Princess Stories


A call came in very early in the morning from an unknown number.

“Oh God, what sort of alarm is this one na? I just started sleeping.” Charity pouted on hearing her phone ring, thinking it was an alarm. She blindly sought for her phone, put it off and turned to the other side of the bed with her blanket to sleep a little further.

It was at the second ring that it occured to her it wasn’t an alarm. She turned to her phone and picked the call immediately, without checking who was calling.


Hello good morning. Please am I speaking with Charity?” The caller asked. Charity was taken aback by the question that she then check who was on the line.


“Yes please. How may I help you?” She responded, hoping it wasn’t a fraudulent call.

“I am Dr. Vincent, calling from Divine Hospital along Crescent Road. Do you know the place?”

“Yes I do. Any problem?”

“Well, I got your number from a patient who was brought in here earlier this morning. I just came in now to attend to her only to see a note lying on the side table with your number written in it. Probably you were tired and had to go home so you dropped your number to enable us reach you when we want to start treatment on her.” The Doctor explained and Charity stared at the phone number one more time.

“Me? Hospital? How?” She reasoned within.

“Okay Doctor. I’m actually confused at the moment but…..please what’s the name of the patient.”

“Is that a question I’m meant to answer? You brought her here, how come you don’t know her name?”

“Well, it is possible. I might’ve been a good Samaritan who just helped a stranger she saw knocked down by a vehicle across the street while heading home. And as a matter of fact, I didn’t bring anyone to your hospital. I haven’t stepped out of my house since today.”. Charity replied. The Doctor was silent for a while.

“In that case, your attention is needed at the hospital so we could resolve this right away.


“You can stop here, I’ll take it from here.” Chief said to his driver who obeyed immediately.

As soon as Chief alighted from his car and waved, the driver sped off and Chief continued his journey on foot. After a ten minutes walk he arrived at a brown gate.

He knocked a few times before someone came from inside to open the gate for him.

“Is the Priest in?” He asked the gate man as soon as he was allowed into the compound. The gateman simply nodded in response to his question and Chief headed for the house.
He had free access into the parlour as the door was left ajar.

After removing his big Agbada and shows, he walked into a smaller room with his back.
Chief has his face bowed to the ground until the priest took note of, and acknowledged his presence.

“The deed has been done Baba, I have offered the sacrifice as demanded.” Chief said immediately he sat on the bare floor with his legs comfortably crossed.

“Hmmm… have done well.” The priest commended as they both watched in the air an image replaying how he spent the night with Debby.

“So I can be healed now?”

“Yes. The infirmity would be transfered to the lady in question. But….” The priest said and Chief’s heart almost skipped a beat on hearing the conditional word “but”.

“But what Baba?”

“Hmmm… surely would be healed, but your healing won’t be permanent.”

“My healing won’t be permanent? But….but why? I fulfilled all the conditions you told me are attached to my healing.”

“You didn’t complete the ritual, you only followed half of my instructions. I asked to get a young girl whom you’d become one with in spirit so the infirmity could be transfered to her after her spirit soul and body has been fully captured.

You only succeeded in hacking into her soul and body buh her spirit is till free .” The priest said and Chief became confused.

“But how come? I mean I followed all your instructions Baba, word for word.”

“I agree. You followed all my instructions but one. You were to chant certain incantations into her mouth to capture her spirit and seal up the ritual.” The priest said and Chief bowed his head in frustration.

“How did that skip my mind? How? How come I totally forgot up until now?” Chief soliloquized loudly with his head bowed as the priest smiled mischievously.

“But okay Baba what would happen now? Can I still be cured of this infirmity that is becoming life-threatening?”

“Yes you can, but like I said before it won’t be permanent.”

“What can I do to make it permanent at this juncture?”

“You have to repeat the process all over again. You’re joined with her already, so there’s no need going through the stress of making arrangements to hookup with her again. Just get her into the position for the ritual as you initially did and repeat the process, ensuring you get it right this time.” The priest said and Chief was downcast.

“How am I meant to achieve that now? It was really tough for me the first time that I had to go out of my way to ensure the ritual was done. How am I supposed to……oh no, this is gonna be difficult, so difficult.” Chief thought out. The priest on hearing his thoughts said nothing but quietly located a polythene bag in his shrine and brought out a white substance. After spitting on it thrice, he stretched it out to hand it over to Chief.

“Here. Make use of this and it’s make your mission a lot easier.”

“How do I make use of this?”

“When the time comes, you’d receive the directions.
If you make use of this well, all those involved in helping you in getting the girl would come to you of their own accord to render the help you need.” The priest said and Chief smiled satisfactorily.


“Good morning. Please I’m Charity and I’m here to….” Charity said to the receptionist of the hospital she rushed into. Before she could finish her statement and completely introduce herself, the said receptionist cut in.

“Oh you’re Miss Charity? Welcome ma’am. Dr. Vincent has been expecting you. His office is that way.” She said in warm smiles as she pointed to a particular direction. Charity thanked her with a dashing smiles before leaving for the doctor’s office.

“Yes, come in please.” A deep voice responded to Charity’s knock on the office door.

“Good day Sir.” Charity greeted as soon as she walked in. For a moment,

Dr. Vincent stopped what he was doing and stared at Charity, obviously smitten by her beauty.

