By Vintage Library

Episode 21

“Sorry” Grace apologized as she pulled away from him.

“It’s fine, I think it’s too crowded here. Let’s go to a restaurant” he concluded and she nodded.

They walked side by side in search of a restaurant.

“Ethan” she called after practicing in her mind. She didn’t want to call her your Excellency, she is also nervous to call him Ethan.

“Yes” he answered turning to face her.

“Let’s eat in that local restaurant” she suggested


” That one?” He asked as he pointed at a none fancy restaurant.

” Yes” she replied with a smile.

“Okay” he agreed and she led the way. He stared at her back view wondering if that is the same Ariel he got married to.

Ariel loves everything fancy, he was surprised that she suggested they eat in a local restaurant. Isn’t she supposed to be irritated by it.

“Your order?” A waitress asked with a jotter in her hand.

“Ethan” Grace call snapping him out of his thoughts.

“What’s that?” He asked

“Our order” she answered and he raised his head to stare at the waitress.

They ordered for something simple and within three minutes their order was placed in front of them.

Grace packed her hair before she started eating, she ate not minding or sparing him a glance.

“Ariel” he called and she raised her head. He chuckled as her stained cheek came into view.

“What?” She frowned.

“Your cheek is stained with food” he tried not to laugh because she looked funny.

” Where?” She asked trying to clean it but it only added to it.

” Just stay put” he said and brought out a handkerchief. He cleaned her cheek as he maintained an eye contact with her.

“Done” he said and she touched her cheek, “thank you” she said.

“So, why did you choose this restaurant?” He asked.

” Because it’s simple” she replied.

” Just that?” He asked.

” You and I are famous, if we go to an expensive restaurant we won’t be able to eat in peace out here” she stared around with a smile.

” It’s simple and beautiful, no one cares. They are all minding their business. Everyone is tired and just want to get a bite before they go home. So we get to have a peaceful dinner” she explained and he almost clapped.

This is the first time he is seeing this side of her, she is different or it’s just his imagination.

“What?!” She snapped with food in her mouth.

” Nothing” he shrugged and faced his food.


It was pretty late when they got home. Grace was feeling so tired and wants nothing but to get some sleep.

“Welcome your Excellency….. Welcome first lady” Blair greeted as she stood in front of their room.

” You should get some rest” Ethan said while Grace just walked into the room.

She fell on the bed immediately she walked in. Ethan chuckle and said,”aren’t you going to take you bath? Or at least change your clothes”

He didn’t get a reply, he walked closer to her and found out she was sleeping. He removed her shoes and covered her with the duvet.

He walked into the front of the wardrobe and his phone made a notification sound.

He took it out and read, “the foods from China went missing as soon as it crossed the border”

He furrowed his brows, why does this keep happening? Where is the food always dissappearing? They pay for food but they don’t get food.

He knows someone is behind this, but who? Who is against his reign.


Later in the middle of the night, Grace woke up because she felt uncomfortable in her outfit. She rubbed her eyes and walked into the bathroom.

Few minutes later she came out with a towel around her chest. She changed into her night gown and was about to go back to sleep when she noticed the bed was empty.

Where did Ethan go? Is he mad at her again? She thought as her eyes scanned the dim room.

“Looking for me?” He asked and she turned to find him standing by the door.

“Why are you standing there?” She asked, “you should be sleeping” she added.

“I can’t sleep not with all the crises” he said walking closer to her.

” What crises?” She asked. He was really fooling himself, how can she ask what crises when a dead person knows there is scarcity of food.

“The food scarcity” he answered.

“You shouldn’t beat yourself up, all is going to be fine” she assured.

” I’m not sure if it is really going to be fine. The food crosses the border but it dissappears. Someone is doing it purposely”

” The food enters the country?” She asked, surprised.

” Yeah but then, it vanishes into thin air” he groaned in frustration.

“Have you tried checking the CCTV?” She asked.

“It blacks out”

” Order new food”

“What? Didn’t you hear me?” He asked.

” I heard you, just do it. On the day of delivery we will execute our plans” she said and he wondered ‘what plan’

” Let’s go to sleep” she said and pulled him to bed.

They slept facing each other but with enough space between them. Ethan fell asleep first.



Monica rub her eyes as she walked into the school with Maria. She stayed up again but April didn’t show up.

“Alright, I will be there” she heard Felix talk to coach, basketball coach.

She ignored him and tried to walk away but Maria called Felix, “Felix!”

He turned to their direction and a smile curve on his lips. He walked towards them and Monica wished she could just dissappear.

“Monica, can you help me with my history homework?” A student asked and for the first time she is happy that someone needs her help in homework.

It’s not like she’s not happy helping them but they always depend on her and she doesn’t like it.

“Sure” she replied and followed the girl.

Felix smile dissappeared as he watched her walk away.

“Good morning, Felix” Maria greeted

“Morning” he replied, “is your sister avoiding me?” He asked.

“Monica? No I don’t think so” she replied.

” Good morning Felix” Missy greeted with a broad smile.

” Let’s go” Maria said and dragged Felix away.

“Bch!” She ¢ur$ed as she stared at them.


During lunch Monica stayed back in class again but it’s not because of Felix, she was not feeling too well.

Her head was rested on the desk with her eyes closed but she isn’t asleep.

“Are you okay?” Felix asked sitting beside her. Break was over, he actually wanted to come long ago but the basketball team wanted him to have lunch with them being a new member.

She ignored him as the noise grew because of the students walking into the class.

“Good afternoon students” the teacher greeted and she raised her head. Felix noticed how pale she looks.

“You are sick, aren’t you?” He asked but she still ignored him.

” Monica can you remind us of our last topic?” The teacher asked and she nodded.

As she stood up to answer, Felix pulled her back and she fell on his lap.

The students started mummuring, including the teacher. Missy was not left out either


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