Chapter 1

By Authouress Favour

Kristna pov

I stand up sluggishly from the not too soft almost like a hard wood bed to the bathroom..

Gosh code red!!!
Why ? When i thought i can go for the job i saw yesterday wishing luck would be on my side today but seems nature really want to punish me hard..

My menstra period might be one of the worsted period i pity my future husband that if someonne is going to wish to marry bad luck girl like me..

Cleaning my self..wearing my second cloth suprizingly i have just three cloth. bum short and a tank top then a grown and lastly one office wear..


I went to the kitchen which is empty no food stuff not a pin and some web are already taking over the kitchen since have not make use of for days now..

Imgiine a jobless lazy a$s craving for harmbuger and milk..funny right..

I wear my one and only slipers and close the door putting the rag in the middle i jam the door..and it close i sold my padlock last week to buy food..presntly i don’t have nothing with me and my only last hope this morning is cella she won’t get tired of me..

It just a miles away from here..so am going to just trek down there..

I walk gentle inside the cafe and i use my eye to scan arround looking for her there she is attending to a customer..

Cella ”

Hey wassup?

Just gentle me ” i repiled..

“Wait here let me attend to that customer i will get you something to eat i know you must be hungry..

Cella is just a sister i never had..

I don’t even know if my parent are alive or dead..just know I grow up in Madam Tamara’s house who will send me to hawking and use that to fed us that with her two sons..

Luckly they had an accident and they all died..you must be wondering why I said ‘luckly’. Madam Tamara was a dvil in human form I will be the one hawking and her sons will use the money to eat and I sometimes went to bed with empty stomach..She caused how I got rapped! I compose myself not wanting to remenber that dreadful night..

Cella came back and place the harmbugger and milk at my front..I love you baby..

She went to the entrance and make to welcome the customer..

OMG who the h’ll is this hot dude?
He is cut with those brown eye ball, his hair dark shining like a rich dude he is.

How can someone be this cute? God really take time in creating him I concluded..

I dig in and start eating my harmbugger eating like a hungry tigeress I am..

Kris am sorry dear you have to go out now that customer want the cafe empty..cella said

I cease with the harmbugger stock in my mouth..

Who does that! didn’t he came to eat?

Yes but he wanted everyone out..
And it’s true, everyone is already moving out rich guys can be annoying! I carry my food and head out thou he is still at one side of the entrance waiting for everyone to leave before he sit..

Some guys are just so rude just because they are rich doesn’t mean they are some god! I said loudly making sure he heard me and I walk out of the cafe….

“Don’t lose her i heard the guy said..

I know my mouth will land me in trouble one day i gulp down the whole milk and put the remaining harmbugger in my pocket and pick up the race..

Thanks to those short cut I know..

I hid behind the storex and they ran pass me. I quickly took the back u-turn and head home..

I enter and walk to the room land on the bed it been long I ran like that..
I walked down to the company front..the only thing madam Tamara did that I appreciate was that she sent me to school..

I carried my cv and walked to company..only God knows if they can employ someone like me..

What do you want! The gate man said almost yelling.
I came for open position here..

He looked me from head to toes. We are not looking for someone like you he said wanting to close the door..

Sorry do you know who they want or not?? Just let me in and try my luck please..
Don’t waste your time here The walter’s don’t employ someone like you!

Please I begged but he seems admanat..I k!cked him at his adam apple and ran in.. That was dvil blocking sucess..

I sat down at the same long chair every other person was sitting. Looking at others, I have low hope of getting employed am way too low..

Some even wear heavy make up and am begining to think if the job is what they really came for..

I sat down waiting for my turn. Thanks to Cella that described this place to me that they need workers..

Soon I entered and the man asked for my cv and start checking..

Okay take he gave me back my cv.. go out take the left turn and go to the ceo office. His office is the only one at that floor he has the final say..he said

Thanks you sir i said

Good luck you are the first person am sending there compose yourself..

Okay i will thanks..

My hope just high a little.

I knocked the door and got no reply..

I knocked again and this times i heard a faint ‘come in’..

I walked in..

You!!! We both said..


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