Written by Authoress Princess


His name is KING DONOVAN

He wasn’t a prince but was worshipped and praised like a king or God.
He was rich, powerful and very handsome but he doesn’t do love.

He changes women just like he changes his clothes everyday, he was also a man wh©re and a pe.rvert….a good looking one so women say.

But his world turned upside down when innocent and naive Bella came in, when she became his secretary everything changed about him, she occupied his every thoughts, he began to go crazy about her.


But unknown to him, Bella was SENT TO MAKE HIM FALL for her then after that break his heart into pieces and also bring down his company.

She didn’t accept to do it at first but she had to when her asmathic brother got kidnapped and she was threatened with her brother’s life.

Who will she choose and make a decision, her brother’s life or her love.

Will they be able to overcome this?

Will their love conquer all?

You really don’t wanna miss this thrilling, funny, r®mantic and suspense filled story.


Written by Authoress Princess

Episode 1

Bella opened the cupboards one by one praying silently that there was food left, even if it is just a little bit her head dropped in disappointment when she saw that it was dusty and empty.

“Big sis, is okay, If there is nothing to eat, I can stay hungry “Damien, Bella’s little brother muttered and immediately he did, his stomach grumbled loudly.

“Damien, I….I am so sorry, I can’t take care of you, am just useless, I can’t just stand there and watch you starve, it would affect and endanger your health”Bella said, no, she just couldn’t let him starve with his condition.

“But big sis, am okay”Damien said biting his lower lip, that was what Damien do anytime he is lying.

That word that came out from his mouth *Am okay*, no matter how Bella tried to forget it and put positive thoughts into her brain, she knew that he wasn’t okay, Damien knew that too.

“Wait here and rest”Bella mumbled and pay his head gently.
“I must get food for you okay?, Just wait a little bit, I will be right back!”Bella added and walked out of the small house which looked more like a cottage.

Bella clenched her fist around her collar as she thought of how she was going to get money to take care of her brother?, To pay for his surgery?….just how?

Bella stopped walking when her eyes settled on a signboard, it was a br©thel, she stared at it for a while before walking towards it, she opened the door and closed the door with her foot before walking in.

Bella bit her lower lips hard when she saw what was going on inside, she covered her mouth with her hands because she suddenly felt like puking.

The place was very large, the lights were dim except from the stage which had two spotlights pointing at the lady who was twisting and pressing her naked body against the pole while the men hooted and hailed.

Bella moved back slowly, no, this wasn’t a place for someone like her, she needed to go back to find food for her brother not here.

“Watch it Bella”A hoarse manly voice muttered immediately her back bumped into someone’s chest.

“Oh…am so sorry sir, am so sorry”Bella turned towards the guy and bowed her head a little but then it knocked into her brain, how did this guy know her name?.

Her eyes widened in h©rror as the thoughts crossed her head, was someone stalking or spying on her? Because as she could remember she had no family except from her brother so no one else knew her name.

Just by thinking about it, Bella felt colour drain from her face in fear.

“I gotta go”Bella managed to say and rushed towards the door but she wasn’t fast enough because she was pulled towards him and pinned to the wall.

“Not so fast little Bella, where do you think your going to?”He asked, one could tell that he wasn’t a good person or could tell that he didn’t have any good intention at all.

“H… did you know my n..a…me?”Bella stammered in fear.

“How I know your name isn’t the question, the question is what did I want?”He said leaving her and sitting down on a black seat.

Bella knew that even if she tried running again, he would still catch her and the fact that she couldn’t call for help because of the loud cheering of the huge crowd.

“Okay, what did you want?”Bella asked, her lips shaking and her body shivering in fear, she wasn’t like those bad assed sassy female lead in some stories, in fact she was the opposite.

She was an innocent, beautiful, kind and weak little sheep who couldn’t even hurt a fly.

“I know that you came here to sell yourself for money to feed your brother”He said pouring vodka into a glass.

