KAMMA’S REGRET: Episode 1-The End

KAMMA’S REGRET EPISODE 1 Written by Nnenne uju izuanabgara. NWAKAMMA could not stand the tortue melted on her sister. She had to ask around for a very powerful spiritualist. “eheee, tufiakwa, chukwuaju. my own can never be like that. I just have to make hay while the sun is still shining”. ADAOBI her elder sister … Read more

MISTAKENLY HIS: Episode 1-10

πŸ‘‘ Mistakenly His (Kidnapped by a Ma.fia) Prologue Meet Charlotte Ashton. A billionaire’s daughter, very beautiful, smart, elegant with a quiet personality. People doesn’t know she’s from a wealthy family because she doesn’t behave like one. She’s independent, despite her parents riches, she chose to work on her own. Due to her cheerful kind of … Read more