REMEMBER ME: Episode 51-60


?Episode fifty one?

?By Authoress Anita?

?Nicolas POV?

This girl is really trying my patience.

“Sophie, its over, its over so go your own way, by the way I have to return to work”I said but she still didn’t let me go.

“Sophie, I swear if you won’t let me go I will kill you here”I warned her.

“So what? Go ahead and kill me, just kill me Nicolas, what are you waiting for? “She yelled at me.

“I will count to four, if you won’t leave me at the count of four, you won’t like what I will do to you”,I said.

“One, let’s count together”she said.
“Sophie_one, two, three, four”o pushed her.

“Nic.. Aaab! “, she fall down bmand I don’t bother to check if she got hurt or not.


“My husband, Sophie said she will be back soon, now four hours has passed”sophies mother said.

“Your right, and her friends are even here, I hope nothing happened to mg daughter”her father said.

“, don’t worry maam, we will go and look for her”jenny said and she left with Promise.

They searched and searched for Sophie but she was nowhere to be found.

“Promise, its now getting dark, I am afraid, where on earth is Sophie? “Jenny said in a worried tone.

“Let’s go to Mr rocne house, maybe they might know where she is”promise suggested and they rushed to the house.


“So, how many children should we have? “Nicolas asked sonea who rest her head on Nicolas lap.

“Kids? I have never thought of having kids before, I am still young and have to enjoy my youthful life”sonea said.
“,maybe when I turn 45″she added.

“Sonia, my parents are growing, they need to see their grand children before they die”Nicolas said.

“That’s non of my concern, by the way, I need 100 thousand”sonea said.

“But I gave you one million last week “said Nicolas.

“Will you give me or not? “Sonea said giving Nicolas a deadly glare.

“fine I will give you”he said just then promise and jenny entered.

“Delilah and samson, have you seen our friend Sophie? “Jenny asked but but they got no response, Sonia pecked Nicolas.

“Are we talking to trees? “Promise asked.
“Just go and check at the river”Nicolas said caressing Sonia.

Promise left the house with Tony and Tadala
They searched bad searched at the river, just when they we’re about to give up, they saw a line of blood water.
“Over here! “, called tadala and they all rushed there, Sophie layed lifeless.
“Sophie! “Jenny was to touch her.
“Don’t touch her! “, tony instructed.

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