Chapter 21

By Authouress Favour


“What are you really” he said his cool breath fanning my neck,

“What he doing?? Kristna thought mentally..

She is under him and him on her..

She kicked him off immidately…

And ian land on the cool floor..

“Ahhhh!! Ian groan in pain
She quickly went to him..

“Mr walter’s! Are you okay?” She asked checking all over him..


Ian on the other side was watching her like a zombie was she not the one who kicked him off why caring if he is hurt?he thought..

Ian stand up and sit on the bed while she pick a pillow and take a blanket then left for the sittingroom..

“Why do he has to be a pe..rvert? Gosh i was enjoying the soft bed already” kristna groan..

She lay on the long chair and cover herself before drifting to the dream land..




Kristna and ian dress up for meeting.. board meeting with the frances..

They all sit down and the meeting start kristna was watching how everyone was making their presentation but only one of them was okay with kristna..

“So what do you think mr walter’s?” a lady asked

What make her disgusting to kristna was her heavy makeup..

“Well for now we will look into every one’s presentation so each and everyone should drop a copy of it we will get back to who ever the contact will be award to kristna said and mr walter’s walk out of the board room releasing his tie along the way…

Kristna collect all of their presentation from them…

She was still packing till all of them left but a lady and her,

“What are you to him?” She asked.

“Am sure that not part of bussiness mrs” she repiled about going out but she drag her back..

“You know what? Am going to get that award and so you know am coming with him so whatever you might have had with him”better cut it!” She said and smirked..

Kristna laughed out and that make her to stop on her track..

You see for him to fk you or for yuu to se..duce him am telling you that so easy and going to be fun! But you know what amazing about him?

He will fk you till you won’t be able to walk again and you yourself won’t come another day and at the end you won’t get the award cause am the one that will deside that and have already seen my loyal business partner!

She laughed and walk out leaving her to burn in rage..

“Am not backing down now ! Never am sure she is just trying to scare me away and she probably jealous am pretty than her my dear you plan failed “she said and walk out too..



Ian was sitting beside the pool watching the cool pool move in it own wave..

That lady have seen her from somewhere! He thought looking at the big a$s chick and bb in the pool water..

He wave it aside and then kristna comes to his mind that girl is something first she do drool over me sometimes but can’t blame her though girls can’t easly resist me but another minute she will be like holy mary, i never thought getting into her pant will be this long,i expect her to make the move..

She is filling my thought too much this days! He pick up his drink and zip it..

“There she cames blue swim pant orange juice in the glass at her hand i guess and a white hat using the sun glasses.. his dk twist at her sight again gush this feeling is wrong! He thought

Hi pretty boy am here for you! The earlier lady said

Ian only watch her walking se..ducing to him..at same time not talking his eye off from kristna

She sit on his laps, his legs in between hers

She start moving slowing on his hard thing..

“What the fk you are hard! She said..

Kristna was watching all along but kept quite she only want her to suffer body loss cause she had promise not to let him fked anyone here but she has to be taught a lession that pvsy don’t get some things..



Midnight:2:00 france time..

“Son i can’t do anything about him”

“dad they are comming faster who are they?

“I hope you suvive this son if you do take care of your sister and mom”

“No dad what are saying? Am just 15 years how do i take care of them without you?”

“Promise you will ian?”

Dad we are going to crash!!
His dad jump on him cover him and glasses went into all of his head,uan fainted at the sight his father died for him!

He feel his body trown inside the river little long someone drag him out he open his eye but only herhair was clearly seen this time…
Siren sounds comes after”

he wake up..Breathing in and out heavly..

“Mr walter’s why are you screaming? kristna said but the last part slowly cause he realize he is have a bad dream from the look on his face as she enter

“You are screaming so i rush here” she said..

Ian was catching his breath slowly but staring at her “her hair” the colour and how it curly it same!


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