SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 41-50


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(Surely you can’t be mine)

Season two episode 41

?Dian’s POV?

What have I done?
Shit what the hell is going on?

My girlfriend’s mother is Hazel’s killer and I ended up arresting my own girlfriend.

I drove back to the mansion very late at night after getting myself wasted at the club.

Stupid bipolar.

I park my car at the parking lot and staggered inside the house.

“Where the h.ell were you Dian? Where is Aurora? Yck you’re a mess?” Tina bombarded me with questions.

“I arrested her,” I said and slumped on a couch.

“What! Why!”

“Hazel, her mother killed Hazel,” I said and slurred.

“Oh my goodness, what the fk?” Her yelling brought the boys downstairs.

“What is going on?” Min ho asked.

“Aurora’s mother is the one Dian has been looking for all this years and he stupidly allowed mom Amelia to arrest his girlfriend meanwhile he knows that it won’t be easy to bail her out with the stamp of authority from Amelia Myers,” Tina said angrily.

“Her mother? She knew all this while that her mother killed someone? She is partially connected to the murder and need to be prosecuted!” Asher yelled.

“She is Dian’s girlfriend, she didnt kill Hazel.” Tina shouted.

“I don’t care, my girlfriend is dead and the relatives of the killer needs to suffer!” Asher yelled and rushed back upstairs.

Why is everything so complicated?

I don’t know what to think anymore.
Firstly she disguised herself as a boy to get close to me then this.

She covered up for her mother’s crime.
Even if the dead isn’t Hazel’s Aurora will be punished for even trying to cover up for her Mom.

What do I do now lord?

I don’t know what else to do.

I stood up from the couch and and climb up my room.

I opened the door and locked it up behind me, i walk up to my bed and throw myself on it.

I have to try and convince mom tomorrow morning to grand her release.


I closed my eyes and Aurora’s face appeared.
I quickly open them.back and look around.

I can’t even do anything without thinking of her.

I’m sorry baby.

I closed my eyes once more and slowly fall into the charm of mother nature.

I woke up with a pang of headache, a little bit of hangover.

The sun ray was directing it shines on my face.
I groaned and shifted from my previous position.

I look at the digital clock on my night stand and my eyes widened.

The time was 2:55pm.
I slept for that long? Fuck.

I step down from my bed and wear my flip flops before walking towards the bathroom.

I pee before walking to the sink and wash my hands clean.
I squeezed in a normal amount of paste on my toothbrush and started brushing my teeth.

After brushing my teeth I decided to take a bath.
I strip out of my cloth and prepared a lukewarm bath by myself.

I step inside the bathtub and sat down, I closed my eyes to feel the warmness of the water sink on me.

Have she eaten anything?
I know that I remembered mom telling the cops not to give her even a glass of water.

I exhaled deeply and sigh.
I’ll just have to go check up on her.

Ten minutes later after taking my bath I stood up from the bathtub and tied a piece of towel around my waist.

I cleaned my body and headed inside the room, a piece of neat white towel glading my hair.

Thirty minutes later I was already dressed in a black jean trouser and a white shirt.
I put a band on my hair and rub lip balm on my lips .

My golden slippers was designing my feet with joy.

I quickly grab my phone on the bed and my car keys.
I unlock my phone and checked for any missed calls but none?

I unlocked my room door and walk outside my room then lock it.

I walk across the corridor and started descending downstairs.

“Good morning Sir,” A maid greeted and I just nodded.

I got to the sitting room and couldn’t find anybody.

I checked the dinning room and saw Mrs Russell setting the table.

“Good morning Mama,” I greeted and she turned to face me.
She was actually smiling at me.

A thing that I never thought she would do after what I did last night.

“Are you going somewhere?” She asked as she turned the bacon with the spatula she was holding.

“Yes,” I replied and she nodded.

“I know that you did everything out of anger my son, I know how much you cared and loved your sister. You promised to avenge her death.

You never thought that it will turn out this way but.

Nothing can be undone now.” She said and I sigh deeply.

She is right.
I can’t undo anything.

Mom is a very stubborn woman, if she chooses to kill Aurora not even me can stop her.

But I have to try and stop her. I can’t let her harm Aurora.

But I promised, I’ll find Martha and I’ll kill her myself, I don’t care if she’s Aurora’s Mom.
If you messes with my family, you mess with me too.

“Where are the boys?” I asked, as she pack some bacon inside a lunch bag for me.

“I don’t really know, but they left before I woke up, Asher and Barley are the only one upstairs.” She said and I groaned.


What do I do with you?

“Here, take this to her and make sure she eats it,” She said as she handed me the lunch bag filled with bacon and omelet with cheeseburger and sauce.

“Thanks Mama, I’ll get going now,” I said and turned around.

I got outside the house and enter one ofy cars.
I drove out of the mansion and drove to the road leading to the station.

I’ll talk to mom later only if the cops will allow me to even see her.

Few minutes later I was already in front of the registrar.

“Excuse me officer,” I greeted.

“It’s Dian Myers.” He squirl

“Yea, I’m here to see Aurora Mamman she was brought here last night.” I said to the cop as he started checking the register.

“Yea, the harden criminal. Your mother Mrs Amelia Macbeth Myers give an order not to let anyone visit her.”

“I’m not anyone officer, I arrested her, i just want to ask her some questions,” I said and he sigh before standing up.

I follow him across the hallway, we came across all the cells but Aurora wasn’t there.

He lead me down to the basement.

Holy fking sht!

Aurora is here? Alone in this basement?

“Mamman, you have a visitor,” the cop called up on her.

“I’ll go in,” i said to the cop as he unlocked the door and allowed me in before locking it up again.

“I’m not suppose to allow you in but 20 minutes,” the cop said and left.

I turned to look at Aurora and she was doing the same.
Tears streaming down her cheek.

Hair disheveled, eyes puffy and red.
Lip swollen.

“Aurora.” I called, she keep whimpering softly.

“I’m sorry Dian, I shouldn’t have covered up for a criminal. I didnt know.” She cried out.

“Please just kill me instead,” she added.

“I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry. What have I done?” I kneel down in front of her as tears spill out from my eyes.

She look into my eyes and shook her head.
She brought out her hand and touched my cheek, then my bottom lip before slipping a fnger inside my m0uth, I suck on it before she brings it out again.

“This is to say that we can’t be together Dian, SURELY YOU CAN’T BE MINE, I don’t deserve you. I’ll just end up tainting your image with my mother’s sin,” she said and sniffed in.


“No Dian, I love you. I truly love you but I don’t want to be selfish again. This time I’m letting you go,” she said and look away from me.

“You can’t Aurora, you can’t breakup with me because I’m not going to accept that. I’ll talk to mom and get you out of here baby. I’m so sorry.”

Before she could say anymore words I dropped the lunch bag and slammed my l!ps on hers.

She circled her hands on my neck and hold on tight to me.
That is a nice shot.

I slipped my t0ngue inside her m0uth and she sck on it causing me to groan.

“What the h.ell are you doing here Dian Myers,” Mom voice asked from my back.

When did she get here?

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