Chapter 11

By Authouress Favour


OMG what have i done! She came back to her senses and she drop the pieced mug then runs out..
Ian coudn’t believe she could do that..

He held his bleeding head with a handkercheif while sharon stand up to get the first aid box..

She clean his wound and plaster it..


Thank god it not more than this,she left and shouldn’t come back she must be sacked! sharon said.

Ian just keep quite lost in his own thought..

Just go for now i will call you later ian said..

She carried her hand bag and gave ian a short kss before going out..

Take care she said..

Why is she shaking like like that ??

What she did really got me angry and would have sacked her immidately but surprizly am is still stay calm he thought..

He stand up packing his document into his breif case and head out..

Everyone was looking at him in awe cause the plastered head was seen clearly and that got them currious..

Juliet get the cleaners to clean my office! He said

On it mr walter’s! She stammer back to her office..

He pick up his phone from his pocket and dialled a number, sam open the door for him and he drop the suite case at the front and slump into the back seat..

Monitor miss benardines movement he said to his phone before hanging up immidately..

Where to mr.walter’s?

To my paint house! He said and sam hit the road immidately

I can’t go home this way or isa and mom will be freak out…

And he didn’t want drama now or his mom will make sure krist rot in h’ll….

She keep walking as her leg could carry my work has end he is gonna fire me am sure of that have not even use a month there! I fk up big time! Krist keep ranting mentally

Hey miss watch where you are going! He said but too late everything he is holding slip on the floor, am sorry she said and help the person with his book gaving him not looking at the person face cause am not in for meeting new person right now the ones arround me am yet to maintain them she thought

Hey! The guy said

She look back in a frustrating manner then it down on here that she have seen him somewhere before..

Am liam anderson! He strech his hand for hand shake and krist on the other hand just stood there looking like a doll..

Guess you are not in mood of talking he said and step closer and she step backward..

He chuckled and that bring his dimples out he is cute but she can’t remenber where she has seen him before..

He tug his card in her folded arm i’d like to eat dinner with you some other time make sure to text me he said and left..

She just walk to the bus stop and bored a cab to resturant..



Shane walk in and all the maid greeted “young master!

He ignore them and was about taking the stairs when one of the maid stop him..


Your dad is back and want you to see him immidately you come” mesha the oldest nanny in their mansion said..

He nod his head and still take his stares..

I wish am an oprhan they are never at home all they think is money and money and when ever he is back he is to make decison on things pertaining to my life and not feeling concerned!

Shane dress up in a more comfortable outfit and head down stairs..

He met his father watching tv probably his mom is not back yet just him then he has a sister but she is in san francisco handling his business over there..

Come over here son i have something important to tell you”

I knew it! Shane thought..

Hope it something i can take or he is going to take No for answered or he disown me like he always treaten!

Sit! He said.

Your mom and i have thought over it and deside since you are going to be true with high school soon..

hazel, you remember her right? He asked!

Shane only nod in response..

She will be coming to mexico next week and we want you guys to get along cause you will be marrying her after school so she will finish her education in your school here too all her registration is done she will resume once she gets here..

What if i don’t like her?

You have always told us since you guys were kid that you will want to marry her so i know you like her and she does too luckly she can’t wait to see you son..he said and pat shane shoulder leaving him alone in his thought!

They use to live next door to them before her parent travel out even though they are friends till now online but i didn’t feel that way with her anymore shane thought..

He remenber her face and smile but she will be older now maybe that can grow since i don’t even have anyone am dating anyways! Shane thought..

My lunch to mu room he said and climb the stairs..

He turn on his laptop and call a conferences call..

Swayt,conner,and tanner come on the big screen..

Hey dude! Conner said..

You have even change while me am battling on bed just wake up now swayt said..

I wonder how you pass when you sleep that much! Tanner repiled..

Hey hey! I called for a reason!

Dad is home they all said” and burst into laughter afterward

He scoffed Yea and he want me to marry!

Goodnews swyat said..
Who? Tanner asked..

You all should remenber hazel right ?

Yea wow have miss that girl alot conner said..

She must still be that crazy ass or even tougher swayt said..

And i will start settling fight between her and molly again! Tanner said..

they all laughed..

But the thing is am not feeling that way toward her anymore!

But you have always like her before conner said!

Yea but i don’t so anymore shane said..

Cause of that girl?? Swayt said..

Which girl? Conner and tanner asked..


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