“Please sit down.” He said shortly after snapping himself out of his dreamy mood.

“You’re the one k spoke with over the phone early this morning?”


“Do you in any way know any of your friends who got injured and was rushed to the hospital in the early hours of today? Has anyone called you today to inform you of such news?” Dr. Vincent asked as Charity shook her head in the negative after giving his question a brief thought.

“That’s strange. Hmmmm…… Okay let’s go check the patient. You might probably recognize her.” The doctor said and with that they left his office for Debby’s ward.

“My God! Debby what happened to you? Doctor please what happened to her?” Charity asked, trying so hard not to get emotional as she held Debby’s hands.

“She was rushed in here in a very critical condition by someone we thought was you. According to the nurse on shift, you were so much in a hurry you refused to write down your name and attach at signature to I in our hospital diary at the reception.

We’ve run various test on her to figure out what might be wrong with her but surprisingly the results have shown she is medically okay and her systems are working fine the way they should.

But the result is the exact opposite of the reality on ground now. She’s been like this for the past 8 hours now

“8 hours??? Is she sleeping or in a coma?”

“I doubt if it’s right to say she’s merely sleeping.” The doctor said as Charity remained silent for a while.

“O Lord, I listened to your instructions and interceded for Debby throughout the night even when I didn’t feel like it. She’s the reason my eyes are baggy this morning because I didn’t have a sound sleep. Please let nothing happen to her.” Charity prayed silently in her heart and turned to face the doctor.

“Please can I have some moments with her alone?” She asked pleadingly, trying to conceal her shaky voice.

“Sure. Of course.” Dr. Vincent said and took his leave.


Debby was on her knees, desperately pleading for her life as the two men who she had understood at that point to be angels, seized conversations with her.

“Please have mercy on me. Please beg Jesus for me. He died for me. Please.” She pleaded as she shook the garment of the angel by her left in desperation. The angel looked down at her.

“There is no room for you on heaven.” He said.

“Then let me go back. Let me return to earth please, and I promise to have a change of heart. I’d live differently and in view of heaven do I’d always do right.”

“It’s too late for that Debby. You could’ve done all you’re promising to do now with the one life you had.” The angel replied and maintained a stern look afterwards.
Fear gripped Debby.

“No no no no no. Give me a second chance please.” She cried, shaking his garment vigorously, weeping sore.

“The people we give second chances to here are usually as a result of their past good deeds or the deed, or as a result of intercessory prayers made for them.

We’ve made a diligent search and there’s no one on your behalf. There’s no one to stand in the gap for you to increase your chances of going back to Earth and changing your ways.

Our hands are tied Deborah, there’s nothing we can…..”

“Wait…..” One of the angels said, interrupting the other.

“There’s a cry. A cry of mercy for her. Can you hear it?” He asked and they all went quiet to listen.

“Charity? Charity! Yes, that’s Charity’s voice! Oh thank God ?. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God. Thank you Jesus.” Debby said with her head bowed as fresh tears of gratitude freely flowed down her cheeks.

“There’s someone standing in the gap for you, and I’ve recieved directions from The One to let you go back, on the condition you wouldn’t return here with excess luggage again and wicked acts filed against you.” The angel by her left said as Debby nodded in complete understanding.

The angel by her right waved his hand across the air and in the twinkle of an eye, there was a door in front of Debby.

“Behind that door lies the portal that’d lead you back to Earth. Walk straight on the path till you get to the door which will open to you of its own accord. Head on straight, don’t look left or right. Let your focus just be on getting to your destination.” The angel said and Debby thanked them wholeheartedly.

“When I see you again, we’d be rejoicing in heaven.” Debby said with sincere smiles to them as they didn’t respond but gave a nod and ordered her to go.


Kadar was in the living room about calling his maid Abdul to prepare a meal for him when he felt an urge to head to his shrine immediately.

On getting in, he found his old clock ringing, indicating his most recent prey was on the verge of escaping his claws

“Impossible! I stayed up all night to ensure she doesn’t make it alive. What went wrong?” Kadar conversed with himself as he stared in complete amazement at the image that displayed Debby about regaining conscious in the hospital.

“But how?” He asked aloud and next he could clearly see her spirit heading towards a door with full concentration. He understood immediately and began speaking against it.

“No, she mustn’t get to that door, she mustn’t make it alive.” He roared and hastily wore his work clothes and began making incantations. He could see the effect of the spiritual exercise he was practising as the path Debby’s was treading on began to get confusing thus difficult to tread on.

“What’s happening?” She heard her say from the image clearly displaying her and he closed his eyes to intensify his incantations.


Doctor Vincent walked into his patient’s ward to find Debby, Charity and one of his nurses inside.

“What are you trying to do?” He asked his staff who was tapping Charity continuously.

“I’m trying to wake her up. I’ve been here twice now and she’s been in this kneeling position. I guess she slept off during prayers.” The nurse replied.

“That’s alright, you don’t need to disturb. This could also be her way of praying you know, so let her be.” The doctor said as the nurse nodded and made use of the door.

“She must’ve been worn out from the lengthy prayers she’s been praying ever since she got here.” Dr. Vincent reasoned after checking to find out she was actually sleeping and not praying.

Sleep ehn…..God help us all.

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