By Authoress Rhema

Zhou Xiuying went back to meet Li Chun and they both went back to the supermarket to buy their clothes

Xu Feng got to his house, he has a sister named Xu Lin, who’s just 15 of age and Nuo Ru, his mother

It was confirmed that Xu Feng is a kleptomania, which is how a person can’t control how they steal, not because of profit gain but because of mental issues

Li Chun thought Zhou Xiuying how to eat with cutleries, then in Pei Han’s Care Hospital, the real Zhou Xiuying was found in bed


It was confirmed that she’s not okay, she’s in a comma and won’t be waking up anytime soon, even if she wakes up she’ll suffer from a great amnesia.

Monday… Li Chun brought Zhou Xiuying to her school, registered her and they both went to class, Xu Feng is also schooling in the same school

The name of that school is Rong High, then after class Li Chun took Zhou Xiuying to the cafeteria to eat.

A new character named Dylan Wang showed up, it’s confirmed that his mother is a Korean and his father is an American plus he has a girlfriend named Rong Yi.

Zhou Xiuying scanned him from head to toes and discovered that he has green eyes and dark hair and remember…

“I’m Zhou Xiuying I hate guys with green eyes and dark hair”

She stood up and approached him, took his smoothie and began emptying it on his hair.

Is the summary helpful??, I feel like this is what I can do…

If you’re not use to Korean names well I’m sorry, you’ll have to get used to it, cause I can assure you that this story is packed with a lot of r®mance, comedy, drama and suspense you don’t wanna miss.




By Authoress Rhema

Everyone that was present at the cafeteria gasped but Zhou Xiuying didn’t mind she emptied the smoothie on his head before throwing the cup away

“Baby!!, How dare you!” Rong Yi spat, she stood up and made Zhou Xiuying face her then $lapped her

Li Chun gasped a little at what is happening

“This is not good” she muttered

Zhou Xiuying didn’t even rub her cheek because she didn’t feel any pain, she just scanned Rong Yi from head to toe

Blonde long hair checked, bursty bbs checked

“I also hate girls with blonde long hair and bursty bbs” Zhou Xiuying said

“What??” Rong Yi yelled but a $lap appeared on her face, it’s a $lap that got her nose bIeeding

Dylan is still cleaning the smoothie off his face, he’s still surprise about what’s happening, Zhou Xiuying turned to him again and folded her fist

“What the he.ll is your problem what do you want from me?” He asked standing up in anger but she pun¢hed his face and he fell back on the chair

Xu Feng just entered the cafeteria at that time with his both hands in his pocket

“Strong woman again?” He muttered when he saw what was happening

Zhou Xiuying moved to Dylan and raised him up from his shirt then threw him on the floor

“She’s gonna hurt him” Li Chun muttered

Rong Yi stood up from the floor and moved to Zhou Xiuying again but Zhou Xiuying caught her by the neck and $lammed her back against the wall

“Xiuying!!” Li Chun yelled but Zhou Xiuying didn’t listen

“What the fk is wrong with you, get away from my girlfriend” Dylan stood up and pulled Zhou Xiuying away from Rong Yi who just slipped on the floor

Zhou Xiuying turned to take his arms then twisted it backward

“Fk” he spat out loud

? She’s gonna break his hand

?Never knew the new girl is so crazy

?This is so hilarious but she’s gonna hurt him for real

?What did Dylan do to her, what’s her problem

? Didn’t you see the way she hit Rong Yi

?I love girls like her, this is so fun

Students began commenting, Xu Feng watched surprisedly as she twisted Dylan’s hand without remorse

“So it’s not just me, she’s dmn crazy” he muttered

“Xiuying, gosh what to do!” Li Chun thought, bitting her fingers

Zhou Xiuying kicked Dylan’s stomach after twisting his hands and he fell on the floor, she raised him up again and punched his face

“Sht” he winced and fell on his chair

His two friends has stood up already watching everything in shock

“Did you remember Dylan $crewing any red haired girl and dumping her a$s?” Lan Singtan faced Han Zihao and asked

“Nope definitely not” Han Zihao shook his head

“Should we stop her?” Han Zihao asked

“I don’t wanna get beaten up too so I think it’s better if I just stand here and do nothing” Lan Singtan whispered in reply

Zhou Xiuying is about to throw another pun¢h at Dylan but Li Chun came to block her view

“Don’t that’s enough Xiuying” she pleaded

Zhou Xiuying stared at Li Chun for a long while before stepping away

Li Chun stared at Dylan and couldn’t help but feel pity for him, his face is badly bruised, he’s too weak to stand up

“Let’s go” Li Chun pulled Zhou Xiuying by the arm and dragged her out of the cafeteria, Xu Feng eyes followed them till they were out of sight

“Bro” Lan Singtan rushed to Dylan and helped him up

“Are you okay, does it hurt?” Han Zihao asked, trying to hide his laughter

“I’m not okay Zihao, I can see red I think I need to go to the clinic” Dylan replied, blinking repeatedly

Lan Singtan looked at Han Zihao and laughed silently

“Your girlfriend?” Lan Singtan faced him back and asked

Dylan looked at Rong Yi and she’s been helped up by her friends

“I think she’s fine, quickly take me to the clinic before I go blind!!” Dylan yelled

Han Zhou couldn’t hold his laughter anymore so he let it out, Lan Singtan also joined in

“Wow” Dylan muttered and pushed them up, he began finding his way out by feeling space

“Hey wait” Lan Singtan yelled and ran after him with Han Zihao laughing and trailing behind.

Xu Feng went to the counter with both hands in his pocket

“I’ll have the Chow mein and blackberry juice” he ordered

The waitress smiled and began making it after she’s done with it, she gave him

“Thanks” he collected it and paid up, the lady opened her wallet and began counting some changes to give him

Xu Feng eyes glued to the wallet, thou he’s hands are in his pocket but it’s shaking vigorously

“I thought I took my pills, why am I feeling this way?” He thought

“Keep the change ma’am and the food too” he said and rushed out

“Hey..” she called but he already rushed out

“Gosh, waste of energy” she sighed and began packing the food.


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