In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 1-10

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 1-10

Author J Divine

Episode 1


I never regretted dating Mica and Josh because they thought me a lesson I will never forget easily. He kept telling me that he loved me while he would be busy chatting and making out with other ladies, Josh was never unexceptional because he spent most of his time with online girls even when I was with him.

He never gave me attention as a woman, he always nags in every little mistakes that I made, I had no option than to let them go.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 1-10

Though it wasn’t easy for me, but I better life an agony life of some months than ending up in my early grave in the name of love.

That was why I became single and never wished to fall in love anymore, it worked because I started developing hatred towards men until I met Julius in a shopping Mall.

“What a handsome man? Seems like he likes me because he never takes his eyes off me” I said to myself as I kept staring at him and his pink lips.

“Did you forgot something? This one you are dumbfounded since we entered in here?” Sommy asked me and I was startled by her touch on my shoulder.

“Nothing, am just…ehh…don’t worry am…” I stammered still gazing at the man.

The man smiled and I smiled back just like it was planned by me and him, he later left the mall and I peeped through the window and saw him drove off with a classy car.

“He is also rich?” I asked myself but unfortunately Sommy heard me.

“Who?” She asked me smiling.

“Nothing, am just calculating something dear” I lied trying to leave her but she drew me closer.

“Hope is not what am thinking because I have seen how you have been staring at that handsome guy that just left here” she said trying to stole my mind.

“And so?

How did you noticed it if you are not staring at him too?” I asked in defense.

“Wish you good luck babe but he is deaf and dumb” she added and I chuckled softly.

“Deaf and dumb? Tell me that you are lying babe because the guy is too handsome to be such” I said but she smiled and left me.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 1-10


I don’t think she will like me if she noticed that am deaf and dumb, she is so beautiful and sxy to my liking but am afraid.

Though both of them are cute but she is so endowed and special, she even returned my smile which means that she likes me.

I got home with my driver and I was so restless because I wished to know if the girl will be my spec.

“Did you notice anything in that shopping Mall?” I asked my driver as we drove into my compound.

“I don’t but I was just guessing something from your behavior then” he replied and I understood reading his lips.

“And what was that you understood?” I asked him.

“Wasn’t not that beautiful ladies in that Mall?” He asked and I nodded in agreement immediately.

“Which of them?” He asked again with signal and I smiled playfully.

“The well curved one with gap teeth” I replied with signal too and he smiled nodding repeatedly.

“I know where they stay” he said and I was so happy about that.

My driver James is a professional in understanding everything I say and need by barely looking at me. We do jokes with signals and we understands each other without stress.

That was why it works for both of us.

He took me to one local joint, I was about asking him what we were doing there before that damsel emerged with their menu in her hand.

She chuckled as she set her eyes on me, the menu fell from her hand and she quickly picked it. My mouth and eyes were wide open as I was admiring her endowment from her beauty to her long natural hair.

She came to my driver and he placed our order. I never wanted to eat anything from that local place but I ate bush meat there just to spend more time with her.

It seemed like she was also enjoying our staying there because she left all her duty to her colleague and focused on us, she never took her eyes off our table.

She always look away ones my eyes caught hers.

In Love With Deaf And Dumb : Episodes 1-10

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