“I would never do that!!”Bella said, that wasn’t her intention at all, she had never entered a brothel nor a club before so she wanted to see how it looked like not selling herself….that would never happen!

“Still lying to yourself?, Anyways since you need a job that badly, I have an offer that would make you earn a lot”He said gulping one glass in a goal before pouring more into the glass.

“I don’t need your offer!”Bella rejected immediately, she didn’t wanted to trust him because if he really wanted to give her a job that would make her earn a lot then it would surely be a very dirty job.

“Little Bella, I really hate when people refuse me but I got an advice for you”He paused and a smirk formed on his face.

“Don’t make me use violence”His eyes glistened evilly and that scared the creep out of poor Bella as she trembled more.

“Wh…which job?”Bella asked and he stood up and walked towards her before placing his hand on her head and Pattee her head.

“Good girl”He muttered with a smirk.
“It is just a simple job, all you have to do is to apply as an assistant or secretary to KING DONOVAN in the Donovan milling’s company…..

“But why me?, There are a lot of girls who are good at being his secretary but am not done with my education, I don’t have experience”Bella said.

“Your the only one who could do this, by the ways, you have the looks that….”He paused and placed his cold hand under her cheeks making her to drag her foot from him.

“Could melt any guy’s heart, no matter how cold or strong hearted the person is”He added.

“I want you to apply as his secretary then when you get the job, I want you to make him fall for you and……if he did, break his heart into million pieces, being his secretary you have access to some of his personal files….. bring his company down into the dust!!”He muttered and the smirk on his face widened.

“Am not doing this for you!!, Go find someone else!!”Bella half-yelled and began to walk away.

“You will really regret ever refusing me”He said and gulped the whole content from the glass.


Immediately Bella was outside the br©thel, she took a breathe in calming her racing heart.
She needed to be careful next time to not run into a guy as dangerous as that.

Still in deep thoughts she felt something strong under her foot like she matched something, she retracted her foot only to see a beautiful gold necklace which it’s pendant was inscribed or engraved KD.

Who could that be?

Bella picked the chain and dmn, her eyes glittering like a Christmas star, it was pure gold…that could fetch her huge amount of money.

With the thought in her mind, she grabbed the chain and ran towards the nearest jewelry store, her brother needed something to eat!!



“Brother!!!,guess what??”Arianna said doing a happy dance around king’s study room.

Instead of answering her, king ignored her completely like she wasn’t even there but she wasn’t mad, by the ways, she was used to it.

King was someone who doesn’t like talking anytime he is working, that was the kind of person her brother was.

“Okay, I will still talk, am sure you will be very interested in this news am about to tell you”Arianna giggled and walked towards him before placing a beautiful golden chain which had the name inscribed KD.

That really seemed to catch king’s interest because he quickly stopped the files he was signing and made to grab the chain but Arianna grabbed it before him.

“Arianna, how many times do I have to tell you to stop touching my things”King said strictly and Arianna scoffed.

“I didn’t touch your things because it isn’t yours anymore, this is now mine, I actually bought it from a girl okay?”Arianna said and he frowned.

“Bought it from a girl?”King asked.
“Oh, please?, Don’t pretend to be surprised, you gave it to one of your wh©res right?, Is okay, I bought it from her”Arianna muttered.

“That chain is very important, give it back to me!”King said with no expression on his face and Arianna chuckled.

“I bought it so is mine, ask your little wh*re why she sold it to me?”Arianna added.

“I don’t know what your talking about”King said massaging his forehead with his fingers like her bickering was giving him a hand full of headache.

“But she doesn’t look like that kind of person though”Arianna mumbled remembering her beautiful innocent brown eyes and drifting into deep thoughts.


“Damien, I bought food for you, am going to prepare your favourite dish!”Bella yelled in a sing song voice but all she got back was silence.

“Damien!?”Bella yelled and ran into the kitchen, then into his room and bathroom but he was nowhere to be seen.

Bella ran to his table only to see a piece of paper,




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