By Chidimma Mirabel

How will you react when everything you had was taken away from you by the person you trust and love the most?

How will you react when things concerning you are being decided without your own concern?


How will you now react when you will wake up in someone else’s body?

Kaila is a pretty young lady of 24 years, she comes from a very poor family. Her mother died when giving birth to her and her father got married to another woman.

Her father had a disease and now he can’t walk, he’s crippled.

Kaila’s step mother, Mrs Paulina is a tyrant, very wicked and money minded. She passed all her character trait to her daughter Mindy.

Mindy is 23 years old, very pretty too just like her step sister but she’s wicked, cunning and money minded like her mother.

Ever since Kaila’s father became a crippled man, Paulina and Mindy turned Kaila to their personal maid. They maltreated her, gave her severe beatings but still she never complained. She took it all to herself.

Fortunately, luck was on Kayla’s side. A rich and handsome CEO will ask for Kaila’s hand in marriage.

Mindy and her step mother will get jealous of her and then will sell her to the brothel. And they will trick the CEO and he will end up marrying Mindy.

Kaila was mo..lested sxually in the brothel, until one day she had enough of it, she decided to escape but unfortunately she will be caught and kill.

What will happen when she will come back in the body of her look a like in another country.

Will she live a normal life or she will make her step sister and step mother pay for ruining her life.

How did she manage to wake up in the body of her look a like?

Will she forever occupy the body of another person or will she leave it?

Do you want to know the answer to your question?…Then I’m sure you won’t wanna miss this story titled “SECOND CHANCE”

This story is full of mystery, betrayal, love, tragedy and many more spicy events.

Grab your popcorns and follow me on this intriguing story….



Episode 1

By Chidimma Mirabel

Kaila fell on the ground holding her jaw as she received a very hot sI.ap from her step mother.

She grabbed her hair harshly and made her look at her.

“You mean to tell me that you only made 30$ today, out of all the goods you took while going you made 30$!?” She sp..atted on her face.

“I’m sorry mother, people refused to buy” Kaila said.

She released her hair and stood up properly ruffling her hair.

“What are we gonna buy with only 30$?? huh?” She asked while pacing to and fro.

Mindy walked up to them and threw a pile of clothes at Kaila.

“Wash this, maybe that’ll teach you a lesson” She said and walked back to her room.

Kaila stood up from the ground she was sitting on and she carried the pile of clothes out of their house then she began washing them while wiping off her tears…

“Why do I have to suffer for something which isn’t my fault” She thought as she washed the pile of clothes.

After that she dried them under the sun. She then carried water and began cleaning the floor of the house.

Paulina, kaila step mother was passing by, he kicked the bucket of water and it all poured on the floor.

“Oops my mistake” She said and walked away.

Kaila looked at the mess on the floor and then sighed loudly…

After she was done with the cleaning, she carried a basket and began her walk to the market.

She settled on her stand and offloaded her good, settling the down on the table.

“Fresh buns?! Who wants some hot and delicious buns!!” She said.

Some people came and bought it then went. She kept screaming, hoping to attract more customers.

*If I don’t sell all these before sunset, I’m done for* She thought as she wrapped up the buns and gave it to a customer

She kept selling and collecting the coins. Suddenly someone passed and picked up the buns then ran away.

“Thief!!” She screamed and began running after him completely forgetting her stand.

“Stop you thief!!” She screamed as she ran after him.

She made to cross the road when a car was driving towards her. She stopped on her tracks and her eyes widened in ho..rror.

The next thing, she knew it, the car h!t her and she fell on the floor passing out.


“Miss, miss are you okay? Miss?” Someone called her name as he tapped her jaw.

She slowly opened her eyes and gasped as she saw a very handsome face staring at her.

“Thank goodness you’re safe. What were you thinking when you wanted to cross the road?” He said.

“I’m sorry Mister” She said.

The man stood up and offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her up, by that time the passerby where staring at them wondering why a commoner is doing with an elite.

She dusted her dress and her eyes widened as she remembered what she was doing when the car h!t.

“Oh no, I’m so dead. If a single coin is missing, step mother will kll me” She said worriedly.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I am, thanks for helping me.” She said and made to live.

“Wait a sec” He said and removed something from his pocket.

He handed it to her. She took it while looking at it curiously…

“This is just a small amount of 300$ in order to amend for mistake” He said.

“Oh no, I can’t possibly accept this without giving you something in return” She said and handed it back to him but he refused to take it back…

“Oh no, I insist have it” He said with a smile.

“Thanks so much Mister” She said and turned to run back but stopped on her track as he spoke.

“Can I know your name?” He asked

“Kaila”She said with a smile and ran away.

“Kaila, cute” He said to no one in particular before entering his car and he drove away…

*This money is enough for all what I was supposed to sell today* She thought as she walked to her stand.

She spotted some kid who were begging food from passerby.

“Hey! Come over here” She said waving at them

“Thanks miss” They said as she gave them some buns.

*Since the money I have is enough, I can perhaps help them* She thought

She sold the rest and handed the money to the kids for them to feed themselves. They thanked her countless times.

She began packing her things in the basket to go home.


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