactory transport driver gigs because of its app that lets you make cash by way of turning in meals from restaurants and groceries. In go back, Postmates will take a fee of 20% of the costs charged. Postmates couriers receives a commission weekly thru direct deposit for deliveries made the preceding week. However, there’s an instantaneous charge option if you want to get paid sooner.

Pros: Flexible scheduling; excessive hourly pay; tip capability.

Cons: Cost of gasoline; automobile depreciation.

Amazon Flex
Amazon Flex is an app that helps you to deliver programs for Amazon customers. With it, you have got the option to sign up for scheduled routes where you supply more than one applications right now from a vital Amazon warehouse or accept on-call for orders, where you do short deliveries and are paid a set sum for the delivery.

Pros: Offers hourly quotes; motive force’s maintain 100% in their recommendations; tune income the usage of the app, flexible scheduling.

Cons: No regular earnings as blocks aren’t assured on daily/hourly foundation; you are liable for paying vehicle-associated expenses which include fuel and maintenance.

Rover is the first-rate canine taking walks app in case you are suitable with dogs. It allows puppy sitters to offer residence sitting, day-care, or simple taking walks services in alternate for coins.

Pros: Diverse number of offerings you may offer; get to play with dogs for a task; Control your costs, offerings, and time table.

Cons: Work is probably gradual as it might take some time to discover customers.

Task Rabbit
This is an on-demand assignment-primarily based gig app this is high-quality for extraordinary jobs which includes plumbing, haircutting, teaching song, and others. Through it, you may find jobs, contact capacity clients and collect charge to your paintings. In return, Task Rabbit prices a fee of 15% from every completed process and also 7.5% for supporting charges.

Pros: Flexible jobs time table; capacity to choose the rates that be just right for you; get duties that match your skillset.

Cons: Tasks aren’t offered really and you ought to be available within the place where the tasks are being asked.; lawsuits approximately low-paying gigs at the site.

Instacart is the first-class driving force app that pays you to store and deliver groceries to folks who order thru the app. With it you may accept orders, accumulating gadgets, and supply. Instacart lets earn round $13 in keeping with hour.

Pros: Flexible scheduling; high hourly pay; tip potential.

Cons: You are liable for the cost of gasoline and car depreciation.

Dolly is an on-demand transport app that connects movers and people needing help transferring gadgets. You can as a ‘Helper’ or as a ‘Hand’ depending on the kind of automobile you pressure. Helpers are required to own their pickup vans and are physically capable of lifting extra than seventy five kilos. Hands, then again, are there just for the greater help.

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Pros: See a assured fee amount earlier than finding out to request a task; get 100% of consumer hints; types of jobs on offer.

Cons: You need a truck to earn the maximum money as a helper.

Hope this post on Benefits of Gig Economy Apps helps?