DADDY’S SPOILT BRAT: Episode 11-20

?Daddy’s Spoilt Brat?
(A bet on her)
Written by Blês Sîng

?Episode Eleven?


I walked down the stairs all dressed to go to Cali’s house..
Firstly I will just say hi to Ella then went to Cali house..

I got to sitting room and met Natasha and her mom watching the Tv.

I greeted Tasha and walked out of the sitting room.

I was about to opened the gate when someone called my name.
I turned and discovered it was Tasha.

What does she want.

“U hmm Ryan,about my mom and I,have you forgiven us”She asked when she got to where I was..

“Yes Tasha”I said
“Thank you Ryan ,I will keep to my promise”She said as she hugged me..

“You are going out”

“Yes”I replied

“Why don’t you make use of my car”She said

“Don’t worry Tasha I will make use of the cab”I said as I quickly ran out…

I texted Ella that am coming to her house..

I smiled as I read the message over and over again .
Ryan is coming to my house..
I quickly stood up from the sofa and went to The kitchen to see the maid still cooking..

“You guys have to be fast”I said to them as I walked toward the fridge to get the cupcake.
I arranged it in a tray and went to dropped it in the dinning table .

I walked to my room and bath.
After bathing, I wore a peach gown and combed my hair..
I didn’t bother to packed it as I let fall freely on my shoulder..

I went to the drawer and opened it then picked the tablet
This is the drug am gonna put in Ryan’s food that Is going to control him.
Anything I say he will do
And with that he is not going to that btch house .
I smiled wickedly as I walked downstairs to see the maid arranging the dinning..

They arranged the food and walked out..
I quickly brought out the drug and mixed it with his food ..
I heard the sound of a car horn and went to check who it is.
The car drove to the garage and parked there
Then someone walked out of the car.

Not again
What is Theo doing here.
Not now that I want Ryan to come….
This is going to cause trouble .
I watched as he walked towards me.
“Hi baby”He said and placed a kiss on my lips.
“What happened,you don’t look happy”He said..
“I’m fine,where are you off to”I asked
“Let go inside”he said holding my hand and ignoring my question.
Well Theo is my boyfriend and he is a celebrity..

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