Episode 11

By Chidimma Mirabel

** Two days later **

( Mela’s boutique )

“Mum how’s this one on me?” Mindy asked as she was testing out the different wedding gown.

Paulina looked up from the magazine she was reading.


“No, it’s not good enough” She said and continued reading her magazine.

Mindy walked back in the dressing room. After some minutes she walked out of the room, dressed in another gown. She looked,,,beautiful.

“How about this one?” She asked.

“This one looks perfect on you” Paulina said with a smile.

“Cool” Mindy said and went back in she changed into her normal dress and walked out of the room with the gown in her hand.

“Miss Mela, we’re gonna take this dress” Mindy said to the owner of the shop.

“Sure, hope I’ll be invited to your wedding?” Mela said and wink

Mindy chuckled…

“Sure! It’s in four days. The wedding cards will be ready tomorrow I’ll send you one once it’s ready” Mindy said with a smile.

She paid for the dress and then walked out of the shop with her mother…


Kaila ran into the room she shares with Gianna while panting heavily.

Gianna walked up to her, concerned as to why she’s breathing this hard. She raised her head and then smiled.

She opened her hand and then showed her a key

“How did you get this?” Gianna asked in worry.

“I suceeded in getting it from one of keeper in this house. It’s easy I bribed him with the rest of the money that I had and he gave me a copy of the key to the main door, though he refused to help us escape” Kaila said.

Gianna smiled but deep down she was worried…

“We’re escaping tonight, get ready just few hours to go” Kaila said and Gianna nodded.


( At William’s office )

William was sitting in his office, deep in thought. Everything that’s happening to him right now is so confusing…

A knock came up on his door…

“Come in” He said.

The door opened and his best friend walked in with a smile on his face.

“Wow bro!! Nice seeing you, I never knew you were back in the country.

How was your stay in Denmark” William asked as he went to hug him.

“Well not bad, mother won’t stop pestering me with questions like ‘son, you need to get married’ ‘son I want five grandchildren before I die’ ‘son, you need someone to stay by your side when you’ll rule this country’ ” He said mimicking his mom.

William laughed at his funny friend.

“Sorry I almost forgot that my best friend is a crowned prince” William said.

“Yeah but remember we still remain friends no matter our status” The man replied.

“Sure Jack” William said.

“Well I won’t be staying in the country for too long. I’m here for some business you know, with my company” He said.

“Alright, hope you’ll attend my wedding” William said.

The person eyes widen in surprise.

“Seriously, you’re getting married?” He asked in disbelief.

William nodded and sighed.

“Yeah in four days time, it’s kind of a long story”

They sat down and he began narrating the story to him. His best friend laughed loudly….

“Man you’re in some serious sh*t right now. Rather than marrying the girl called Kaila you’re instead marrying the sister.” His best friend said…

William sighed again. He patted his shoulder

“Don’t worry the only thing I can advice you is that you learn to love your future wife, thats the only way this marriage can work” His best friend said and stood up then walked to the exit

“I’ll be there at your wedding that’s a promise. Till then goodbye” He said and walked out of his office.

William smiled…

*I really missed his company* William thought.


** At night **

Luckily for them Kaila and Gianna were not needed tonight. Kaila tied her hair in a ponytail as she wore a shirt with a jean.

Gianna was already dressed too but was somehow deep in thought…

Kaila packed some of her clothes in a cross bag and then carried it. She walked up to Gianna and then smiled at her.

“Let’s go” Kaila said…

Gianna nodded and then they slowly opened the door to their room. Everyone was already asleep so they had to be very careful.

They slowly tiptoed to a location and peeped out of the window. Some men where guarding the perimeter.

They then walked to the main door and opened it then peeped out the, coast was clear.

They walked out of the house and then began heading to the gate but a guard suddenly pass. Luckily they hid before he could see her…


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