By Painter

Episode 41

I didn’t even have to look at the other dresses on the rack. The first one I laid my eyes on, I knew I wanted to wear it for this. It was an elegant white lace that had an almost flower like pattern to it.

It had long sleeves and a regal high neck, and a light tan sash tied at the waist. The back was cut out, and there was a glorious train behind it.

Putting this dress on made me feel the most like a queen out of everything I’d gotten to wear in all of my time here. It fit my body like a glove and I knew that Calvin was going to love it.


I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror until I started hearing music playing softly from outside of the room.

Pedro came over to me, changed into a new, sleek looking blue tuxedo, and he handed me a small bouquet of red roses. “Are you ready for this, your highness?” He asked with a bow.

I giggled. “Oh, please don’t call me that.”

“Let’s do this.” He said, holding his arm out for me.

I expected a ton of nerves to hit me as we made our way to the door, but they never came. I was excited instead.

I wanted to go to him. Maria pulled the door open and a new song started to play. I was in awe as Pedro led me out into the ballroom.

All the lights were off, but there were candles lining both side of the white carpet runner, and tiny Christmas lights wound around the wedding arch.

There were four rows of rustic benches set up on both sides of the aisle with the other girls, a few men and women I didn’t know sitting on them, all looking back and smiling at me.

Ahead of me was all I wanted to focus on. Standing alone beneath the wedding arch, in a fancy black tux and white bowtie was my beautiful Calvin. When his eyes met mine we both broke out into giant smiles.

I was willing myself not to cry and ruin my makeup, but it was really hard to do, especially when a tear ran down from Calvin’s eye, but I held onto my composure.

When I finally reached him, Pedro slid around to stand in front of Calvin and me.

“You look amazing.” Calvin whispered so close to my ear that it sent a chill running down my spine. “I love you so much.”

I was in such a happy daze that I had such a hard time paying attention to all of the things that Pedro was saying.

I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt when Calvin said ‘I do’ and slid another sparkly ring on my finger, then everyone laughed when it was my turn to say ‘I do’ but I accidently said ‘yes’ instead.

The ceremony was short, but it was perfect, and the kss would have never ended if it wasn’t for Pedro finally tapping Calvin on the shoulder.

We pulled apart reluctantly. “I love you, Cal.” I whispered and he kssed me again.

“Say goodbye to your guests.” He whispered. “I need to get you back to our room.” He winked and my stomach jumped.
I turned around to face the benches and Calvin walked over to the left, shaking hands with random people. “Rachel!” Greer called out and I went over to her. “I’m so happy for you, honestly, I am.” She smiled in her green dress.

Regina tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to her. I hadn’t really expected her to be here, and I especially hadn’t expected to see her so happy to see me. “I wanted to apologize to you for everything.” She said. “And I wanted to thank you for talking Calvin into not selling us. I know you didn’t have to do that, so thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Regina.” I said politely and moved on.

Tessa congratulated me, then Pedro pulled my arm. “Rachel, I’d like to introduce you to Patrick.” He said extending his hand to the man beside him. He was slightly shorter than Pedro, but he was very handsome with his brown eyes and kind smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Patrick.” I said shaking his hand.

“Pedro tells me you’re a cook, does that mean I have you to thank for the cobblers?” I asked.

He and Pedro laughed. “Yes.” He said. “It is my specialty.”
We talked for a minute before I felt a cold hand on my bare back. “I hate to be rude, Patrick, Pedro, but may I please steal my beautiful bride away from you?”


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